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Do battle inside a mysterious spinning metallic ring that defies the boundaries of time and space. This map is good for 2 to 4 players. It includes 16-bit textures and features new music by Crystal Nova.


Level Info:

Download: Tourniquet
File Size: 2.9Mb
Date: 11/13/03
Author: Flexor
Downloads: 747


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 21
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InsipidPosted: 11/13/03 20:32   Report Abuse
The moment I saw the screenies, I thought, "Flexor". Very, very sexy looking.


SkyXaxPosted: 11/13/03 21:14   Report Abuse
Kill me, just kill me lol.


blackbelt7Posted: 11/13/03 23:11   Report Abuse
Its like the Dark Tempest feel with high techness. Like being hurdled through space or inside the core of Dark Tempest, even though its a gas. Very very seducing..............Im gonna be right back....(chages pants after pissing in them)


PetroRockPosted: 11/14/03 03:24   Report Abuse
Its really cool and laid out well, but there's like, no guns :-(


BrianPosted: 11/14/03 04:21   Report Abuse
Great level, I like the spinning effect and the rain. I like the fact that you don't die if you fall, but maybe the fall shouldn't be so long. Other than that, a ton of fun!


Lord MuurnPosted: 11/14/03 04:38   Report Abuse
*Sigh* What is it with you and making floating platforms...

...that are utterly sweet.

Great map.


FlexorPosted: 11/14/03 04:42   Report Abuse
yeah bri, that's just a slight problem. I wanted low gravity, so I had to keep the long fall. Couldn't put the teleport sector higher because of the big spinning 3do.


SolidSnake_JediPosted: 11/14/03 06:26   Report Abuse


FlexorPosted: 11/14/03 10:17   Report Abuse
If I knew my work was driving people to the point of insanity I would've stopped long ago!


DS-181-4Posted: 11/14/03 11:12   Report Abuse
But insanity = good. most of us here are probably already insane anyway.



The_Mega_ZZTerPosted: 11/14/03 12:23   Report Abuse
Woohoo! Another Dark Tempest! ;)

I really enjoyed playing on this level (apart from my modem disconnecting every 5mins, but that's not good ol' Flexie's fault). :)

This is a good small level, with awesome special effects and cool neato powerups ^_^. I cannot find a point of inprovement in this level.... well maybe one... you can't stand on the ring in the middle or the outside ring... :'( but this isn't enough to bump it down a whole notch, so 10/10 it is!

Vote it LOTW today!


MBeggarPosted: 11/14/03 14:55   Report Abuse
Awesome level. Need I say more?


EdwardPosted: 11/14/03 15:21   Report Abuse
When I for the first time looked down, I said:
This is DEFENETLY DT Material!


I wonder what Flexor will bring us for Christmas...


DSettahrPosted: 11/14/03 16:53   Report Abuse
Bri, ZZT, MBeggar, and I had a great game with this level in #massgames.

A few things which I noticed:

The level works best with 4 or more players, with any less it takes a while to find each other because its so big.

As stated before, the fall could be a bit shorter.

I think the smaller health and shield power ups could give you at least 10 increase, rather than 5.

If anyone else is up for it, I would love to host another game tonight. Just join #massgames on the irc server (holonet) and we'll get something going.


FlexorPosted: 11/14/03 18:04   Report Abuse
I'm very proud of this one, but the level is not without bugs.

The problem with adding a bunch of effects like that is that it gets really buggy. As I mentioned before, the fall had to be this long, or else I would've had to lower gravity. The spinning objects had to be this way as well. Even if they had been flagged as walkable, they were extremely buggy, and you wouldn't have been able to step on them anyways, so I figured it was best to make them this way. Another thing that really bothered me is how you can notice the edge of the 'tube' sector containing the 3dos when you look at the scrolling surfaces on the side. The texture stops at one point and starts again. They were perfectly aligned in Jed.


powerticklePosted: 11/14/03 20:23   Report Abuse
As much as I (usually) disagree with your (sometimes childish) idealism, this is ONE SWEET ASS LEVEL AND I LOVE YOU FOR IT [3


WhellyPosted: 11/14/03 20:25   Report Abuse
I think it's safe to say that the Death Match level genre has been mastered, and it is Flexor who has done this magnificent challenge. There truly is nothing you can say bad about this map as a DM level, because everything has been perfected. Through all the experience that Flexor has had with DM levels, I can't think of a better editor to make this wonderful map.

As a DM level, it has it all. New 3DOs in place of original JK ones (Unreal-ish!), new textures on everything, blood-pumping ambient techno music, etc. If it wasn't for the player models, you couldn't tell if it was JK. Flex has succeeded in changing the original JK into a arena-like game with this one level.

I'm sorry Flex, but I have to nitpick. Next time, create a techno track with more substance. I like the ambience feel of it all, but maybe it should have more... feeling. A fast trance song, perhaps? And you should have flagged the metal platforms as metal structures; it was kind of weird having normal footsteps on a metal surface. These pointers may sound pointless (no pun intended), but the closer you are to perfecting the level, the closer you are to making the ultimate DM level!


SolidSnake_JediPosted: 11/16/03 19:30   Report Abuse
but pherhaps a template with metall sounds would cause another bug? how can we know hehe


FlexorPosted: 11/17/03 02:05   Report Abuse
Actually yes, it might have. Those catwalks were part of the same 3dos as the platforms they were connected to. And I was pretty close to the template limit already. Putting more templates in the level might have caused some things not to appear and such.

But anyways, I'm not trying to create 'the ultimate deathmatch level'. I'm just making random stuff for fun.


DS-181-4Posted: 11/19/03 10:05   Report Abuse
One of the best levels i have ever played!!

I give it a 9 simply because it would have to be perfect to get a 10, and nothing is ever perfect. well usually.


danny85331Posted: 11/20/03 21:11   Report Abuse
Holy shnickeys! Next to Drazen Isle and Purgatory this is one of my new favs.


Strike_Eagle5Posted: 11/27/03 10:50   Report Abuse
Damnit flexor, you don't even give us enough time to enjoy your other maps!!! You have outdone yourself again. No words can describe this map... good job


FlexorPosted: 11/28/03 06:49   Report Abuse
well *excuse me* if I don't have anything better to do! :p


SkyXaxPosted: 11/28/03 18:33   Report Abuse
You know what Flexor? I bet you are good enough to work for LEC. But anyway, you should try and make "Xen - Land of Chaos" from Half-Life. All your stuff is alien-like, and I bet you could do a great job making that level! If you want I can even help you design it, I know what "Xen" is like, it's my favorite part of Half-Life. Unfortunately, I can't put JK back in until the PC is fixed, so I can't help with JED (even though you wouldn't need my help your so good).


Strike_Eagle5Posted: 12/05/03 01:11   Report Abuse
oh yes, i forgot to mention its nice to see that dt lives under a different name ;)


FlexorPosted: 12/12/03 14:45   Report Abuse
shhhhh!! they don't know it's really dark tempest in disguise :p


Darth SlawPosted: 12/14/03 22:22   Report Abuse
I love this level. It was fun with low-grav and the music also made it good. I only experienced a minor error (which was noted in the readme): texture misalignment on the tube that burrounds the level. I still give this level a big fat 10 because you'd only see it if you were looking down at it.


Daft_VaderPosted: 02/12/04 23:39   Report Abuse
*Me hands Flexor truckload of cookies*


Xing XingPosted: 08/22/04 15:08   Report Abuse
This level is so cool. It is interesting that the streching of textures such as the space backround can result in a very realistic motion blur effect whilst in constant movement.I gave this level a 10 for
it being so cool-looking and overall good.


[SF]pjbPosted: 02/17/05 11:13   Report Abuse
the only problem i have is its really easy to camp at the teleporter and just wait for peopel to fall off before blowing them up.. but still. owns...


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