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The Skins package is a collection of quality modder created skins that have been turned into customizable player classes. We've done this to allow more player options, to allow SP useage of these skins, to allow servers and players to quickly get a pack of quality skins, and to prevent a lot of redundent data from clogging up your game directory.


Level Info:

Download: OJP Skin Pack
File Size: 1.9MB
Date: 11/17/03
Author: OJP Staff
Downloads: 3757


Score (0-10): 4
# of Ratings: 5
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blackbelt7Posted: 11/17/03 23:50   Report Abuse
Um....whats it do? Just...the same skins? can you explain a little more? I didnt know there were really...classes....just races. Im confuzed :-P


razorsacesPosted: 11/18/03 00:31   Report Abuse
Read the skins section of the OJP_changelog.txt and OJP_readme.txt


razorsacesPosted: 11/18/03 00:32   Report Abuse
Sorry, that was a bit vague. I beleive this release just has the Hoth skins (with color selectability!) for all the player classes (or races as you called them).


EmonPosted: 11/18/03 20:56   Report Abuse
I think we should keep these small releases to our website, and only release milestones...


razorsacesPosted: 11/18/03 21:44   Report Abuse
Well, we're probably going to have to with the posting lag we're getting here.


danny85331Posted: 11/20/03 21:08   Report Abuse
Posting lag, eh?



razorsacesPosted: 11/22/03 22:29   Report Abuse
Well, let's put it this way. This was release simultaniously with two other releases. AND there's a newer versions of one of those files. AND there was a older version that was never posted.


danny85331Posted: 11/23/03 04:25   Report Abuse
*spins around and falls down*


[CK]Bobafett-SMPosted: 11/26/03 15:13   Report Abuse
i'm sorry but this is really sad nothing special.


LithoniusPosted: 12/18/03 23:00   Report Abuse

Giving a 5, cant tell what the heck this is supposed to do/be...


DacethPosted: 01/04/04 06:25   Report Abuse
Uhh... Well, it's deffinintly not original or useful, but it acomplished what it was supposed to I guess. Might make what it was supposed to do a little more clear in the description, not everyone reads the comments. 5/10


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