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This mod makes each hilt give different bonuses, affecting the saber. These include damage, speed, range, and other attributes, making each saber hilt more useful in unique situations. A full list of changes is included with this file.


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Download: Reebo Sabers
File Size: 39k
Date: 12/18/03
Author: The Max Reebo Band
Downloads: 4044


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 3
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ChuckPosted: 12/25/03 16:46   Report Abuse
Wow, long time with no comments... This is our first mod, so some input would be nice.


AYS_Frenrir2Posted: 12/31/03 03:43   Report Abuse
hey chuck how do i get mods to work on JA, by the way it looks good. 7


ChuckPosted: 01/01/04 16:23   Report Abuse
Put the .pk3 file that's in the zip into the JA/gamedata/base directory. (Thanks)


MASTER_OF_BLADESPosted: 01/13/04 01:53   Report Abuse
well done

the first mod eh.... well done


ChuckPosted: 01/20/04 17:05   Report Abuse
Oh man. My severe and sorrowful apologies. If some people haven't gotten this mod to work its fullest, it's because I forgot to mention it needs the JA update (I don't know what it's called, but it's the only update out for it right no, I think.) to work. You can find the update at Raven and/or Lucasarts I think. Sorry about that.


DeathseedPosted: 05/05/04 00:17   Report Abuse
Its the JKIII 1.01 patch.


BabySpinachPosted: 05/23/04 02:25   Report Abuse
Looks fun. It seems like a good mod to me.


L337onimushaPosted: 06/16/04 07:30   Report Abuse
I gotta say that the idea is really good, but I'm stuck using a really crappy hilt! My favorite enhancement that you have made is "The Wind" hilt, but unfortunately it looks hideous. Is there any way to switch around the bonuses? The first hild was my favorite, so can you tell be how to switch it to that one, please? Thanks.


ChuckPosted: 06/16/04 15:41   Report Abuse
Reply to comment:
Enable cheats: I use 'Helpusobi 1'
Change sabers: 'saber single_(1-9)' 'saber dual_(1-5)' 'saber single_(1-9) single_(1-9)'
Single saber, dual sided, double sabers.
It's fun to change between sabers during play.


L337onimushaPosted: 06/16/04 16:41   Report Abuse
Oh. Alrighty. Thanks!


gale777Posted: 07/14/05 20:35   Report Abuse
I can't get the stupid things to work... don't you have to load them in the setup mods section?


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