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Trying his luck as a business man, Lando Calrissian went to Kessel to mine spice, but the New Republic lost contact with Lando several days ago.

Travel to Kessel to find out what's happen there and to rescue Lando if necessary.


Level Info:

Download: Spice Mines on Kessel
File Size: 5.1Mb
Date: 12/04/03
Author: Michael May
Downloads: 3351


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 18
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KengoPosted: 12/04/03 20:41   Report Abuse
I don't think the screenshots really do it justice - this is a first rate level with some marvelous architecture. The author has created Kessel the way I think most of us would have imagined it. I would have liked to have gone outdoors a bit more, but on the whole the interiors were just brilliant. Some short cutscenes, definately some plot, my favourite Michael May level, and the others were good :)


ShadowXPosted: 12/05/03 01:37   Report Abuse
Wow... this has to be the best user-made SP level I've ever seen for JK2 :] Very good job!

Rating: 10


The_Mega_ZZTerPosted: 12/05/03 05:46   Report Abuse
Hmm... the storyline should've had more thought put into it (at least from what I see here)... the Kessel mines are dark, dank, unsanitary, and bad for your health. Only the most horrible prisoners of the Empire would be sent there... it was a most feared thing by the galaxy, from what I know.

Noone in their right mind would mine spice on Kessel out of entepreneurship...

But I'm not gonna judge this bok by it's cover... the comments make it sound promissing. *downloads*


antPosted: 12/05/03 07:14   Report Abuse
The level was OK. A bit confusing with some of the parts.


Cris_StarwalkerPosted: 12/05/03 23:21   Report Abuse
Actually 'The_Mega_ZZTer' in the Jedi Academy trilogy of books Lando spoke of an interrest in mining the spice from Kessel. Wot entepreneur wuldnt want a stake in the billions of credits that can be gained from such an endeavor? So in such respect the storyline is quite credible.
Im downloading in anticipation to try this dousy hehe :)


Prince XizorPosted: 12/06/03 01:57   Report Abuse
This is a very good level. You have very good level design, a story line, and good use of texturing.

A few things to improve:
-I noticed a few reborn problems and some problems with the NPC placement. Make good use of the NPC dont enter shader.
-Some of the elevators had problems

Thats all i really saw that was bad. Good job. I look forward to playing more by you. I gave it a 9.



CCrazyTomPosted: 12/06/03 21:59   Report Abuse
I thought this level was great. Maybe it was because I was playing it on hard, but it was very challenging. I thought the enemy placement was well done. the architecture wasn't amazingly but it was good. I liked having to fight with the prisoners but in the large fight near the end they were very hard to protect. The only way I could figure out how to beat that segment was to run through the clearing with speed and then fight them in smaller groups on the catwalk. Overall, a fun, challenging level. I give it a solid 9.


DS-181-4Posted: 12/07/03 02:37   Report Abuse
very nice level. unfortunately, for some reason my comp won't show the sky textures so when i'm looking out of the hangars i see white, but i'm sure it's not the level coz it did that a bit with some of the JO levels. i'm kinda stuck. after you shut off the wind tunnel bit, wot do i do then?

I love the archi and all. very true to the game. i could've mistaken it to be a true JO level if i didn't know that it's not.


maddogcooneyPosted: 12/07/03 16:11   Report Abuse
Great maps. Good play sequence. Nice challenges to get past some of the obstacles. I especially like how some of the reborn gang up on Lando when you're trying to kill them. I found a creative way around that ;).

Thanks for a good level.


[SF]pjbPosted: 12/15/03 02:23   Report Abuse
this is the first JO SP map i have ever played. and i think i chose a good one.
its fun, quite hard at parts. well made. and sometimes you actualy have to think.. something lots of maps for other games tend to forget..

also when you have to fight off those two or three shadow troopers is bad, but when after killing the first two of those nasty walking robots with the guns come after you.. thats realy hard.. and considering i had only 50 life left i have no idea how i pulled it off..

either way its a really good map i think, so i am giveing it nine..


AsattackPosted: 12/28/03 08:52   Report Abuse
awsome. this is one of the best JO sp levels i have ever played. great architecture and level flow. though i did think he went a bit over board with all the dark jedi piled in there. but overall a great map. download it now!


kessno11Posted: 04/01/05 02:52   Report Abuse
I really enjoyed this level, it captures the feel of Kessel very well!!


kaborkaPosted: 07/03/05 01:57   Report Abuse
Another great level from this author. Very good atmosphere, and excellent architecture. Some might object to the enemy placement, which is extreme at times. Personally, I enjoy plowing through a sea of troopers and reborns -- just hit force speed and put 'em through the blender :-)


TalonKarrdePosted: 02/05/06 23:10   Report Abuse
Nicely done, i give it a ten, great texture, plus i love Kessel, nice job.


firemarine73Posted: 07/25/06 20:54   Report Abuse
This was an awesome level that I replayed a few times. The flow of the level was great with a few parts that required some thinking. My only problem was in the detention area and on. I often killed the friendly NPC's when trying to fight enemies with a lightsaber.

It was good and I gave it a 9/10,


katarnPosted: 08/24/07 15:32   Report Abuse
This map was awesome!

10/10 from me!


AndrewM619Posted: 03/14/08 13:59   Report Abuse
I really enjoyed this map even though I know nothing of Kessel. The environments in this really feel like a mining installation and it's got some great cut-scenes. It's awesome for a mercenary-type main character model. (I use the mercenary kyle model from JKII files) Anyway, great work mate. It'd be nice to see more single player maps for Outcast even in '08. Show Outcast a little love ya know? It's a great game still.


alufask8rPosted: 01/17/09 04:47   Report Abuse
nice level, and i think the architecture was kool too, really good stuff.. and at times quite challenging, not the map for noobs i say! 10/10


stoofPosted: 03/25/09 07:33   Report Abuse
Nice work!


stoofPosted: 05/01/09 15:23   Report Abuse
A Very Excellent Map, Highly Detailed and all.
You have put alot of effort into this and it is great. One Small Problem though, you should of made it so you can go outside onto the surface of Kessel!


Zonage5Posted: 04/21/10 22:13   Report Abuse
I would like to visit Kessel....

Oh well, it is after all a fictional thing.

Later, upon discovering the Kessel level.....

Can't feel legs, must play Kessel....

The poor sap rated a 110/10 for the nice man who created this level. Thank You.. because now this player can visit his dreamworld anytime.


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