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This is my first JKII map. It's a little light on the plot, but it's got customized NPCs, lots of scripting, cut scenes, custom menus and objectives, and hopefully decent architecture. It starts off a bit rough, as I was learning the tools, but I think it shapes up into a pretty fun level. Please see my site for more screenshots, direct download and a walkthrough.


Level Info:

Download: Escape from Takron-Galtos
File Size: 8.6Mb
Date: 10/22/03
Author: Big Shirtless Ron
Downloads: 3646


Score (0-10): 10
# of Ratings: 15
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The_Mega_ZZTerPosted: 10/22/03 18:51   Report Abuse
These levels are great... although it was a couple weeks back that I played them, I definately recommend you play these levels. There's nothing groundbreaking or earthshattering in them, but they are good levels none-the-less.


NightwindPosted: 10/23/03 23:56   Report Abuse
Very solid level. Cutscenes are flawless and the the level in general is great.


SithLord7Posted: 12/14/03 22:08   Report Abuse
This is your FIRST lvl!? Wow. It's pretty cool. I have a crappy 56k and it is nice to have a cool new SP game to toy around with. The architechture is pretty cool and the enemies are awesome, each room filled with combat goodness! All in all an enjoyable lvl.


freedverse1152$Posted: 12/16/03 07:43   Report Abuse
I have to say that this is perhaps the best and most well executes suite of single player levels I have had the pleasure the play. The levels are well thought out with the feeling of the original game, and the gameplay is challenging and engaging the whole way through. I have downloaded every single play episode I could find from this website and others, and never have I found a single one that offers the genuine pleasure and replayability of this one. I only registered on Massassi for the the ability to comment on this file. If you are reading this, do yourself a favor and download this excellent level.


JarkotaPosted: 08/05/04 00:13   Report Abuse
I rate it a 9/10. Why?

Overall, the cutscenes, graphics, enemy placement, and power-up placement was superb with little to no room for improvement (although fighting all those Shadow Troopers on the catwalk over that eternally-black pit of death was a bit over-the-top). The red-robed Jedi enemies (not sure what these are called as I haven't gotten through the original single-player game yet) were difficult to beat without being invincible, and they were most excellently used here. The trash compactor was nicely done, though the crabs were a tad out of place (maybe someone should remake the MotS Dianoga enemy for situations like this).

My main problem, however, was with the plot. I don't recall seeing anything about Kyle being captured. And am I mistaken, or was that Lando that was executed in the other cell? The copies of Luke in the tubes reminded me of Joruus C'baoth's attempt at cloning him in Timothy Zahn's "The Last Command", though no explanation is given as to why he has been cloned or who did it. The red lightsaber blade was a nice touch, though.

A solid level for the most part, though the plot was a bit thin. To your credit, however, I wasn't thinking too much about plot when there were dozens of Imperials shooting at me all at once. Perhaps I should have gone with Padawan level before Jedi Knight....oh, well. Good level, and I hope to see more from you in the future.


josefPosted: 10/10/04 10:15   Report Abuse
If itīs your first level, thatīs a super good job! make more others and...thanx! JJ


MatJoPosted: 06/17/05 19:14   Report Abuse
This levels are excelent. I felt like I was playing JO again. It is difficult on some parts to pass but I like it very much. Excelent job!



SaberierPosted: 06/29/05 00:51   Report Abuse
This is awesome! 10/10


firemarine73Posted: 07/25/06 20:49   Report Abuse
This is a perfect series of levels. It was really fun to play with some challenges thrown around. It was tough near the end, but these levels are awesome.

Architecture was great and I didn't find any problems as far as glitches or bugs. Its a must have for anyone with Jedi Outcast. I gave it a 10/10.


StaffSaberistPosted: 11/15/06 01:01   Report Abuse
If this were not your first, I would rate this a 9/10. The reason it wouldn't be a 10 is because although the story is good, it isn't often touched on. It's basically just a way to start the scenario.

However, as a first, I give it double-score. 18/10 isn't possible, so you get a 10/10. Excellent and a must-have for Jedi Outcast.

Say, have you considered mapping for Jedi Academy? There just aren't enough good Single-Player missions there.


katarnPosted: 08/24/07 15:24   Report Abuse
Hey, big shirtless Ron, have u made any other awesome levels?


Clone HunterPosted: 03/27/09 22:45   Report Abuse
Nice, but i got stuck at final platform.


dani_pntPosted: 10/29/09 10:47   Report Abuse
Can someone mail me escape from takron-galtos walkthrough, please ?


Zonage5Posted: 04/21/10 22:09   Report Abuse

Oh what do we have here? Escape from Takron-Whatever?

Let us play to the death!


Life got better.... Can't feel my legs, can only play challenging yet possible level.

The next day, the leg disabled player gave this level a 10/10 on Massassi.


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