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This isn't really much of a full mod in that it doesn't have any new maps (uses JediNight's ancient Ladder map from Jedi Outcast) or enemies, it's more of a weapon mod demonstrating what can be done with the new .sab files. I think this mod even works in multiplayer (I haven't tested it in MP much...) We had a whole idea for an entire Ninja mod with new textures, skins, levels, cinematics, etc., but we just don't have time right now due to work demands, so we figured we'd release this anyway so that other modders could see what we were up to and draw inspiration (or, if they want, pilfer directly) from it. All the source files for the map and scripts and even the weapon models are included. (Check the readme for a full description of the mod and all the weapons!)


Level Info:

Download: Melee Mod 1.0
File Size: 7.9 MB
Date: 11/30/03
Author: Slice, Dice & Mince
Downloads: 9402


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 13
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saberopusPosted: 11/30/03 01:28   Report Abuse
extremely interesting... I give it a 10 for originality, ingenuity and overall... ummm.... goodness ;)


Thrawn42689Posted: 11/30/03 01:28   Report Abuse
Let me be the first to say that this mod absolutely rocks. Every weapon is fun, from the claws to the giant mallet. 1 point off for the lack of weapon skins. I know you didn't have time, but excuses don't make good mods. :p


jEDIkIRBYPosted: 11/30/03 06:05   Report Abuse
Makes me want to install JO... Wow does it. I wish JO were stable enough for MP now...



saberopusPosted: 11/30/03 06:09   Report Abuse
JA f00b. This is completely amazing. it was hella fun to play.


jEDIkIRBYPosted: 11/30/03 17:26   Report Abuse
JA, JO, Same difference, I commented at like 12:30 at night :-P


pianukimPosted: 11/30/03 18:40   Report Abuse
Is it me (noob) or does the MP aspect not work? Help or suggestions would be great.


Maverick64Posted: 11/30/03 19:22   Report Abuse
Looks awesome, i like the weapons. Sigh. Its things like this that make me wish I had Jedi Academy.


FaoraPosted: 12/01/03 01:33   Report Abuse
Now all we need is a Stargate weapons mod to go with the level, and we're set!


Conehead2187Posted: 12/01/03 03:06   Report Abuse
Excellent. Unique and fun to play. 9


LithoniusPosted: 12/18/03 23:05   Report Abuse
Very fun! Good mod, only thing I could possibly ask for is the ability to use the shields to block, and for servers to run the mod... But otherwise, great mod!


JediMarinePosted: 12/22/03 19:01   Report Abuse
I love it! I could not say more! but I will! lol! I would love to see like a lotr mod or some type of Gladiator theme, also maybe shield blocking.

None the less! GREAT MOD!


traxonovaPosted: 12/24/03 07:21   Report Abuse


traxonovaPosted: 12/24/03 07:24   Report Abuse
anyone knows how to exactly install the mod? i was like so eager to install this, and yet i've failed. i've tried literally everything(well that is, for me) but yet still was not able to play the mod. could somebody guide me on where and where does the files the mod should go where.
enlighten me.


XSith_LordPosted: 01/10/04 16:50   Report Abuse
This deserves a 10 in my eyes. One of the most fun mods I have played for a long time. Its a load of fun to play through SP with these weapons. Great Stuff.

You should make a gladiator map / mod out of this if you have time - it would be even better than a ninja mod (which is really cool).

traxonova I would recomend that you unzip the melee.pk3 into your base folder and the .bat files into your gamedata folder (where jasp.exe and jamp.exe are). Run (by double-clicking) the .bat file you need (look at the readme). If your comp is a high-end one then just run melee.bat.

good luck


Benny Ben BenPosted: 01/20/04 22:02   Report Abuse
I love the mod but I'm have trouble getting it to work in MP some one please help me!


ChecksumPosted: 07/15/04 16:25   Report Abuse
Then pardon my French but you're a friggin' idiot. The game is about killing people, this mod only speeds that process up.

I loved the mod, it made Academy singleplayer worth playing again.

...Now if only I could find out where he learned all of those novel .sab parameters...


samuraigokuPosted: 06/01/05 21:21   Report Abuse
i cant get it to load up it keeps saying the npc files are to large. Can some one help?
and yes i do have the patch installed and it says i couldnt load shield1.sab so i deleted that then its a nother one and it keeps doing this until it hitsa file that was never there in the first place.


darfgarfPosted: 04/15/06 10:38   Report Abuse
i love this! 10/10

but does anyone have any idea how to get the fists and the picking up dropped sabers to work in the normal ja single player missions, it would be so great if you could pick up all those cultists sabers an stuff.


doomreaverPosted: 08/12/07 18:57   Report Abuse
it looks grand, but it does not work for me since there is an "error" so i give it a 6/10 if someone can help me ill rate higher


KenovePosted: 05/25/08 19:57   Report Abuse
great mod!


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