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This is a skin of Anakin Skywalker as seen in Episode II.


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Download: JK Anakin Skywalker
File Size: 1.4Megs
Date: 11/27/03
Author: AceVader0
Downloads: 4689


Score (0-10): 2
# of Ratings: 12
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CazorPosted: 11/27/03 03:51   Report Abuse
Hrmm.. doesn't really look like him. Is this just a reskin of the face from an already made anakin model, because it kinda looks like it.



a_personPosted: 11/27/03 08:22   Report Abuse
i didnt no anakin was a ginge. i wont rate it yet.


SkyXaxPosted: 11/28/03 01:20   Report Abuse
OMG DUDE, STOP RIPPING OTHER AUTHORS WORK AWAY FROM THEM! I gave you a score of 1 for the following reasons:

1. You stole, yet again, another model off of another author.
2. You forgot his robotech arm/hand, unless this was before it was chopped off.
3. It's just not very good looking.



SwedishborgiePosted: 11/28/03 02:28   Report Abuse
Amen... at least someone's been hearing what I've been saying! 0/10


OvermindPosted: 11/28/03 17:13   Report Abuse
0/10 for lack of vision.


saberopusPosted: 11/28/03 20:23   Report Abuse
I sent an email to the staff telling them about this.


Maverick64Posted: 11/29/03 00:10   Report Abuse
IS it just me, or is is it the season to rip other people's skins?


Trigger Happy ChewiePosted: 12/01/03 03:56   Report Abuse
It looks like Anakin hasn't got any sleep lately.....

0/10! No stealing work....


JKD_AnakinPosted: 12/31/03 19:55   Report Abuse
Hey Sky, got any sense? Here is something for whoever left a comment about no droid arm: Anakin didnt have it until the end of Episode II. A 10.


DacethPosted: 01/04/04 06:07   Report Abuse
It looks like a pretty average skin over all. I don't know if this stealing thing is true or not so I didn't rate it. You would have gotten a 6/10 if you didn't.


Third_EchlonPosted: 01/23/04 16:57   Report Abuse
Sry Pal but that dont look like any Anikan i've seen, the cloths are good but the face needs some fine tuneing. Othere than that good job.


BlackstarSiriusPosted: 06/12/04 01:38   Report Abuse
hmmmm I never knew Anny was on meth...

1/10 for ripping off other authors' work you jerk, you make me sick... or maybe it was that gallon of anti-freeze I just drank... BUT I STILL BLAME YOU!


ShadowFox404Posted: 07/29/04 04:23   Report Abuse
not that great a skin, ripping or not....


cbPosted: 12/13/04 16:48   Report Abuse
Perhaps the author would like to improve on his model? I'm sure it the face could be improved to look more like Anakin. The screenshots of him in thrid-person look fine, especially with the blue lightsaber. I've never seen brick walls in Star Wars. It would be nice to see more SW skins for JA.


darfgarfPosted: 12/14/05 15:47   Report Abuse
did you just take the jo anakin skin and change the face, if you do you should be banned from all skinning/modding sites forever for something like that. 0 because it's so obviously not your work.


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