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This is our Christmas tribute and it contains some fun features but unfortantly it has a low framerate because we had to do the level consisting only of 3DOs, because it would get a nasty detail hom if we didn't. Beside that, it makes a fun and original level.


Level Info:

Download: Christmas
File Size: 1.9Mb
Date: 12/19/03
Author: JK FoxHound
Downloads: 589


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 11
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[SF]pjbPosted: 12/19/03 18:13   Report Abuse
well, here it is, after a few weeks of work me and snake have finished the level, i apologise for the low framerate, but the amount of detail we used it hardly surprising, if it hadn't been for some info from spiral it would be full of detail HOM instead of 3do's.
Either way is a neat level, i wish i had been able to animate the raindeers but time and 3do errors where not helpful.

well, happy christmas and have fun


TheJkWhoSaysNiPosted: 12/19/03 19:11   Report Abuse
The architecture on this level isn't bad, the texturing is OK and it's amusing. It needs lighting though.


Sith_Da_AxePosted: 12/20/03 01:05   Report Abuse
Hehehehehehehe! :D

This is funny! I'm gonna have to play this with Ugnaugt Wars...



SwedishborgiePosted: 12/20/03 03:21   Report Abuse
Tons of graphic errors but it's soooo funny I can't help but give you 10 :) Merry Christmas!


SolidSnake_JediPosted: 12/20/03 09:02   Report Abuse
Ye thats correct MERRY CHRISTMAS! and now you can have merry christmas in JK :D


SSj2 Majin BejiitaPosted: 12/20/03 23:56   Report Abuse
Nice. Very nice. Santa could be a little fatter, but that's a skin detail limitation that very few have managed to get around (and then only in mods, not stand-alone levels). I give it it a 10 for originality, 8 for detail, and a 10 for fun-factor (which adds up to an overall 9).


danny85331Posted: 12/22/03 20:46   Report Abuse
At least noones slapt any political correctness on guys know that Christianity is the only religion not tolerated in the US? Lol.

Anywho, awesome level. Its fun as heck to mess around in, especially with a few mods enabled...good ol' jetpacks... I especially loved the Ugn elves. :P


[SF]pjbPosted: 12/24/03 21:38   Report Abuse
yea, i made the elf's so you can all love me for being fantastic....
snake made the santa, and i have to agree its very good.

and dont worry, snake and i aint in the US so were safe :D

but i was wondering what sweedishborgie was talking about when he said it had tons of graphical errors, i mean, it hasent got any HOM, missing surfaces, or problems with invisabel 3do's. other from the low frame-rate i belive it's perfect.


GhostOfYodaPosted: 01/03/04 12:06   Report Abuse
Interesting level, hehehe.

God, I love these times when "religious tolerence" is a synonym for "banning Christianity."


bwp_2001Posted: 12/12/04 05:00   Report Abuse
One of the most poorly designed levels I've ever played. Look just because the sounds were funny doesn't make this a good level, just an amusing one. The textures were god-aweful, there were so many errors it made my head hurt, I couldn't get up the stairs without taking 5 minutes, the framerate was abysmal, the level was too small, the interior of the house was boring and had no architecture... I can go on. The only saving grace is the sounds, the rest is pure and utter crap.


VancePosted: 12/02/05 16:22   Report Abuse
Christmas has come around again x'] good level. ]_[ Who cares about frame-rate it's a present of lag xD good level 9/10 boio

'_' Vance


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