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This mod replaces the lightsabers with Sith Swords, in single player these function just as if you had typed "saber sith_sword". In multiplayer they are just lightsabers with the sith sword model, I plan to fix the issue in the next release. Staffs are changed to the sith scepter, but it just works like a regular staff. The mod also changes the bullet effect on the repeater and subtly changes the projectile effects for the bowcaster, and the blasters.


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Download: The Glory Of The Sith v.1.1
File Size: 625k
Date: 11/06/03
Author: M1k3
Downloads: 4366


Score (0-10): 7
# of Ratings: 4
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StormcrowPosted: 11/10/03 12:14   Report Abuse
kind of cool. Don't know what it's for, does it shoot or something? I'll just stick with the lightsaber.


outcastPosted: 01/19/04 16:06   Report Abuse
I like the sith scepter. I'm gonna reinstall JA so I can use it. I give it an 8


BlackstarSiriusPosted: 06/12/04 22:00   Report Abuse
sigh, now'a days noone respects the simple point and stab interface of goth-esque swords, they all want there pretty "glowing" lazer-swords and there "sanatary" indoor pluming... this is a pretty cool mod, but I say in the next version you should have some more selection on the look of the swords by choosing different hilts and more swordlike sound FX, that would win this a 10/10 but until then It just gets a 9, good job though


Halolover0Posted: 08/03/04 22:03   Report Abuse
This seems like an ok mod. I think the one guy is right about the sound. You should try an make a halo mod. That would be way cool!


JediFredrikPosted: 11/20/04 20:35   Report Abuse
How shall i do when i have downloded a file? i dont know what i shall use to open trhe file with? help me plz


Manslayer01Posted: 02/11/05 20:29   Report Abuse
To "open" the files you use pakscape, to use them as a mod put them in a folder with the name of the mod in the gamedata folder, if you put it in base it will say corrupt pk3!

Then in-game, go to the setup menu, click mods, click the mod to load and say load mod, there you go. oh and by the way 6/10 nice, but i like the katana mod for jk2 better.


H.Q. PendragonPosted: 04/11/05 04:31   Report Abuse
What's awsome is (even though you can't get the sceptre) without the mod, you can put in saber1 sith_sword, saber2 sith_sword, and g_saberrealisticcombat 20 if you want. You'll play sp with two sith swords. Between these three codes, no group of cultists sand a chance. Decent mod.


VancePosted: 10/24/06 10:33   Report Abuse
"and g_saberrealisticcombat 20 if you want."
...combat ]20[? I thought it only went up to 9. I'm trying that out now.
Nice mod, as above new sounds and hilt/sword choosing would be nice i rate this a 7/10.

Nice 'un

Oh, and i found this thing out. g_knockback and you can edit how far people get knocked back (including force push) 1000 is default


natePosted: 07/06/07 01:23   Report Abuse
whats pakscape?


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