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The Lightkatana is a powerful weapon. I made several modifications to the properties of the hilt. The hilt now is a reskin. The blade is from a Katana which I edited a bit, so that it fits with the hilt. The blades are bigger and wider than normal blades. Normal hilts will also show up with the new blades. You will see a red 'blood' dust when you strike your opponent with the Katana.


Level Info:

Download: Lightkatana
File Size: 357k
Date: 12/18/03
Author: Wanderer
Downloads: 6833


Score (0-10): 7
# of Ratings: 5
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NomadžoulPosted: 12/18/03 20:30   Report Abuse
It's alrite but I didn't think the katana was defined enough, maybe eliminating the glow around it more and creating more contrast between the glow and the actual katana would work better. Maybe you could make a new hilt too..if you've ever seen it before there's an actual katana called samurai sword 3000 or sumthin, its a fake katana but the hilt is kewl looking..kinda like a cross between a traditional rayskin one and a lightsaber hilt. If you fixed up the contrast and used a kewl looking hilt, that would be kewl.

Here's the link to the sword, its the one that says "Samurai 3000"


NomadžoulPosted: 12/18/03 20:32   Report Abuse
wait..I AM allowed to link outside of here right? =/ uhm..if I'm not someone let me know so I can take care of that.


WandererPosted: 12/18/03 21:57   Report Abuse
This is good advice of you Nomadžoul.
I checked the site out but I'm sorry, I'm limited to the stuff you see right before you. I can't make models....even if I could I wouldn't be saitsfied unless I could make a real Samurai with Katana & Wakizashi and with whole animations & sounds... ;-)


NomadžoulPosted: 12/18/03 22:51   Report Abuse
I would crown you god if you did that...but you'd have to edit moves to traditional kenjutsu ones. That would be l33t.


Draco429Posted: 12/18/03 22:52   Report Abuse
I like how it looks. I'm getting JA like next week, and this will definitely be a mod I'll get.

BTW, you can't forget kodachis. :p And how about the Kaiten-Kenbu Ruroken from Rurouni Kenshin? :D


NomadžoulPosted: 12/19/03 01:03   Report Abuse
Well if your going for fantasy add the whole Hiten Mitsurugi style!


XSith_LordPosted: 12/19/03 17:02   Report Abuse
This is an ok mod. I'm giving it a 6 because the 'blood' effect isn't outstanding though it is a respectable attempt, and also the saber contains several irrelavent lines - 'break a parry' for example, so you lose marks there. If you want to see exactly what is wrong then load up the mod and check the info in the console when the game initalises (load 1 map and check it). Overall this is ok and worth a look at.


WedgePosted: 12/20/03 02:22   Report Abuse
Less glow, more blood. Keep it up, Wanderer; your stuff has always rocked.


Draco429Posted: 12/23/03 00:31   Report Abuse
Hint, hint Wanderer. I wanna Kuzu Ryuu Sen the snot outta my buddy. :p


KylanPosted: 03/13/04 02:01   Report Abuse
Hey old friend. Its good to see that you are still into saber mods. I like this katana a lot. Very good job. Btw it`s your ex partner from the dragon blade!


WandererPosted: 03/13/04 09:53   Report Abuse
Hey Kylan :-) Long time no see...
Great that you like the Lightkatana :-)


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