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Occupation 2: Antaean Assualt features 5 levels of team based combat, as the player takes the role of Lt. Marshall, leader of a small team of elite New Republic commandoes. Utilising the vast array of weaponary and combat expertise at his command, Marshall must resuce the civillians in a small town occupied by Remnant forces. The level features a new skin for each of the seven strong squad, over 10 minutes of voice acting, custom weapons, textures and a new enemy NPC.


Level Info:

Download: Occupation 2 - Antaean Assault
File Size: 47.4Mb
Date: 12/29/03
Author: Simon
Downloads: 3257


Score (0-10): 10
# of Ratings: 6
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clan ruthervainPosted: 12/30/03 00:57   Report Abuse
erm, it was full of bugs. I put the main file in the gamedata folder.
Main page was corupted.
Started up new game.
most textures and sounds didnt work.
And the 1st player level crashed cos it couldnt find a weapon template.

If I get it working I'll delete the comment and re write it.


KengoPosted: 12/30/03 17:06   Report Abuse
I love you GhostOfYoda :) Thanks a million pal.

OK guys, now this level came out a little while ago now, and I've had time to reflect upon it and learn a bit since I finished it. I realise now that the architecture is often not that great, visually the level is mostly uninspiring. The cutscenes are too long, and don't have enough variety of animation of characters. Some of the voice files are quite fuzzy. So I appologise for these flaws, this level is certainly not perfect.

However, I wanted to get this file to where a lot of the community here that probabaly never saw it at other file sites could have a look, and spot anymore problems :)

Despite the negatives, I like to think this level is rather a lot of fun to play, is challenging, and features some pretty cool stuff like some great custom skins for your Assualt Team by Prime, the Imperial Commando by Corto Maltes and some new weapons. You can choose between two different level paths part way, and the whole thing is quite story driven, with some good voice acting. Hope you enjoy it!


KengoPosted: 12/30/03 17:08   Report Abuse
Edit: Thanks for setting it right guys. Yes, this file was originally listed as JA due to a mistake on my part, and this is why it didn't work for clan ruthervain. I assure you it should work fine for Jedi Outcast.


S0ldi3rZ3r0Posted: 12/30/03 17:17   Report Abuse
Now if there were a working copy for JA, THEN i would play it. till then, i'll wait , as i have no copy of JO. (JA would provide a good environment for a sequal Kengo. maybe you can consider it....)


Maverick64Posted: 12/31/03 03:34   Report Abuse
Dude, this looks AWESOME, especially the weapon models!


DarthRudderPosted: 12/31/03 22:12   Report Abuse
I can't download it,I keep getting an error screen.

By the way,thanks for a new JO SP level.I don't have JA yet and it seems that thats all anyone is submitting now.And there is definately a shortage of single player levels!


Bandit_JingPosted: 01/03/04 03:37   Report Abuse

Playing your first Occupation level was really great. It was original, and the medieval setting was fantastic. There were small flaws in it, though, such as the voice acting. The delays between lines were too long, causing the conversation to sound... well, unconversational.

Enough of that, though. I can say that the voice acting has skyrocketed in your newest edition. Excellent stuff, now. What I especially find very clever is the fact that you can go multiple routes in the story. Speaking of the story, it is a very interesting one which keeps me entertained to the fullest. You've definitely earned the highest rating for this one, buddy.

Keep it up! I'll be looking for more of your stuff. Love ya, Kengo.


Hard DriverPosted: 01/03/04 08:56   Report Abuse
Well, I've played the first Occupation, this could prove to be interesting. Like I said in my email, I could do some voice acting for any of your future projects. Though I hope you don't criticize too badly since I talk like Keanu Reeves. :S

Will start downloading now, as I am on dialup.


KengoPosted: 01/03/04 12:39   Report Abuse
Thanks a lot Bandit_Jing, its great to hear such warm praise! Glad you liked the story! :)

The excellent weapons models (and effects, textures and sounds for these) were by Spectrum (Laser Assualt rifle) and Major Clod (DL-44 pistol).

Its good to know a dial up person is interested in getting this file, I'm sorry to say it is rather massive!

See if you can find the hidden reviewer staff room on the security level. :D


PrimePosted: 01/04/04 16:11   Report Abuse
Good to see that this map has been posted here. I love this level (biased of course). Hope everyone likes the trooper skins :)

Keep up the great work Kengo!


josefPosted: 10/21/04 18:10   Report Abuse
Well, I've played the second Occupation as forst, today im starting play the acc1, but i like it so too. wery good work, i hope show my Level in next time too. your work is excellent! ThankX! make more lvls, pleaSE..kYLE wITH 3rd jk comes...maybe..in..3rh Century...and ill be dead (the -maybe oldest your Fan-im 58 born!!!) Sorry about my English, but im from Eastern Europe!) Once more thanx and lull greetings...josef


josefPosted: 10/21/04 18:10   Report Abuse
Well, I've played the second Occupation as forst, today im starting play the acc1, but i like it so too. wery good work, i hope show my Level in next time too. your work is excellent! ThankX! make more lvls, pleaSE..kYLE wITH 3rd jk comes...maybe..in..3rh Century...and ill be dead (the -maybe oldest your Fan-im 58 born!!!) Sorry about my English, but im from Eastern Europe!) Once more thanx and lull greetings...josef


Cainen AltPosted: 05/06/07 13:49   Report Abuse
This was quite an interesting level(and a late comment, at that). A level based on the meh-ish FPS sections in Jedi Outcast, I presumed.(aside from the secret!) The filesize wasn't something that would sway me from my decision, so I snagged the thing; lo and behold, I'm smacked in the face with an extremely long cutscene remniscent of Metal Gear Solid. Obviously, this shows me where your talents are; you're good at telling stories, at the very least, and making them convincing.

Now onto gameplay. Once I was actually moving, I had the urge to test out the added gun, and it felt awesome; it had the concussion blast launcher of the Imperial Heavy Repeater but what's essentially a hyper-speed E-11 alternate fire with a tighter shot circle. While it's not a major complaint, being able to see the shots through the walls was a bit strange, though it didn't take away from the game.

Now, once I had managed to make my way into a fight, I was astounded; the way you handled introing a fight completely surprised me, as I wasn't expecting 6 to 7 Stormtroopers(some armed with weapons more deadly than the E-11, too), nonetheless a straight-up fight with them. That's when I realized just how awesome the new weapon was; fire it at the right spot and it'll send enemies flying, just like the Repeater, but if you use the normal fire, it's pretty much a guaranteed kill in close quarters. Unfortunately, it's fairly useless at long range; it cannot keep a tight shot circle at long range and that is its main flaw; otherwise, it's a near-perfect gun. I suggest toning down the rate of fire and trying to make the gun a touch more accurate, assuming you're still willing to work on this.

Now, past that, I did notice a few flaws; the level design, while brilliant from a level standpoint, looked slightly sloppy; the lighting was uneven, the buildings were blocky, and the rooms were rectangular, for the most part. It's not too large of a complaint, seeing as how I still managed to love the level design in every way but visually.

I had noticed the relative lack of healing items compared to enemies fairly soon, as I was forced into fighting several fights by abusing cover to a ridiculous extent because I had low health and there were no bactas in sight. The armory did this right; there were a few containers with shielding, a medkit, and bacta. I don't think the rest did, personally.

The most interesting(and easiest) part of this had to be the fight with the Reborn; the gun you start out with, the thermal detonators, the Flechette gun, and the missile launcher are all incredibly powerful against the Reborn, though your compatriots tend to act much more stupid than you in that fight.

The absolute best part of the whole thing had to be the fight at the end of the barracks route; I hadn't realized that there was a heavy laser emplacement that I could sneak around to, so I ended out gunning my way out through abusing the door's closing and the accuracy of the Bowcaster and the Bryar.

In essence, you've got exactly what's needed for a good campaign writer and you've generally got what you need to make good single player levels; I would suggest having someone refine your map, as the brick design does tend to get a bit old if it's not fleshed out more.

Congrats, you've earned your 10.


AndrewM619Posted: 03/14/08 13:55   Report Abuse
Well, I doubt too many people still come to Massassi for Jedi Outcast stuff, but I do! I don't own Jedi Academy and I see nothing wrong with Outcast even in 2008 when all the over-priced supposed "next gen" consoles are in full effect and the center of attention. Any-who, on to my first review on Massassi! I downloaded and played through the first few areas of this mod and man, is it a blast! At first I didn't think a mod that focuses on Outcast's gun-play could be all that entertaining but I'm happy to say that it appears I was wrong. I love the dialogue, the model replacements, the rifle you get just about everything. I have not beat this mod yet so this is only a first glance review and I will happily do another if possible after I complete the mod. Way to go though Kengo, it looks like a winner!


AndrewM619Posted: 03/14/08 14:57   Report Abuse
Okay..so after playing this mod more I've found that it is seemingly impossible for me to beat it because the game crashes on the Security level. At first the level loaded and I fought my way through a corridor and into a large square room with pillars that can explode, then when I pressed esc to get to the menu and turn crosshairs on the game froze my entire computer. I restarted the computer, loaded the level again and it said "Could not find a spawn point" I also had a problem once before trying to load a saved game. So this, my final review of this mod is mixed at best. On one hand I liked what I saw and was allowed to experience. The feeling of charging through a town with commandos on your side and gunning down storm troopers was great. The voice acting was solid, the cut scenes were effective enough and I died laughing at the easter egg/secret area in the beginning of the Security level (Before it crashed.) All in all this mod WOULD be great if it had been touched up a little more here and there, and had the save game/level load/freezing issues worked out before it's release. I don't know if other people have been able to beat this but I couldn't due to the mentioned problems. Anyway, good try I give it a 7 out of 10.


Zonage5Posted: 04/26/10 21:23   Report Abuse
Republic Commandos make a return!

Who needs that Clone Wars stuff anyway! This felt like being a commando for the New Republic! You really have to make more! MORE....

You really should. Lt.Marshall's team really brings a load of fun gameplay! All seven commandos seem to have a backstory.... Well, not really, but once you here their names, you want to know more. It expands the Star Wars universe. See?

George Lucas and the fans help expand it. We must all do our part to make Star Wars unforgotten!

Very Good level. I enjoyed it...



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