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This MOD changes the saber effects, menu backgrounds music, and adds a new skin: Dark Jan! I hope you like it!


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Download: DarkJan-Sabers Of Light
File Size: 11.6 MB
Date: 11/30/03
Author: yo dragoon1
Downloads: 1001


Score (0-10): 5
# of Ratings: 3
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Maverick64Posted: 11/30/03 21:43   Report Abuse
Although it does do everything you say it does, personally i dont think much of the dark jan skin or the saber blade change. Basically you just shaded jan darker, instead of really giving her a new outfit. And is it just me, or is the saber blade longer when you use this mod? 6/10


_yo_dragoon1Posted: 11/30/03 22:23   Report Abuse
Althaugh you do have a point... but its because thi is my first mod and i just got the used to editing. But you have a point... if you have any sugestions for futur MODs i would like to know. The blade isn't longer, by the way.


Maverick64Posted: 11/30/03 22:26   Report Abuse
i really hope that you had permission from the person who made the "Duel of the Fates: Versio" to use the screenshot on the menu....


Maverick64Posted: 11/30/03 22:31   Report Abuse
to suggest for further mods, when you say "dark" it generally means a dark jedi/sith, so in keeping with that idea it would be really cool if you made a new skin for jan with sith armour and tatoos kinda like Exar Kun.


outcastPosted: 12/01/03 01:14   Report Abuse
All of the above comments are true. But, since it does have everything that you said it does, i give you a 6.


SwedishborgiePosted: 12/01/03 03:44   Report Abuse
Well you didn't rip off anyone elses mod's this time that I know about :-) Anyways... It looks ok but really it's just Jan only darker and the saber changes are kind of minimal. There are like 100+ mods like this out there already including a slightly better Dark Jan mod. In the future I would suggest working hard on one thing instead of trying to change lots of small things. Plus the 10 meg music file really didn't help much. Overall I think this mod is only worth about a 3 because all the things you did have been done to death and like all the mods before it nothing really changed. Reskins tend to turn out badly with a few exceptions. If you're really serious about modding JK then I would suggest you either learn how to model or learn C++ and find some tutorials on how to write gamesource.


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