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 All those tiny details they always manage to get wrong. It's time we did something about it!  Before they ruin our gameplay. Don't despair my fellow Star wars fans! There is a New Hope... StarwarsiaNewHope strives to fix many of these mistakes.  - Brighter Sabers  - No more yellow blaster bolts.    You can choose between red and green bolts for the bryar type    weapons, with their corresponding sounds.  - No more manual saving.  - Force power FX/SFX tonedown - Light & Darkside sabers. Light siders no longer use random saber colors.  - Survival Guide for when you can't save your game.  - And much more  Version 1.2 has extra features for Jedi Academy, but minimal  improvements for Jedi Outcast. A completely revised Brighter Sabers  mod benefits both though.


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Download: StarwarsiaNewHope 1.2
File Size: 2.5 MB
Date: 12/12/03
Author: Teddy X
Downloads: 3947


Score (0-10): 4
# of Ratings: 2
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zizzy34Posted: 12/12/03 16:24   Report Abuse
hmm...can't really tell by looking at the screenshots, but i'm going to guess that this is going to be a great mod. will try to download and play when i get home.


jesseg88Posted: 12/12/03 18:06   Report Abuse
I happen to LIKE manual saving, thank you very much! Some levels in Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb are very frustrating because I can't save manually and I have to reload the entire stinkin' level everytime I die! And it is probably the same with this mod.

All the other stuff looks cool, though.


DentianPosted: 12/13/03 02:12   Report Abuse
Very nice work. I don't like the sabers much, they seem a little too pointy. Like Luke's saber in RotJ. I go for the crisp, efficient look of the sabers in EP1.

And finally! Red blaster bolts!


Teddy XPosted: 12/17/03 16:47   Report Abuse
Working on it.
Straighter sabers, more like Episode I sabers... got it.


kawazxr9Posted: 12/18/03 10:02   Report Abuse
I am sorry but I do not speak English. I would like to know or must I put the file "nothing" and especially how to make it function. Is a this skin? Which function does it have exactly? Did y understand well that it is for adult but has share it???? Thank you for your assistance ;)


Teddy XPosted: 12/19/03 11:19   Report Abuse
Nothing.pk3 is for Addults only, yes.
It should be in your \Gamedata\Base folder like all the other files you want to use.

It is a skin, or at least a part of a skin.
It can be found on the human female, the white trousers.

If the english is not clear enough,
Tell me your own language and I will try to explain it in yours.
I speak: Dutch, English, German and French.
I know others who can help me with Spanish, Italian and some others.


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