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This is a weapon's mod that changes the saber blades and blurs.


Level Info:

Download: Razer Sabers
File Size: 68k
Date: 10/22/03
Author: Nauree
Downloads: 8720


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 7
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HomicidePosted: 10/22/03 20:28   Report Abuse
I like how the blades look, but I wouldn't DL it. Cant get it to work anyway =P


RexPosted: 10/22/03 23:47   Report Abuse
Sweet better than normal saber.


FlexorPosted: 10/23/03 02:11   Report Abuse
Wow... those screenshots make me wish I had JA.


SwedishborgiePosted: 10/23/03 04:01   Report Abuse
Cool stuff :-) many jawas died by this blade. 9/10


MattimeoPosted: 10/23/03 11:02   Report Abuse
Man I wish I had JA as soon as I get the money.Then Ill download this cool saber.


gothicXPosted: 10/23/03 11:31   Report Abuse
Due to the engine JA is based on, this mod has several misalignments at times. As well, I'd rather play with a more realistic looking saber - maybe an idea for your next project? As for now; personal opinion NOT included; 7/10.


OvermindPosted: 10/24/03 15:13   Report Abuse
9/10 for a great effort and an awsome mod. gothicX man you've gotten cold in your old age :)


danny85331Posted: 10/25/03 11:16   Report Abuse
I like the blur, but thats about as far as I can go. Got a 7.


_ShadowAngel_Posted: 10/28/03 01:41   Report Abuse
This mod is pretty cool i love all those trails... so cool. Whats with the actual saber tho? 7
Cya, Jack


MT-PearPosted: 12/02/03 16:30   Report Abuse
This saber looks sweet, but it doesn´t work. Can you help me?


AYS_Frenrir2Posted: 12/31/03 03:30   Report Abuse
Hmm... Looks good but i cant figure out how to get mods to work on jedi academy yet. 8


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