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This level is a town themed map, very plain and clean. It was made fast to play fast and in your face! I made it to play with the AT-ST! Since bots do not use vehicles, I urge you to play it online with other players.

It's named karmageddon because it reminds me of the old race-killing game Carmageddon!


Level Info:

Download: karmageddon
File Size: 658k
Date: 12/23/03
Author: Gigon
Downloads: 1754


Score (0-10): 6
# of Ratings: 6
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Logo By Rieekan [http://www.outpostd34.com/]

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Maverick64Posted: 12/23/03 14:53   Report Abuse
um...looks like it could be fun, but without the at st it wouldnt be too good.


danny85331Posted: 12/24/03 01:30   Report Abuse
Sorry...but Ive seen JK levels that looked much better...


GhostOfYodaPosted: 12/24/03 02:53   Report Abuse
I rated this level the same score as it has edges which are not at 90 degrees.


GigonPosted: 01/14/04 01:49   Report Abuse
Well, thanks you all for downloading my humble map...

This one is surly not the map-of-the-year but someone (invisibleman) found it
interesting enought to post it on another site with his name as author...

Wanna see:


Corran2015Posted: 01/17/04 21:30   Report Abuse
Nice job.
As for seeing better JK levels, thats not saying much, I've seen at least a dozen JK levels that are better in aesthetics and/or gameplay than most of the original stock levels for JO/JA, and the 3rd party ones.


Neo_SabrePosted: 03/09/04 13:15   Report Abuse
:) i like it, i needed a map like this, but could you make a jk2 version w/ no atsts?
the 'Sabre


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