Uprising III

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This is a large multilevel skyscraper surrounded by various buildings.


  • Bot Support updated
  • Full lighting added
  • Many Models Added
  • Greater attention to detail
  • Elevators Improved
  • New Textures/Shaders added
  • Health and shields more strategically placed
  • FPS Improved (The original map was unnecessarily large, so many mountains have been removed)
  • More Balconies/catwalks added
  • Traps more strategically placed
  • Annoying NPCs removed
  • Jet pack added (Bots will use)
  • Swoop bike more strategically located
  • Several other major and minor fixes

  • Cage 3 has a trap door for a quick escape. Just hit "use"
  • Step on the depression on roof to spawn the swoop.
  • Use at least a couple of bots with camping properties
  • The lava flooded tunnels cannot be accessed unless you are on the swoop.
  • Because the map is a bit crowded, the swoop is intended to be utilized as more of a weapon than a vehicle (it lays powerful mines - Inspired by BDC racing club by DarthZappa)
  • The swoop is a seperate pk3. If you do not put this in your base folder as well, the bike will not spawn.

    Anyone is welcome to the .map and associated files if they would like to customize, or just rework and rerelease; just email me with a request.



  • Level Info:

    Download: Uprising III
    File Size: 2.9Mb
    Date: 12/23/03
    Author: El Cuko
    Downloads: 2788


    Score (0-10): 10
    # of Ratings: 8
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    Logo By Rieekan [http://www.outpostd34.com/]

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    Maverick64Posted: 12/23/03 14:59   Report Abuse


    danny85331Posted: 12/24/03 01:28   Report Abuse
    *jaw drops*


    NomadžoulPosted: 12/24/03 01:52   Report Abuse
    This is totally sic!


    jarjaryodaPosted: 12/24/03 04:13   Report Abuse
    This is an awesome level! Great game play. The only thing is that i don't know how to get the jet pack.


    CukoPosted: 12/24/03 05:30   Report Abuse
    Glad ya like the map.
    Jetpack is behind one of the towers on the walkway - bots should use it.


    DOTR_Corran2015Posted: 12/25/03 08:19   Report Abuse
    Nice man. You made a big fun level. Its actually FUN. Most JK/JO/JA levels people make, it goes something like "here, have a rifle, now start shooting". This one has a lot of cool stuff thrown into the mix to make it a lot more exciting and random. Its not just running around a level seemingly devoid humanity finding the person to kill them.


    CukoPosted: 12/29/03 04:15   Report Abuse
    Really appreciate that-
    That was exactly the goal I was shooting for here.


    Lost Souls CaptainPosted: 07/05/04 22:41   Report Abuse
    Wowly wow! Awesomely awesome! Cooly cool!

    This was an awesome level to play! I hope to see more from you... this level was GREAT!

    10 / 10


    eX_JCool789Posted: 07/09/04 16:45   Report Abuse
    This is truly amazing. 10/10


    VancePosted: 10/24/06 10:37   Report Abuse
    I seriously think you should upload this to jk3files. this map is immense.


    VancePosted: 10/24/06 10:37   Report Abuse
    I seriously think you should upload this to jk3files. this map is immense.


    DezziePosted: 02/11/08 12:49   Report Abuse
    Okay so me and my friends played this one a while back, I have to admit it is imho an awesome map! Between the traps, the tricks, being able to torture people who fall into the traps... I wish I knew more maps like this


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