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Lando is expelled from the rebellion and forced to take a new day job - from fighting Imperial attacks, to slingin' Big Macs.


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Download: Ronald McDonald V2
File Size: 1Mb
Date: 12/20/03
Author: Barada
Downloads: 3489


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 14
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Lord_GrismathPosted: 12/20/03 13:15   Report Abuse
hahaha I love it.


EdwardPosted: 12/20/03 13:56   Report Abuse
Even though I don't have Jedi Academy, I'd just like to say...
Ever thought of making a Jedi Comic? Like what I've done with JK?


danny85331Posted: 12/20/03 15:23   Report Abuse
Lol, awesome!


NomadžoulPosted: 12/20/03 16:24   Report Abuse
interesting idea.....but not the highest quality skin.


GhostOfYodaPosted: 12/20/03 18:32   Report Abuse
This skin is even more evil than the Hitler skin by the same author!

Hehe, I love it.


Jedi JoshPosted: 12/20/03 20:59   Report Abuse
i'm lovin' it


Maverick64Posted: 12/20/03 21:11   Report Abuse
innovative, to say the least. I agree that its not the best quality skin, but the fact that its Ronald Macdonald makes up for it =)


SM_Sith_LordPosted: 12/20/03 22:42   Report Abuse
Wow, I still cannot stop laughing at your screenshot. This skin rocks simply because it has such an uber back-story.


Terra111Posted: 12/21/03 00:19   Report Abuse
Very good, and very funny.



LithoniusPosted: 12/22/03 03:49   Report Abuse
AHGHGHA! IM GONNA HAVE NIGHTMARES NOW! oooooo.... man he's freaky....

Nice skin, but a little, er, paintish?



GhostOfYodaPosted: 12/23/03 00:27   Report Abuse
Well; I reckon the real Ronald MacDonald looks like he was made in MSPaint, so this is a good representation, hehehe.


AYS_Frenrir2Posted: 12/31/03 03:46   Report Abuse
this skin is gonna give me nightmares. 7


DacethPosted: 01/04/04 06:30   Report Abuse
Lol, funny to say the least. Uhh, but the Lando touching Mon Monthma's butt is far scarier than Ronald. You should have made Lando in a McDonald's uniform. Great job. Little sloppy, but good none the less. 8/10


SkaterJohn16Posted: 01/07/04 23:16   Report Abuse
This skin roxors your boxors! Ronald McLando pwnz you! Must've takesome time, and the comic is the icing on the cake. 10/10


SkaterJohn16Posted: 01/07/04 23:16   Report Abuse
This skin roxors your boxors! Ronald McLando pwnz you! Must've takesome time, and the comic is the icing on the cake. 10/10


AYS_Frenrir2Posted: 01/17/04 19:12   Report Abuse
This Is Great I m gonna have a lotta fun with this, HAHAHAHAHA

i give it a 10


HomicidePosted: 07/22/04 13:01   Report Abuse
Now I remember why I don't randomly browse the skins. I didn't need to crap my pants at 9am, thanks.

But it's nifty, albeit scary.


Pac_Man3DPosted: 11/12/04 15:43   Report Abuse
"Hi georgie! Want a balloon?"

You should make an 'IT' skin, complete with additional mod which allows you to transform into a weird spider-thing the size of an AT-ST... if anyone's seen the lacklustre Stephen King film adaptation.



The dumber people think I am,
the more surprised they are when I kill them.


**LOR_SAN_KEIM**Posted: 02/14/05 18:26   Report Abuse
I really like this skin and i dont really recognise Lando, except for the hair, but since its a different colour that makes it hard. I think this is a really good reskin so i have given it an 8/10


jedi master kamaPosted: 03/18/07 13:28   Report Abuse
Man i hate that clown, But i have to admit its not bad.


Clone HunterPosted: 08/17/08 14:28   Report Abuse
Looks a bit like a demonic Ronald McDonald if you ask me.


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