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Kyle and Jan are spending some time on planet Rapah Kdvik, repairing the Raven's Claw and planning their future. As a scarcely populated oceanic planet with few small rocky islands Rapah Kdvik is an ideal place for those who want privacy. Kyle got an offer to use the small villa Lando had won years ago in a game of gambling. After the busy beaches of Spira, Rapah Kdvik is a good place for silent relaxation and meditation. Yet, even before landing on the planet, Kyle had an uneasy feeling that something was going to come up very soon - sooner than he would have welcomed...


Level Info:

Download: Project Lighthouse
File Size: 30.8Mb
Date: 10/21/03
Author: Lasse
Downloads: 4118


Score (0-10): 10
# of Ratings: 8
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saberopusPosted: 10/21/03 22:46   Report Abuse
omfg a JO sp level with nice architecture. I love you. *downloading, will rate later*


SwedishborgiePosted: 10/22/03 01:57   Report Abuse
AWSOME!!!! Best JO SP level out to date. Architecture is AWSOME and it actually has a storyline wich already puts you above most levels. Then there's the cutscenes. You made a great use of the sounds. Great Job!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come out with more!!!!


NightwindPosted: 10/22/03 04:25   Report Abuse
A job well done! The design and finish of the level is fabulous, and as Kengo put it, it is wonderfully constructed. A sure 9.5 out of 10.


gothicXPosted: 10/22/03 08:17   Report Abuse
8/10... For originality. Slashing stormies with sabrs gets a bit old. other than that, good job!


KengoPosted: 10/22/03 11:10   Report Abuse
Everyone who has Jedi Outcast should get this - its wonderfully constructed and highly enjoyable. The storyline is actually involving, and the ending is a truely spectacular bit of work!


DarthRudderPosted: 10/24/03 00:50   Report Abuse
This level is GREAT!The most fun I've had with Outcast since I finished the original game.


josefPosted: 10/26/04 19:03   Report Abuse
Perfect work! Good lookin architecture and perfect story, make more...JJ


JediKnightBennett14Posted: 05/15/05 15:44   Report Abuse
When I'm on Lighthouse_Topside, I press a button in a room, and as I leave, a cutscene starts. I recieve the error message: couldn't spawn NPC reborn_serpent. Then it crashes. WTF is going on here!?!


palpetinePosted: 06/19/05 17:56   Report Abuse
i got dat message too m8, i think it's coz it can't find the file 4 the character, so it can't continue with the game until he is spawned


Zev KitenPosted: 11/06/06 00:38   Report Abuse
This level is far too sweet for it's own good. The puzzles were well thought out and the saber battles were fabulous. Even the flipping voice acting was good! The plot was interesting as well but I wish you could have named your bad guy something a little more original than Master Snake. But all in all it was great. Don't waste your talent make more levels ASAP


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