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Version 2 of AceVader0's Big Boss skin.


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Download: Big Boss V2
File Size: 807k
Date: 11/21/03
Author: AceVader0
Downloads: 619


Score (0-10): 1
# of Ratings: 9
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danny85331Posted: 11/21/03 02:20   Report Abuse
Colors arent sharp enough...and this looks strangely familiar...


SwedishborgiePosted: 11/21/03 22:38   Report Abuse
You submitted this again..... Itís a DIRECT rip off of graves model. Model.glm is the SAME. Stealing other peopleís models that they worked hard on is WRONG. This mod was deleted once and should be again. You gave no credit in the readme and I sincerely doubt you have any kind of permission from graves. Taking textures and redoing them in paint is dirt simple compared to making a model. You obviously don't appreciate the hard work that went into that model. Both with this skin and your Han Solo skin you have stolen other people's hard work for that you get a zero.

Hopefully the administrators will delete both this and your Han Solo skin. In the readme it says he made the model but if you run a compare program it is identical to graves.


OvermindPosted: 11/24/03 15:22   Report Abuse


OvermindPosted: 11/24/03 15:22   Report Abuse


Clone HunterPosted: 03/29/09 01:54   Report Abuse
V2? it looks awful!! V1 was waaaaaay better. 1/10!!


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