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- No Manual Saving mod.
Removes the option of saving manually, you only have the initial saves and checkpoints.
- Red Blasters Only mod.
Makes it so all your blaster weapons shoot red bolts.
- Light & Darkside Sabers mod.
Makes all Jedi use either blue or green sabers, except for some unique characters and dark side red.
- Force Effects Tonedown mod.
Decreases the volume on the looping force sounds.
- Strang Saber Staff mod.
Strong Saber stance for the light staff used as a single blade, as it was useles in medium mode.
- Brighter Sabers mod.
Some tweaks to make the sabers look better, more like in the official and fan movies.
- Kyle's Saber on Model 5 mod.
Replaces the single saber hilt model #5 with Kyle's saber hilt for singleplay.
A survival guide is included for surviving the game while using the No Manual Saving mod.


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Download: StarwarsiaNew Hope
File Size: 937k
Date: 12/02/03
Author: Teddy X
Downloads: 2344


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Maverick64Posted: 12/03/03 02:32   Report Abuse
Sounds pretty good from your description, but i dont think that the screenshots do it justice, and I cant rate it cause sadly i dont have Academy.


zizzy34Posted: 12/03/03 20:43   Report Abuse
Looks really good. Will download and play tonight :)


Teddy XPosted: 12/04/03 11:11   Report Abuse
It's for both Academy and Outcast.
Sending over 1.2 really soon,
Had to remove some items from 1.1 because of the limitations of my email account in sending large files.

1.2's additions and tweeks will mostly only benefit Jedi Academy, so ppl who only have Jedi Outcast won't have to download it.
It's twice as big...


Reaperman2Posted: 08/12/04 12:03   Report Abuse
How is it more like new hope? It just sounds like you made the game less fun to play.


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