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This is a small Capture the Flag level situated in an indoor arena in Cloud City, Bespin. It can be played as FFA, TFFA, JEDIMASTER, CTY and CTF. It is best with 8 to 12 people. It is basically one large room in the centre with two small flag rooms on the sides.


Level Info:

Download: Small Bespin CTF
File Size: 100k
Date: 10/22/03
Author: 444
Downloads: 507


Score (0-10): 5
# of Ratings: 4
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gothicXPosted: 10/22/03 19:23   Report Abuse
Poor architecture, non-fitting textures, bad lighting and not-so-great gameplay. It's your first map, obviously, as I even recognized rooms that were made EXACTLY as in RichDiesal's tutorials.

As for now:

1. Add more logical detail, such as support beams, pillars, consoles, etcetera. Don't be afraid to use some brushes!

2. Stcik to one theme, and make that it shows in your texturing and added detail.

3. AVOID LIGHTSPOTS WHEN THEY AREN'T NECESSARY. I'll repeat this until you actually do it. Lightspots can look very nice if used with, like, a spotlight, but not in the middle of nowhere.

4. Keep gameplay in mind. Give the players some room, interesting places to duel, scenery that affects gameplay positively, etc.

That's it for now, 5/10.

I'm just saying: If your map quality isn't as high or higher as Raven's, few will download/play your maps. try to improve upon the beforementioned points, and you can get better and better. Good luck!


444Posted: 10/23/03 20:37   Report Abuse
can i just say that this was kinda just a mini-map that i was using to teach myslef how to use Radiant. I think i mentioned that i took bits from RichDiesel's tutorial in the readme, but if i didn't then sorry. Anyway i've got another map goin and its gonna be much better than this :-)


ElmoPosted: 10/24/03 03:33   Report Abuse
so why do you release this?

sorry but this is... well, one large room with two small flag rooms.


danny85331Posted: 10/25/03 11:20   Report Abuse
I can understand releasing beta's and such for criticism, but I dont see the reason to releasing this level. Its needs are there, and noticable.


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