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This skin is version 2 of Bob. Luke made the skin I did everything else. The skin is inspired by my 27 stickman cartoons, my 15 normal cartoons and my book. It has team colours is Desert camo (red) and Jungle camo (blue). Bot support is included.


Level Info:

Download: Bob v2
File Size: 1.5Mb
Date: 10/28/03
Author: The Seventh Blessing
Downloads: 509


Score (0-10): 4
# of Ratings: 6
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Logo By Rieekan []

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CazorPosted: 10/28/03 13:16   Report Abuse
Not too visually pleasing. Reskin mods are kinda... eh... 2/10. Maybe work on some acual models, cause reskins are.. bleh.


SwedishborgiePosted: 10/28/03 20:09   Report Abuse
This skin was ok the first time around. But as Cazor said there's really nothing new and it's not a new model. 1/10


The Seventh BlessingPosted: 10/29/03 16:58   Report Abuse
to Cazor sorry that you don't like it but I don't make models so had to use an existing model. and anyway i didn't make the skin luke did, I agree that it isn't to visually pleasing as it could be but its good as a starting point.

to Swedishborgie there are quite a lot of things new- for a start Luke made 2 completely new faces and the clothes are completely changed from the original and as i say earlier neither of us (me and Luke) make models.

-The Seventh Blessing.

P.S. im not just making excuses i have done some better things but this is just not one of them.

My other skins are Kranachov(JO), Lor San Keim(JA), Lord Sanguinus(JA)


OvermindPosted: 10/29/03 17:15   Report Abuse
Its another remake.


danny85331Posted: 10/31/03 12:02   Report Abuse
Skins can be good some times, if you do them well. Models are the ones that people download though.


Gismo_JoePosted: 11/13/03 23:02   Report Abuse
I Dont know 'bout you guys but i download quite a lot of skins.

anyways nice skin (not just a remake) keep it up.

-Gismo Joe has Spoken


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