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This is just a simple clan map for OR. For more info, please read the README.


Level Info:

Download: FFA OR Clan Map
File Size: 1.1Mb
Date: 12/04/03
Author: OR_emp_Diablo2
Downloads: 502


Score (0-10): 2
# of Ratings: 3
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SwedishborgiePosted: 12/04/03 20:52   Report Abuse
I'm going to assume this was your first level. Honestly the level looks like it was a level that you made while trying to learn how to maneuver around GTKRadient. The first thing that struck me was the horrendous amount of Z-Fighting. That is the number 1 way to absolutely kill a level. Secondly you had no patches or curves which gives everything a flat look, which is fine for indoor levels. But waterfalls should not be cubed. Another thing you should probably work on is your texturing, you used very few textures and some of those were missing and most the others made little to no sense. With a little more work and a lot less z-fighting you'll do great things!


Terra111Posted: 12/06/03 17:24   Report Abuse
Ugly. 2 for effort.


danny85331Posted: 12/08/03 22:51   Report Abuse
1 for effort, because you had to do the instructions for submitting it...


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