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This is a skin of me! It's my very first skin, so please don't get mad at me. This is more like a mod, but none of the skins are changed except but Kyle's. I hope you like it!


Level Info:

Download: Conda
File Size: 648k
Date: 10/27/03
Author: _yo_dragoon1
Downloads: 106


Score (0-10): 5
# of Ratings: 9
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SwedishborgiePosted: 10/27/03 19:58   Report Abuse
So far it looks pretty decent. I'm going to download it and pick through the source. One thing you're going to have to realize is that the _yo_ clan has a VERY bad rap around here and that the most recent posts by _yo_ clan members got deleted. So I will rate it once I can confirm nothing was stolen. I will rate it accordingly after my investigation.


Crop_CirclePosted: 10/27/03 20:04   Report Abuse
D@mn your ugly. lol, Just kidding. Looks ok but I still need conformation that it wasn't stolen or anything due to wasup and yoda0 and their ignorance to rules.


_yo_dragoon1Posted: 10/27/03 20:25   Report Abuse
Well, i am not like them! The other thing is, these mats are made by me... from a camera so the mats werent stolen for sure! if they were... that person would probably know me! Every thing else was made by me. If you don't belive me... take a look! Some 3do's may look like they are from other mods... but thats cause i based them on those 3do's... so they are made from SCRATCH! Again, if you don't beleive me, Check for urself! if i get banned... someone framed me! i would be inasint!


_yo_dragoon1Posted: 10/27/03 20:28   Report Abuse
Another thing... is that if i do get banned... it would prove that whoever told massassi i stole would really hate _yo_! Cause this is scratch. Thank u!


Crop_CirclePosted: 10/27/03 21:48   Report Abuse
If you don't want a sterotype talk to your clan.


Tloc_Zloc_KillPosted: 10/27/03 23:08   Report Abuse
ok i really don't liek the skin....nut i'll give you a seven cuz it is kinda cool....WTFH IT'S A SKIN OF YOU!?!?!?!? COOL! (j/k i knew it was a skin of you) nice skin


_yo_dragoon1Posted: 10/27/03 23:18   Report Abuse
Well so far so good! Thanks for coments, after all this is my frist skin.


Saber_Ryan1Posted: 10/28/03 00:21   Report Abuse
Well, you got one thing right when you said: "Cause this skin is scratch." Who would want a skin of you, besides you?.. I suppose it's okay for your "frist skin", but I would certainly never want to play as it. The textures look pretty good, because they are photo's, but the fact that the skin has no real textures on his arms proves you have little skill in editing actual textures, as It would be hard to take a photo of your arm, so you just made it solid color with no real texture. Still, I give you a 4 for a little effort.


SwedishborgiePosted: 10/28/03 00:50   Report Abuse
Alrighty.... Another _yo_ has proven himself a true n00b. When I looked at the cogs driving the saber I got cogs from SBX-JK v2.0 by ShadowX and two cogs from Ninja Kage. I'm not sure if you did the models or not I'm sure the skin is yours. But I hate when people steal things without anyone's permission AND without including them in your readme. I wouldn't doubt you stole the weapon models too. Next time either make your own or ask permission and include them in your readme. Don't just steal other peoples work and pass it as your own!

For anyone inturested open up the gob and extract the cogs. Right in the header they state what mod they're from.

[Edit] I don't hate _yo_ I just don't like that they can't seem do anything without cheating their way through it


moldy_hairPosted: 10/28/03 01:06   Report Abuse
I thought this was pretty good for your first skin. I don't know if those cogs were from scratch or not. I really don't care.

And BTW, guys, just cause two people from _yo_ are dorks and may not follow the rules, that doesn't mean the whole clan is like that.

I wouldn't post my stuff on massassi, cause most of it is crap.
And I know that even if I thought it was good, I would have to think if other people would use it practically in games.

I mainly make stuff to amuse myself, not for other people to play.

So, yeah, I would say, don't judge the whole clan because of two people in it.

I mean, I could judge massassi from cazor and the other ass, (bad joke).

Heh, yea, I liked the skin.


SwedishborgiePosted: 10/28/03 01:29   Report Abuse
Don't you mean three? Read my post and check it out for yourself.

"And BTW, guys, just cause two people from _yo_ are dorks and may not follow the rules, that doesn't mean the whole clan is like that."


Crop_CirclePosted: 10/28/03 01:31   Report Abuse
Yes but it gets very annoying that so far everyone in yo has someway or another cheated with their works. We wouldn't judge the entire clan in a bad way if every submitted file from the clan wasn't copied or if the author had 500 diffrent accounts to rate his level higher. I thank Massassi for telling me about the thing from yo_Wasup because I didn't know why his level made lotw. Bassicly every file from yo has been copied or cheated on even though yo_wasup claims that his brother made 5 accounts. I still don't trust a clan that has cogs on their website for users.


Crop_CirclePosted: 10/28/03 01:36   Report Abuse
I'm sure that after some experience you can make something worth looking at and something that will make lotw dragoon. But until then don't copy people things because we are all sub-conciusly affected now to rate your levels/mods/skin/cogs/mats/3dos/sounds/soundtracks/pups/ai and anything else i missed lower then it should be. So far anyhting I made I made myself or gave credit to the owners. Even for Ideas. Btw keep up the ok work and no more skins of yourself. We all know you can't do flips. lol. :p


Crop_CirclePosted: 10/28/03 01:39   Report Abuse
I don't hate yo. I just don't like them.


_yo_dragoon1Posted: 10/28/03 02:31   Report Abuse
U guys have good points that i noticed earlyer... it would seem the same guy that framed gave _yo_yoda0's little brother that gay sephiroth skin has given me those cogs... so u should blame him for those cogs.... does this mean i will be banned?


SwedishborgiePosted: 10/28/03 02:43   Report Abuse
Being as this wasn't totally major like seproth I would imagine they'll just delete this mod and you can resubmit without the plagerized cogs.


Crop_CirclePosted: 10/28/03 02:57   Report Abuse
I don't believe you. Why would yoda submit a skin from someone else as his own.


SwedishborgiePosted: 10/28/03 04:08   Report Abuse
Even if he did give you the cogs, he wasn't in the readme. Even if he had made the cogs you still would have stolen someone elses work.


Corran2015Posted: 10/28/03 06:11   Report Abuse
k, _yo_dragoon, the whole "this older brother did everything" thing is done to death, if it is true, and I'm kinda doubtful, STOP TRUSTING THIS GUY! OBVIOUSLY HES TRYING TO SCREW YOU GUYS!

BTW, I'll repeat what I said in the comments for the Sephiroth thing.
I'm paraphrasing a little here, but EAH_Clown said once on his site "everyone seems to have a big brother to blame stuff on"


_yo_dragoon1Posted: 10/28/03 12:06   Report Abuse
This is funny! I only have a little brother and i ditched that guy that sent me the cogs! so when i send stuff it will be from scratch or i would have had permission. This i guess... is a leson for me to take advantage.


_yo_dragoon1Posted: 12/18/03 16:19   Report Abuse
Try cheking out my JO mod and my level that should come out soon called Valley fo the Jedi Temple.


JKD_AnakinPosted: 01/16/04 19:01   Report Abuse
Haven't downloaded. Just wanted to say it looks good from screenshots. I'm with moldy hair. Ryan, Swedish, here's an idea:

it's called


Nice, huh? 2 bad people doesn't mean the whole clan is a crap-slap heavy-drive want-to-sleep-with-anyone think-they-pwn-everyone clan. Try commenting on THIS guys work, not theirs. Like that idea too? Of coursa ya do. Swedish, Ryan, I have a question for you. Do YoU KnoW THe MufFfIN MaN?


JKD_AnakinPosted: 01/16/04 19:04   Report Abuse
BTW one more question: should I come back to JK? I've been playing Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds: Clone Campaigns and wanted to know if I should come back to JK.


DjDTMPosted: 02/17/04 01:59   Report Abuse
Its a good skin for the first time, not the best work, stolen cogs brought it down a couple points, but hey, the skins good...


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