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Imperial lab ax-1, log number 15. We made a big step towards success today. We installed the nvs device on an agloid. After turning invisible the subject escaped it's tube and killed everyone from lab ax-8. Seeing how the device made a peacefull creature kill 6 people and two armed guards, I'm not sure if it's a good idea to test it with humans. The device did have some errors, like making the subject partially visible for a few seconds. Tomorrow, by Lord Vader's order, we are going to install an updated device on 500 troopers. I don't like the idea, but i love my life too much to say no to Vader. End of log 15.


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Download: The Darkest Thing
File Size: 8.8 MB
Date: 11/02/03
Author: Cave Demon & Vedder
Downloads: 2076


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 24
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pcjedi007Posted: 11/02/03 21:55   Report Abuse
sweet first comment, first off it looks really cool, i wish i could d/l it but im grounded, so right when im not im playin this one.


Darth VedderPosted: 11/02/03 21:57   Report Abuse
So eh... why did you comment?


The Sqeaky GuyPosted: 11/02/03 22:22   Report Abuse
D/Led it, started it, played for five minutes and never left the first room, now posting.
okay, well, it asked me for the wrong disc. it asked for the MotS disc, but it only worked when I put in JK. wierd.


Cave_DemonPosted: 11/02/03 22:31   Report Abuse
Heh it isn't that difficult to leave the first room... none of the beta testers had any problems with that :)

Great thanks to vedds for finishing this thing.


GhostOfYodaPosted: 11/02/03 23:38   Report Abuse
I was lucky enough to be one of the beta testers for this level, and I must say, it is of supreme quality. Great puzzles, with some rather spooky moments!


WhellyPosted: 11/02/03 23:40   Report Abuse
This entire conversion oozes with quality. When the I saw the main screen BM, I knew this wasn't an ordinary mod. This is one of the few mods on Massassi that actually deserves a 10.

The opening cutscene was genius, and really sets the scene. The voice work is pretty good, infinitely better than most stuff out there (Sorry Dark Emperor), as is the dialogue. The new enemies are definitely different, and a little creepy also. I guess the authors were going for horror setting.

Download it. It's probably one of the last, great JK SP levels coming out.


Tloc_Zloc_KillPosted: 11/03/03 00:10   Report Abuse


Bobbert006Posted: 11/03/03 00:28   Report Abuse
I don't see how it could be anything besides a horror atmosphere after reading the description.


WCT_GlydePosted: 11/03/03 03:05   Report Abuse
Hmmm... Didn't work. I did everything the instructions told me to do and after I skipped the usual Lucas Arts symbol and all that it just crashed. I even put the .gob in patch commander and the same thing happened... I was really looking forward to this :(


jEDIkIRBYPosted: 11/03/03 03:07   Report Abuse
The exact same thing happened to me. Perhaps someone could give us a clue to why this has happened to 2 people now?



danny85331Posted: 11/03/03 11:12   Report Abuse
I came, I played, I loved.

This really is one of the last great JK SP's out there, and maybe will be. Cutscene was great, and the voices were excellent. I loved this level, to get lower than a 10 is a crime.


Darth VedderPosted: 11/03/03 11:34   Report Abuse
Thanks for all the great replies!

Whelly: Kudos for the comment about the first cutscene, I had hoped people liked it :)

glyde & kirby: That's odd... I don't understand how that could be :( Try putting the gob file in the episode directory and try running it that way. Else I would have no idea :S sorry.


WCT_GlydePosted: 11/03/03 12:24   Report Abuse
Bloody amazing ^_^. Thanks it worked :P. I'm not the kind of person who likes survival horror games, but this is a huge exception. Every last detail of it was great :D


EdwardPosted: 11/03/03 13:27   Report Abuse
Now, after going down the elevator to the two stormtroopers, and one runs away and dies, where do I go from there? I seem to be stuck.


SolidSnake_JediPosted: 11/03/03 13:48   Report Abuse
YE! i allso get stuck there... just came here to ask how u get pass it.. i thought it could be somthing with that storm trooper who gets hanged in that Force Field prison thing, so i first tested by playing so i pressed the switch on that screen stuff... well the force field of that door outside that room was off so i could go there... then he was hanged.. so i restarted to try the other button... but that was just to open that force field he was in... it didnt open the force field outside the room u wer in, so i pressed the one on screen and he was dead as allways i took he's key and shot at evry panel i met on the way to see if that would make anything happend but no. I came down the elevator the storm trooper asked me to get that guy the guy was dead and the other storm trooper died now i started to shoot at evrything and press on evrything the elevator cant be used again and i am stuck PLS HELP!


ConnemaraPosted: 11/03/03 14:51   Report Abuse
Blah, apparently having another blond moment :( I can't get past where the stormie in the forcefield prison asks for help, and I hafta go turn off his forcefield. I've looked around, killed a lot of respawning monster stormies, but I can't find any way to free the guy. Help?

But, beyond that, I am very excited to see this level out. And it came out on my birthday, too! I feel special :D

Seriously, this looks excellant!


Darth VedderPosted: 11/03/03 14:51   Report Abuse
Edward: Activating the door at the end of the hallway will start a cutscene.

Solid Snake: The lynched stormie drops the blue key. It can be used on the door in the room which had the switch for the forcefield.


SolidSnake_JediPosted: 11/03/03 14:54   Report Abuse
I know but i mean when u get to the place where u go down the elevator and that cutscene starts... and he says u should go get the other guy wich has died... and then that storm trooper dies.. and then i am stuck... like the guy before me said..... above my last post


SolidSnake_JediPosted: 11/03/03 14:55   Report Abuse
oh i see... pressing the door activates a cutscene? it doesnt do that for me... ive pressed evrywhere shot evrywhere... n cutscene starts for me


ConnemaraPosted: 11/03/03 15:08   Report Abuse
Sorry to sound pushy, but I just went back and tried *everything* again, and still no luck. Help please?


SolidSnake_JediPosted: 11/03/03 15:15   Report Abuse
I allso just tried again... true u open that door to go into the elevator wich starts a cutscene where the storm troopers talk... u get down and one run away... and the other tells u to go get him... and he is dead... i press the doors but nothing i hear the guy say Hmm that doesn't sound good, i go back and the other trooper is dead. From here i am stuck the elevator wont work again ive pressed the doors again ive tried evrything... i looked on that little panel by the wall or what it is but no luck, we need help with that part


ConnemaraPosted: 11/03/03 15:42   Report Abuse
Solid snake...since I can see you're further on than I am, could you please lemme know how to get through the part I am having trouble with, then I will maybe be able to help you.


SolidSnake_JediPosted: 11/03/03 15:55   Report Abuse
Let me guess your trying to get the Trooper out of the force field? right go into the hallway just nearby where there is one of those zombtroopers (LOL) ok now further on there you should be a ventilation shaft... look for it... there will be a few more find that and you should be able to find your way to the switch that opens the force field... the storm trooper in there will be hanged in a rope but he will leave a key now you should be able to reach the area where i am... wich i still need helps with.


ConnemaraPosted: 11/03/03 17:21   Report Abuse
Ok, I went through the door at the end of that hallway near the stormie, and down another hallway (past a monster thingy) and there's some crates and on top of that, a grate. I slash that, on the other side, a room of crates with a bunch of monsters. there are also grates on either side of the room, behind boxes. One has a weird switch that I kept hitting until it said "recharge offline" and the other takes me to another room with a switch that doesn't seem to do anything, and a door to an elevator to another door that has a forcefield in front of it.

Basically, I am very stuck. I have already tried all the switches I can find, and all the doors.


Darth VedderPosted: 11/03/03 17:48   Report Abuse
Connemara: In the room with the "switch that didn't seem to do anything" there are actually 2 switches, on in the wall (the one you probably saw) and one in the screen (the lowerleft corner) That one deactivates the forcefield.

Solid_Snake: Activating the door in the same hallway as the body of the stormie that ran away. When you activate it should look like you are being knocked out. (dieing sound and screen turns black for a couple seconds.)
I rechecked if it works, and it defenitely does...


ConnemaraPosted: 11/03/03 18:10   Report Abuse
Oooooooh! lol, duh.

However, I see what Solid Snake's problem was. There is no being knocked for me, it must be some kidn of error. Is that the end of level one?


SolidSnake_JediPosted: 11/03/03 18:57   Report Abuse
Ye theres no being knocked down! ive tried exakly evrything are u sure u sent in the right lvl file and just note a beta version? cas it just wont work


Darth VedderPosted: 11/03/03 21:38   Report Abuse
I'll look into this tomorrow and see if I can fix it. If I can I'll upload an updated version to massassi. Sorry for the inconvenience :(


Nisus KitrathPosted: 11/03/03 21:41   Report Abuse
I'm having the same problem as Solid. I'm in the room with the 2 stormtroopers. I go to the door where the first one dies.......and nothing happens.


EdwardPosted: 11/03/03 22:11   Report Abuse
No Semicolon on this one:
PlaySoundlocal(now, 1, 0, 0x1000)
Line 97!


[edit]COG name: knockonthehead.


jediJeTPosted: 11/03/03 22:13   Report Abuse
What have i do in the elevator scene when a invisible person kill two armed guards???After he kill them , i canīt go anywhere, i only can walk around one room and two corridor with two looked doors. :(
I donīt know what to do .....
Thanks for a new JK level , its a good level but i expected more much...Anyway, i m enjoying very much playing.


ConnemaraPosted: 11/03/03 23:01   Report Abuse
Edward, you are a COG god.

However, I don't know how to access that COG because I am one of the unenlightened masses. :(


LKOH_SniperWolfPosted: 11/03/03 23:42   Report Abuse
I'll play shortly. From the size, I'm surprised to see JK textures in the SS's... Actually, upon hearing the opening description, two very different things were brought to mind. The Star's End custom level for DF. (About cloaking devices for stormtroopers, who only become visible when shooting...) The other was the Alien Attraction thing at Disney, lol. Will give it a look. At least it's a new and unique SP level... Which in itself is uncommon.


SkyXaxPosted: 11/04/03 00:04   Report Abuse
"Wait, where's the arm? Ahh, there it is..." ROFL! That was great! Lol! Anyway, was nice, but it's always booting me, I never get to finish it :-/ Please, please, PLEASE, fix it up a bit! Score of 8!


Nisus KitrathPosted: 11/04/03 04:58   Report Abuse
Yes,that was pretty cool. First time I went through the game,I was standing under the vent......and BAM! The arm deals damage to me when it fell. Kind of embarrassing


SolidSnake_JediPosted: 11/04/03 06:12   Report Abuse
Just get this updated will ya? i dont know how i shall edit that cog and i wanna keep playing this now!


Darth VedderPosted: 11/04/03 07:12   Report Abuse
I'm uploading a working version right now, depends on massassi when it gets replaced, but I doubt it'll take long.
I'll post a link here just in case, as soon as it's up.


Darth VedderPosted: 11/04/03 07:45   Report Abuse
Again, sorry for the trouble. The file should be updated soon. If you really can't wait, you can download it here:


WCT_GlydePosted: 11/04/03 12:09   Report Abuse
Nisus Kitrath, I know how you feel... but since I'm a sissy it scared the crap out of me :(.... Plus I thought the ghost at the begining was going to kill me :P


SolidSnake_JediPosted: 11/04/03 14:02   Report Abuse
Well i really cant wait so i'm downloading :D i got fast download anyway :D and when i'm done ill rate it.. what ive seen so far is good


SolidSnake_JediPosted: 11/04/03 14:24   Report Abuse
Woo.... he cool end.. a little wierd good thing with those transculent walls it was really nice the architechure reminded me alot of Boams wich i liked, it was a bit to short but its not really a problem. After all you shouldnt be playing to long he? well i liked it alot so i give it 8


Nisus KitrathPosted: 11/04/03 16:20   Report Abuse
"Plus I thought the ghost at the begining was going to kill me"

Same here,from far away it looked like a I opened fire.


Crop_CirclePosted: 11/04/03 20:56   Report Abuse
I love this level and am voting it lotw. I noticed something werid though. After you talk to the first stormtropper if you hit the most obvious switch and go back the forcefield is down and the stormtropper is still alive. What up with that. I don't care about that though. THis was an amazing levels. Better the lucas arts makes them.


SkyXaxPosted: 11/05/03 00:17   Report Abuse
The trooper is suppose to die? Sorry, I can never get that far, it just boots me. I love that part when you open the door near the vent, and the dead thing with the wrench is waiting to kill you? :D Aaaahh!! That scared me, and I play Half-Life. Now I don't know about you, but to me, Half-Life is FrEaKy! And if this scared me? YOU'VE GOT TALENT!


MattDettorrePosted: 11/05/03 01:08   Report Abuse
holy sh@t you are the greatest it scared the poo out of me umm you have to wait until yellow scrolling intro starts befor hitting esc to skip it just wait until the long long ago bit is over then skip its just an odd bug
umm when you get off the second elivator and the 2 stormtroopeds ambush you i get stuck there i cant use the doors or elevator what do i do


OberfeldwebelPosted: 11/05/03 08:49   Report Abuse
Can't get past that trooper, Love the intro.

THat one trooper, if I move him around, or shoot at him, it crashes my game for some reason?

Great level though, Interesting "leap of faith" part. Loved that.

And its not a ghost you silly people
its a hologram


SolidSnake_JediPosted: 11/05/03 10:59   Report Abuse
ye a Hologram, to put it simple it's transculent 3do (Model) pretty simple to do.. dont let em scare ya ;D


Tums4datummyPosted: 11/05/03 15:17   Report Abuse
Is the stormtrooper in first room supposed to be already dead in the switch room when you first spawn in game? I have only been able to do the following: The big door with cracks doesn't do anything. So I next Go up elevator turn switch on to turn off the field when you open the door on opposite wall to elevator that goes to switch room where there is a dead stormtrooper. When you enter the switch room you get his weapon. I then go back down and walk over to other wall and go up the other (real dark)elevator to a hallway with two other doors, one opens to cat walk over the room I just left and the other door is locked. Now what? I have pressed I have ran around every inch and I can't find how to get a key or whatever is needed to get the heck out of that room. Hahahha. I'm sorry to be a pain but I am enjoy the quality of this level so far and I would love to be able to finish it. Please help!


ConnemaraPosted: 11/05/03 15:25   Report Abuse
Excellant level! That was stupendous, truly. However, way too short. make another one, but longer, or make more than one level. Is there going to be a sequel to this?

Anyway, I loved it. Definately the creepiest JK level I have played. And who did the voices? Was that you guys? Cause the voice talent was good...much better than what you get from other JC games. :)


Darth VedderPosted: 11/05/03 19:00   Report Abuse
Tums4datummy: there's a switch in the control room with the death stormie, that opens the locked door. You have to be quick though (hint: maybe not use the elevator?).

Connemara: Thanks! I did the player's voice. Someone else was supposed to do it and had already done half, but he just *vanished* :) His were better, but we couldn't give the player 2 voices! :]
I don't know who did the stormtroopers and the scientist, might have been Cavey, I'd have to ask him.

As for this being short. Cavey had this level half finished for a long time. He kind of stopped editing but felt bad about having some unreleased levels. I offered to help him out a while ago. I was already working on a level for JO, but since my old pc couldn't handle larger levels in radiant I had to pause my production. Thus I started finishing this. Until I bought a new pc and I could continue my JO level. My will to edit this kind of faded. So I decided to put my interest aside for a few days and brew an end to this level. That's why it's short, lack of interest. Also the reason for the somewhat abrubt and anticlimatic ending.
I think that also answers your question about a sequel. Nope, there won't be one, or at least certainly not for JK... Who knows what JO/JA might bring though ;]


Nisus KitrathPosted: 11/05/03 20:56   Report Abuse the......clan. Heh heh,very cool. I wasnt expecting that.


Cave_DemonPosted: 11/05/03 21:46   Report Abuse
"And its not a ghost you silly people
its a hologram"

wow... it is??? I made 99% of the level and didn't know that! :D


moronmissionPosted: 11/06/03 04:14   Report Abuse
Good job. I thought this level was very creative and imaginative. The tranlucent beings were done well as were the creepy stormies. The cutscenes were all done nice The first person camera movements seemed human like. The ending was little darkier than I would have liked and seems to close off the possibility of a sequel. Albeit short this level was quite good. Congrats to Cave_Demon and ZOOIkes


SolidSnake_JediPosted: 11/06/03 06:10   Report Abuse
The only big thing that disturbs me about this level is the elevator your going down to meet the two storm troopers... because allmost evrytime i go into that he wont act normal as your freeze instead he's spinning around lol and when the storm trooper says "Step out of the elevator" it takes such a time well it's not a big problem just abit disturbing


EdwardPosted: 11/06/03 08:45   Report Abuse
Well, that is what happens when you freeze the player and you are still in a moving process... the first time I went down, the player was running around in circles. I was running into the elevator and turned to face the opening. Just then a cutscene came and...
Have you ever fallen off a cliff and you turned just then, and as you faded out, everything was spinning around you?


NightwindPosted: 11/07/03 03:44   Report Abuse
Wow. Amazing job, to both Cave Demon and Vedder. Spooked me when you are done watching the log entry and the transparent/ghost/mutated stormtrooper breaks through the glass behind you. Question: When I killed one of those undying troopers 20+ times, it disappeared. Is that true with all of them?


Tums4datummyPosted: 11/07/03 13:37   Report Abuse
Just finished! You guys are good at this keep it up! I had no problems running this on my pc no weird things happened except for the plot of the game..........scared the pudding out of me when I saw the first bloody guy and those erry sounds they made whoa I felt I was back playing MoTS in the final game. I look forward to seeing more from you guys.


MrRavenXPosted: 11/07/03 21:35   Report Abuse
I'm still having problems even after updating to the latest version.
1) Why the hack does it ask for the MotS CD? I don't have MotS :P
2) After bypassing the CD nonsense (thanks to devmode) I start to play and get stuck. Stuck because a cog apparently isn't executing. After I deactivate the forcefield that the trooper is stuck behind, I go back to him and nothing happens. I can walk inside his cell and push him around, buts thats it. The red from the forcefield stays in place too even though I can now walk through it. Weird.

I'm going to try to reinstall JK and see if that fixes anything (on account that I haven't reinstalled JK for several years)


MrRavenXPosted: 11/07/03 21:53   Report Abuse
Reinstalled. Same problem :(

I've played this level up to that part about 6 times now :(


Darth VedderPosted: 11/07/03 22:03   Report Abuse
For the mots cd thing, that's probably because I took some uni files from my other level series A Pirate's Tale, which are for mots. So just put in your jk cd and it works fine.

As for the other problem, I really don't know. :S


MrRavenXPosted: 11/09/03 00:23   Report Abuse
Well, I just played this level on a completely different system and I got the same problem. So I starting to think I must be skipping a step. Here is what I have been doing...

1) The game starts with me facing the ghost peasant. I turn 180 degrees, take the small elevator, and flip the second switch. Go back down the elevator and go in the door to the left of the ghost. Go up, flip the switch, shoot out the window, jump down, and go through the other door. Ouch. Apparently some invisable thermal detonator goes off and blows up the grate. I jump down the grate and see two turrents stuck behind a shield (huh? why?). I ignore them and come out the other end.....

Have I missed anything so far? I'm thinking maybe I missed a step (ie disabling the grenade trap).

If not, I can post the rest of the stuff I did.


kamikazemanPosted: 11/09/03 19:24   Report Abuse
Cave Demon, Vedder...
Let me ask you something... Do these ideas just come to you, or otherwise, how long does it take you to think them up?
Great job. If there was anything higher than ten, I would give it to you. I had fun playing the level. It really freaked me out when I saw the dead stormtrooper hanging from a rope (by the way this was at 9 o'klock at night and I was the only one home with the lights off, so don't make fun of me...)!
I think this level calls for a sequal. If you make one, I'll try to be the first person to download it! Great job!


NightwindPosted: 11/10/03 06:32   Report Abuse
I was not expecting that ending- "Welcome to the clan...", but it fits perfectly and it seems like a good place for a sequel. Also, have you made any J.O. S.P. levels? If so, I would be glad to know so that I can download them.


Darth VedderPosted: 11/10/03 11:41   Report Abuse
Thanks for the continuing great feedback people, we really appreciate it!

As for a sequel, no there won't be any since we both stopped making levels for JK/Mots.

We did make our share of levels in the past though. Cave_Demon made Steal the Bottle 1 and 2 for JK SP. But also a huge ammount of MP levels and Mods for JK.

My other level include the 6 level long series A Pirate's Tale for Mysteries of the Sith.

I don't believe Cavey has plans on moving on to JO or JA. I DO however, I'm currently working on a JO single player level, which might be ported to JA or released for both.
Progress goes slow however, for screenshots check the showcase forum here I post there as ZOOIkes.


Nisus KitrathPosted: 11/11/03 00:45   Report Abuse
What about letting someone else make a sequel? Or maybe make this for JO/JA as well? Either would be cool.


LKOH_SniperWolfPosted: 11/11/03 02:49   Report Abuse
Unfortunately, this isn't as good as it's made out to be. The atmosphere is... ok... Not particularly spooky. I saw HOM all over the place (In this case, a secondary type, not the classic, but a similar effect, which if it could be controlled, would be great for speed effects etc, anyways...) The first example of this hom is in the first room. Looking through the cracks of the broken door, you can see a sky texture... with this form of HOM. (I don't know, perhaps this was a mistaken flag, or perhaps an artifact (Level looks like it was converted from MOTS)) Uhm, yeah. Texturing's below par, voice acting, uhm, moderate, but not great. Unrealistic in more than one place. Bugs. Couple bugs I noticed real fast... At the area with the two automatically extending bridges... At one point, I switched weapons, and my bryar and storm rifle both disappeared. And another time, I got pushed off by some unknown force... Also, when the creature breaks through the glass, if you go to where it is, you're walking over thin air. The architecture as it was allowed more than one chance for good events and scares, but failed to take advantage of them. The opponents, while unique, are slow, dumb and pathetic fighters. I saved ammo by just killing them with fists for most part. Wasn't particularly spooked, more bored than anything.


Darth VedderPosted: 11/11/03 20:42   Report Abuse
Uhm, yeah, all instances of 'hom' you mentioned were 100% intended.


a_personPosted: 11/19/03 03:28   Report Abuse
well i liked the first cutscene. very well done. but the big problem 4 me were te countless cog errors. it kept on showing thigns like @fpa[ and cant tell me this was intended cause if it was its not kool. i liked the element of fright. i got alot of frights in that 1. also i liked the zombies that got back up. and that stormie that got hung. while the ending was kool it ended way to fast. i give a 7.


kamikazemanPosted: 11/21/03 03:18   Report Abuse
Are you guys just tired of making this kind of level, or do you just not enjoy making levels as much anymore now that you have learned and used all the tricks of the trade? I say this because... must... have... SEQUAL!!! If you guys don't want to, you could hold a contest for the best sequal to the darkest thing, and post the best one submitted! No work for you two, however I'm sure you both will get into the news a bunch and become famed among us massassi-goers (along with the winner). Make a condition, however, that no one posts a sequal that you have not approved. Encore! Encore!


kamikazemanPosted: 11/21/03 03:27   Report Abuse
Just joking......... I also mean N-E-W-S when I type new


kamikazemanPosted: 11/27/03 21:07   Report Abuse
When I say news I mean on the front page. Just thought I ought to let everyone know that...


liftedplanePosted: 03/26/05 09:03   Report Abuse
I'm a bit late here... but I commented anyways... and GOD DAMNIT I CAN'T GET OUT OF THE FUCKING FIRST ROOM.....!!!! Maybe I am not looking in the right places but its really starting to piss me off.....

bullshit. I gave it a 7 because I like the idea and the cutscene I saw... but the mother fucking first room is pissing me off.


JediKnightBennett14Posted: 04/21/05 13:20   Report Abuse
Here's how...

1) Go up elevator behind u when u start
2) Press switch
3) Go up other elevator
4) Press switch, then MOVE FAST!!!
5) Go down thru the door next to the elevator
P.S. Don't cuss or I'll tell the abuse people. :(


GameDev914Posted: 10/20/05 23:01   Report Abuse
Ok I'm new here and this is one of the recent things I downloaded. Absolutely freaky. There were so many times I thought something was going to run out a door and pummel me when those door opening noises played. However it was kinda short and I was wondering maybe theres more than one ending( it ended with you becoming one of the subjects, freaky part) and I thought "Hey, what about a good guy saves the day ending?" So is there another ending I just don't know about? Second of do I make masterpieces like this? If theres a program I need, I'll download it, just tell me! These things really interest me cuz I want to be a game developer when i graduate from high school and college(hence the name GameDev914).
Great work, kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time 9/10


Darth VedderPosted: 10/24/05 00:04   Report Abuse
There's no alternative ending. Happy endings are for Hollywood movies, not for a work of art.

If you want to look into editing Jedi Knight, you might want to take a look to the editing forum here at massassi, the basics and all the tutorials.

As for a career in game design, editing FPS games is a good start. When I showed what I could make for JK, they accepted me at a game designers school right away.


Commando-15Posted: 12/23/05 23:22   Report Abuse
I'm so sorry! I downloaded it once and played through it for 5 minutes and go so scared that I hit my computer and made it crash. I will never download it again. But I give it a 10 anyway. For scaring the living crap outta me.


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