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GOLEM Forge is a weapons and items modification that has been worked on since late 1997, when Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II was released. The first release was at www.jediknight.net under a different name, and was nothing more than a conglomeration of cogs and 3DO's (models) put into GOB form. After stretching my wings, so to speak, with that first release, I have gone through at least 50 versions, searching for the ever-elusive "perfect mix" of weapons and items.

This post-beta release is a FULL VERSION, however, it is not "The Completed" version. In essence, I'll never finish working on it, but I wanted to see what reaction GOLEM Forge would get from the Massassi Temple and Jedi Knight patrons. This mod has 10 weapon replacements, ranging from teleport devices to a grappling hook with rope, and you may CLIMB up and down. The weaponry and devices are what this mod is about, and I hope each and every one who downloads this mod will enjoy it to its fullest.


Level Info:

Download: GOLEM Forge Official Release 1.0
File Size: 912k
Date: 12/25/03
Author: Andrew (Andy) David Williams / Mr. Mistoffelees
Downloads: 844


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 22
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saberopusPosted: 12/25/03 19:21   Report Abuse
looks extremely interesting... downloading.


Lord_GrismathPosted: 12/25/03 19:56   Report Abuse
*reads description*

... you are my hero.


MrRavenXPosted: 12/25/03 21:00   Report Abuse
haha, this weapon pack rocks. Never before have so many different creative weapon modes been cramed into JK. I especially like the one that opens a blackhole into which the enemies are sucked in and killed.


jEDIkIRBYPosted: 12/25/03 23:55   Report Abuse
I don't rate things at a ten... hardly ever. This mod deserves a ten, dispite it's incompleation, simply because it takes some rarely used JK tools and uses the most of it.

By far, some of the remote weapons, the camera rockets, and generally most of the less visited features were what I liked the most. Although, it's a powerpack, it gives quite a few templates for new and experienced editors to play with.

I would have liked to have seen trip mines, and perhaps a few more models, and certainly more weapons. BMs, Player Skins, and other things would also be great for future installments.

Great job, expect a welcome E-mail for Epic Mods in the near future...



Sith_Da_AxePosted: 12/26/03 00:44   Report Abuse
I can't wait to play this!

Just wondering, how did you come up with its name? =)


a_personPosted: 12/26/03 01:35   Report Abuse
This is one of the best mods ive ever played. Every gun was new and origonal.i loved that air pump gun making enemys blow up. And because you could change modes in the gun it felt like having 20 guns. Only one thing is you should make loading screens cause i dislike the jk ones. 10/10.


A Big Fat CoWPosted: 12/26/03 02:09   Report Abuse
though I agree that this mod is cool, most of the key features don't work at all in multiplayer, which greatly detracts from my score. another thing is that, in multiplayer, as soon as the first person dies, the host turns into a random 3do from the level.

For singleplayer, everything works great. except, a lot of the features aren't singleplayer-oriented...

meh, A lot of original and amusing ideas, but the lack of MP support greatly reduces this mods score. I give it a 5.


EdwardPosted: 12/26/03 02:47   Report Abuse
I liked it!
There were a few errors... An item didn't work properly (can't remember which one) and a reeyee punched away my rocket and crashed the game.
The assassin droids didn't seem that they could tell the difference between Good and Bad. Sure they left me alone but killed the Civies...
And the Explosive gibs... Could you make 'em red? Like you did with the Head Shot of the Shot gun?

*Starts to study the code...*

This is no Shot gun... This is a KÖTT-GUN!


landfishPosted: 12/26/03 03:10   Report Abuse
this is one of the best mods ive gotten in a LONG time. its really great that you could put that much time and effort into a mod. fix up some of the small little bugs and stuff mentioned before and this could be best.mod.evar. material



StormtrooperPosted: 12/26/03 05:21   Report Abuse
Wow, I don't know about anyone else, but this MOD is totally unplayable for me, I havn't gone more than three minutes without it crashing the game on me, MP or SP. That's the only thing that kept me from giving it a 10, it got an 8 from me because it has a lot of things that most other MODs don't have, the controlled weapons mostly.


Mr. MistoffeleesPosted: 12/26/03 07:26   Report Abuse
Thank each and all of you for your comments. I'll try and answer/reply to everyone that has posted so far.

saberopus: Thanks for trying it!

Lord_Grismath: You are very welcome, it's rewarding to have one's work appreciated.

MrRavenX: Ah, nothing makes up for misses like an interdimensional breach. Go for it!

jEDIkIRBY: I'm honored. I try to answer any e-mail promptly.

Sith_Da_Axe: The name is (mostly) simply. Even though I'm not Jewish/Israeli, I got the name "Golem" from Jewish Mythology. Yes, Greece and Rome weren't the only ones who held the market for myths. Anyway, a golem is simply an animated collection of atoms (read: Something that IS alive that SHOULDN'T be alive). If you've played some types of RPGs, you might notice things like Rock Golems or Lava Golems. These golems are living elements. Golems, depending on what they were made of, could inflict terrific damage, be near immortal, ageless, invincible, subtle . . . A lot of things.

Well, as for the "Forge", I was thinking of a blacksmith's forge. I was making a weapons mod and thinking at the same time "gosh, this is kind of like a smithy, but instead of hammer-and-anvil, I'm using .COG programming."

a_person: Thank you very much. Apologies on the background problem, but I'm more a programmer than an artist. I might eventually think of something, though, so there's (a slim chance of) hope.

Edward: I'm very glad you though it was great. That is the reaction I look for in my work. As for the errors, I think that is probably due to years of coding and recoding, most likely to all of the physic/actor/player/weapon flags I keep changing in the coding, for better effects. Also, even though I personally have no problem with gore in a game, I was aiming more for playability than blood. Perhaps in a later addition I'll add more gore and "realism". Not that anything in SW looks to much like realism. :[)
As for why the "gibs" were grey/gray, the "story" is that the sonic rifle totally destroys the body of the victim hit, but the clothes, though torn to shreds, still retain a tremendous amount of kinetic energy, which causes the explosions. Then, to save on memory and templates, I simply set the GOLEM Rifle's S.T.A.P. mode to release the same explosive chunks.

landfish: Yes, thank you for your comment. As I wrote, I'll probably never finish this mod. Squash one bug, 2-and-a-half pop up in the coding. One bug is undefeatable, so I have to pull a weapon . . . It is a jungle of coding! Well, I'll certaintly keep plugging away, but I turned 18 on December 21st, 2003 AD, so if I can keep a balance between the coming storm of college, real life, et cetera, I might be able to stir up some more stuff for "y'all".

Stormtrooper: One of my friends had the same inexplicable error. His computer simply would NOT run mods in Jedi Knight (or MotS, for that matter). I have no explanation for why some of the bugs occur, which is why I haven't been able to fix them (even after nearly 7 years!). Though most of the template SHOULD work in MP, MP is, unfortunately, nowhere near as complete or stable as I would like. This is sadly SP MOSTLY (thankfully not ONLY, but close. Darn.)

Everyone else: Thanks for looking and (maybe) trying my mod. The work I put into my projects is for my own enjoyment, but to be able to share my creations with an admiring audience, and to showcase part of my life with all of you is one of the greatest things ANYONE can attain and feel. If I could ask one thing, though (and it IS Christmas, or some sort of celebration for you): don't be hard on the people who submit those unadvanced and sometimes simple .COG packs: I was one of them too! If I had gotten such a reception for my first sad simple release years ago, I don't think I would have given much mind to going through it all again with THIS mod. Sorry, I don't mean to be preachy. Just to be appealing and kind.

-Andy/Mr. Mistoffelees


a_personPosted: 12/26/03 10:43   Report Abuse
well if you really want ill whip you up a loading screen.

Also on a minor note how do you go up the grapling hook. Im probably just an idiot but can you tell me anyhow's.


Mr. MistoffeleesPosted: 12/26/03 19:03   Report Abuse
If you have questions, you really should look at the weapons guide in the included text file. Anyways (this is copied and pasted from the weapons guide):

Weapon #1 - Weapon one is a grappling hook. I got the idea while (re-)watching ESB, where Luke grapples onto the AT-AT's belly. However, this grapple doesn't work like anything you've ever seen or used before. Selecting the weapon (hitting "1") fires the rocket-propelled hook. Now for the fun: Hit primary fire to climb up the rope. Secondary climbs down. Also, as a fix for the annoying player/ground disconnet problems with other grapples, I have made this weapon so that it only affects you if you AREN'T TOUCHING THE GROUND. If you're standing around wondering why you don't go up, then (listen carefully) you need to JUMP. While you are standing/crouching/sleeping/whatever on the floor, THE GRAPPLE DOES NOTHING! Play around with it, you'll get it. Oh, and the grapple DOES have a rope, like in SavageX's LEEZA'S DESTINY, instead of being just a floating object that sucks you towards it. Select another weapon to remove the grapple.

A. CROUCH to re-fire the grapple.

B. Since the grapple is rocket propelled you can swing toward it while it still is midair.

C. Since you are unaffected by the grapple while firmly on the ground, try holding primary to tighten the rope while standing. When some poor fool comes for you, jump and (since you've set your speed high) you will accelerate up and over them.


pcjedi007Posted: 12/26/03 21:13   Report Abuse
:O Awsome mod!!!! 10/10 this is one of the best mods ive played, i love the new saber motions, and how many gun styles u can use like assassin droids (one of my favorites) the flame thrower was cool, and practiclly every thing else, but the flare gun. That was wierd it shot these wierd green thingys that hurt me. I dunno but it was wierd. The disruptor is awsome, i first pressed it wondering what the.... then all of a sudden BOOM!!!!. What an awsome mod i hope you do continue with it just an awsome one :) :)


Mr. MistoffeleesPosted: 12/27/03 02:05   Report Abuse
Thank you, pcjedi007, but if you like the Disruptor, you really ought to look at Darth Haun's Imperial Weapons Packs (IWP and IWP2) which are hosted here on Massassi. I got permission from him to use his disruptor from IWP2 in my mod.


ChecksumPosted: 12/27/03 06:34   Report Abuse
Omg, you guys credited me!

That's a real honor, I never thought Randsaber would really amount to anything.

Thank you, your mod is awesome.


Nemesis_0_Posted: 12/27/03 14:20   Report Abuse
Not bad... Not bad at all... 8/10 the reason for this is because some of the 3do's were a bit... uhhh... messed... and it still has some bugs.


TuckPosted: 12/27/03 17:59   Report Abuse
This mod is so WIERD, that I love it!


Mr. MistoffeleesPosted: 12/27/03 23:31   Report Abuse
Ah, my dear checksum, ideas ALWAYS amount to SOMETHING. At least, after the first few dozen revisions . . . ;) I tried to credit EVERYONE who had contributed ideas or parts to my mod. Most of the programming I did myself, or learned by looking at others and then building off of that. I still am the worst artist I know, though. Oh well.

Keep up on the ideas!



danny85331Posted: 12/28/03 01:47   Report Abuse
*Jaw drops*

This gets my highest ever score on a weapons mod, based almost completly on the grappling hook. lol. 9/10.


[SF]pjbPosted: 12/28/03 15:13   Report Abuse
wow, this is a very good mod, the flmae thrower is cool, and i love the mandalorian suit, when you fly useing it it could do with some partical flames i think..
also the grabber shouldent really pull people through walls, and the wepons with muliple functions are a bit hard to use.

over all i think its one of the best wepon mods i have ever played, and i give it a 7 it would have been 8 but i kept getting killed while i was selcting the weopn mode i wanted.

but the grappling hook is wonderfull. and your not the worst artist you know, as you now know me!


WCT_GlydePosted: 12/29/03 18:33   Report Abuse
Hmph... It has potential, and thats about it.

Good guns, well done, and all.. But for one the grapple dosen't work in MP, a lot of the items crash the game, about 8 of the 10 weapons are bugged, the weapons are FAR to overpowered. Lower the power level a bit, tone down the effects, fix the bugs and you'll have an amazing mod. 6/10, because the bugs are hella annoying.


ChameleonPosted: 12/29/03 18:44   Report Abuse
This mod is unique and is looking up to being a top mod, but at this stage it needs to be refined. Many bugs hinder gameplay, such as the action to shoot that green ball with the big explosion. After I killed someone in MP with it, I turned into a door for some reason. I also experienced a lot of lag during gameplay. 5/10, keep up the good work.


The_New_GuyPosted: 12/31/03 12:53   Report Abuse
Some of the crashing is probably due to the code adapted from JK hacks. Add some checks to make sure the things exist before destroying them.


imsoshortPosted: 01/02/04 17:52   Report Abuse
this is a great mod its relly cool all the weopons have other mods whitch makes it feal like its 20 guns!but the guns are a bit overpowered. keep tring and ill give you 10\10 not an 8\10


Mr. MistoffeleesPosted: 01/03/04 22:12   Report Abuse
To The_New_Guy:

Ah. So that is it, is it? Thanks for the tip, you probably have something there! There ARE some DestroyThing(); comments that don't have checks in the coding. I didn't think it would have an adverse affect, but . . . I guess it might, and if it might, you're right!


a_personPosted: 01/04/04 11:02   Report Abuse
OK im still having trouble with the hook. Im probly just an idiot but i shot it i jumped in the air and held fire. Still nothing. HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP. (i didnt copy and paste any of that)


blackbelt7Posted: 01/06/04 04:26   Report Abuse
ok, when I fire the hook, jump and press Prime fire, it goes back to saber......


Mr. MistoffeleesPosted: 01/06/04 23:24   Report Abuse
I've been going through all the coding again, and I have already found some bugs I quashed in a new version of GOLEM Forge. Trouble is, I can't send files with my e-mail server. The way I uploaded the currently downloadable file was:

1. I uploaded it to a temporary website

2. I downloaded it to my grandparents computer while my family was visiting during Christmas

3. Uploaded the mod from their computer.

The trouble with the hook is that I didn't remove an ammo check from the coding (it was overlooked, the hook isn't supposed to need ammo). The hook therefore doesn't work unless you have possession of at least 1 Power Cell. I've fixed this and several other bugs in a new yet-to-be-released version, but I'll have to wait before I can upload it to Massassi (darn darn darn darn darn . . .)

Anyways, a "quick fix" is to simply hit T and then type red5 to get all weapons and ammo during play. I'll be trying to upload the new version ASAP, but I don't know when I will be able to.


pcjedi007Posted: 01/09/04 01:45   Report Abuse
as i looked at some of the reviews it said that some things didnt work in multiplayer... I have no clue what they are talking about because in multiplayer everything worked fine for me and i mean everything. What ever some people are saying then they must have a messed up computer


a_personPosted: 01/09/04 09:39   Report Abuse
Actually I dont think lots of people turning into random objects around the level is just our problem did you play with anyone?


pcjedi007Posted: 01/10/04 23:59   Report Abuse
yeah i played with some one and nothin happend although i played it today on my friends computer and he kept on changin to random objects. It was wierd!!! i dunno but maybe my jk is fuged up!


SirCuthbortPosted: 01/16/04 20:21   Report Abuse
This is the best mod I've seen yet. However, I have encountered a problem: I cannot make the grapling hook work, although I used it exactly as you described in forgedoc.txt. When I jump and press "fire" to climb the rope, it makes an apropriate sounding noise, but I fall back to the ground as if there were no hook. Please advise.


SirCuthbortPosted: 01/16/04 21:01   Report Abuse
Sorry about the redundant post. I'll read the previous posts more carefully next time.


blackbelt7Posted: 01/18/04 06:14   Report Abuse
Not only do I keep turnin into a box of somesort, but the game randomly crashes every so often! Dude, hurry with the new release, I would hate to see such a good mod go to waste...


Mr. MistoffeleesPosted: 02/04/04 00:38   Report Abuse
Well, if anyone is reading this you can get an update at


This doesn't fix EVERYTHING, not enough time for that. However:


GOLEM Forge Official Release 1.1

Cleaned up coding

Stabilized coding and hopefully eliminated lockups/crashes with Mandalorian Armor/Dart option when used

Fixed Shotgun's secondary fire. Sometimes when coming up on an enemy, if you held secondary fire a stream of gibs would fire up. Now the Shotgun won't allow "gib-streaming".

Fixed coding mistake with Grapple. Had an overlooked piece of coding that wouldn't let the grapple work unless you had some Power Cells.

Added some coding checks for whether things exist or not. Hopefully this will fix most of the "anomalies" during play, such as your character turning into a door (?) when killed. What, you don't WANT to be a door? Then you could be a door'k!


zagibuPosted: 03/11/04 22:20   Report Abuse
Very interesting weapon concepts. It's sadly totally unbalanced, multiplayer incompatible and the weapon designs are quite chaotic and don't fit together well.
You still get a 7 for the sheer amount and for the incredibly original ideas. The Tow-Drone is so hilarious...I laughed my ass off.


PIPPosted: 04/23/04 22:21   Report Abuse
This os an awsome mod. It uses rare tools for jk. I'll give it a 10. every weapon is cool expechelly (excuse the spelling) the flamethrow. and you have unlimited ammo for every gun too ]=) I can't wait to play the full version.


AcharjayPosted: 11/28/04 11:22   Report Abuse
8/10. Only downfalls were the bugs and some sub-par animations and models (shotgun was the worst offender).

• I love the flamethrower. Some of the best flame effects ever seen in JK.
• I love how you actually show how it is possible to carry all that weaponry. :)
• The stationary "weapons platform" is very cool, as is the assassin drone.
• Some of your translucency effects could've been done better (eg: the Auger and the Cutter option of weapon 6). Contact me if you'd like to know how I'd go about it.
• At this stage in JK's career, I consider it a bad thing when a mod doesn't feature respectable laser models. JK's old models are horrific to look at.


Big PsychoPosted: 12/15/07 19:17   Report Abuse
Great Great GREAT!
except that shotgun, which when you reload the arms go waaaayy up!
Oops, I meant the shoulders!


Big PsychoPosted: 12/15/07 19:21   Report Abuse
the update site came up with an
"Internet Explorer cannot display this Web Page"
So now what am I to do?


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