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This is my first map and I hope some of you like it. It is small and designed for no force duels and no force friendly fire power duels.


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Download: Sith Duel
File Size: 880k
Date: 11/07/03
Author: {Rh}Hairless wookie
Downloads: 1182


Score (0-10): 5
# of Ratings: 8
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The_Mega_ZZTerPosted: 11/08/03 12:30   Report Abuse
It looks decent... in your next level though I suggest you go for a wider variety in color, having only browns and reds in a level can get a little boring...


danny85331Posted: 11/08/03 16:53   Report Abuse
The coloration is very bland. Decent idea, I love the thought of what it couldve been or can be with more work.


Hairless wookiePosted: 11/08/03 20:23   Report Abuse
Yea it is a little bland i admit . but i could not think of any ways to add more color to a rocky canyon . I am thinking of making an ffa level off of this one any ideas about how to add more color ? . my icq number is 51575066 if anyone wants to help with some ideas i would appreciate it :) .


SilentSavurPosted: 11/09/03 16:33   Report Abuse
Somehow, this map reminds me of fire moutian in ocriena of time. And I gave it a 8 cuz its possible to have a close combat and fall to your doom if its a power duel. Plus no saber expliots! I mean for the ones that have ya dancing foward where you cant break from it. Then you fall to your death.. And yeah, I will reach ya later tonight.. Gonna be busy with my gf.. Toodles!


NiophesPosted: 11/19/03 14:22   Report Abuse
Pretty red! Reminds me of Episode III
Obi against Ani. Cool stuff but the colour
is a little on edge. 8 cause good idea and
looks great!


AYS_Frenrir2Posted: 01/17/04 19:04   Report Abuse
Very Nice, Absoulutally perfect for duels, my favorite location,igive it a 10


RvN_SeahawkPosted: 01/18/04 07:25   Report Abuse
i think that this level would ultimately kill an epsillepsic


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