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This animated short is made up of scripted cutscenes created within Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. To view them, you will need to have the full retail version of Jedi Academy. A Quicktime version is on the way.

Check the readme for two installation options. Full subtitle support is provided, but remember this option is generally off by default.


The Galactic Civil war is over. Corellia is free. Chaotic times are upon them, but the Empire is gone. New Republic troops are still stationed here in small numbers as the Corellian Security Force, or CorSec, is rebuilt. There is of course a certain amount of tension between the independence loving Corellians and the New Republic troops, but Corporal Mikeal Anders is doing his best to promote solidarity...


Level Info:

Download: Team Corellia: Part 1 - Corellia
File Size: 15.4Mb
Date: 12/29/03
Author: Simon
Downloads: 4045


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 7
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KengoPosted: 12/29/03 23:53   Report Abuse
Again, a great big thankyou to GoY, you are my hero :D


BVPosted: 12/30/03 01:02   Report Abuse
*wishes he had Academy* =(
Looks fantastic.


KengoPosted: 12/30/03 01:31   Report Abuse
Thanks man :)

I'm working on a Quicktime version that those without JA will be able to watch but it's proving rather more complex and difficult than I originally expected, so it may take longer than I had planned. Hopefully not!


clan ruthervainPosted: 12/30/03 01:51   Report Abuse
ok I'm guessing this IS for JA.

I guess I should have read the page first, I expected to be playing something.
It was 15 minutes of cutscenes.
What's up with taht guys voice? the slow idiot rebel?
And every joke you made....WHOOSH straight over my head.
Most of the voices were good though.
Could have done with a British voice in there though :p


KengoPosted: 12/30/03 02:05   Report Abuse
Yes, as the desciption says, this is an animated short produced in Jedi Academy - cutscenes!

I believe the voice actor playing Pvt. Harris is British. It's actually a very multinational kind of cast, which I find kinda cool.


danny85331Posted: 12/30/03 02:11   Report Abuse
Kengo, e-mail me at or ICQ me at 179740032. I can make you a quicktime or windows media player version in barely more time than it takes to watch the entire movie. :P


GhostOfYodaPosted: 12/30/03 15:25   Report Abuse
"Again, a great big thankyou to GoY, you are my hero :D"

All I did was post it, hehe. :)


Maverick64Posted: 12/31/03 03:30   Report Abuse
whoa! looks awesome (another reason MAssassi gives us to get Jedi Academy). Also, is it just me, or does the guy at the desk in the second screenshot look like Grand Moff Tarkin (hint hint to any skinner who wants to make it)?


Hard DriverPosted: 12/31/03 05:26   Report Abuse
I like it. Thing is, I have problems at the part where Jaden is introduced. Some of the cloud cars don't appear and this wacky multicoloured placeholder is there instead. Also, the dialogue inside the building skips by fast for some reason.

The voice acting was good, but I was a bit too annoyed at how Anders spoke... even though it was intentional. Also, a few of the voice clips sound a bit staticky.

The humour was really good, like the Mission Impossible theme. Bahaha.

Can't wait for Part 2...


KengoPosted: 12/31/03 13:44   Report Abuse
Check your email Danny.

Glad you like it HD - the speed problem you mention in the CorSec HQ has been reported by several people. I don't know exactly why its happeneing for some people, certainly it didn't happen for me or Lasse. The missing models - I am wondering if that isn't one of those developer pack that you need for those to show up, hmmm, not sure.

Anders seems to be a love/hate character, I guess I thought he would be. We'll try to make him less....slow speaking for Part 2 I think!

As for the Mission Impossible theme, credit for that bit goes to my co-writter Niall Henderson (like most of the funny jokes). Still, the voice actors did a lot with it, I think :)


JDKNITE188Posted: 12/31/03 16:40   Report Abuse
Overall, it was very good work. Architecture and other map attributes were detailed. The voice acting wasn't bad at all, but I was insanely annoyed by the voice Anders (it sounded quite dumb :) ). This is a good start to the world of JA SP. I can't wait for the next part!


Darth VedderPosted: 01/03/04 19:52   Report Abuse
I had exactly the same problems as HD, some of the vehicles were replaced with RGB-coloured XYZ-axises. And the dialogue was completely lost because everything was said at the exact same moment.

The Stuttering guy's voice was really annoying, imho, and it didn't even stutter realisticly.

The other voice actors were really good, and I really like the cameraplacement. Didn't find most of the jokes that funny, but most were alright. Most of the environment looked good too.
I hope you can work out that bug in the second level.


KengoPosted: 01/04/04 00:36   Report Abuse
The speed bug is an absolute mystery to myself and Lassev at the moment - hopefully we will work it out eventually. We may update this release as we need to fix Part 1 for the QuickTime version.

About Anders, he isn't really supposed to be stuttering. The idea is he hasn't got to grips with the language and this is his kind of native way of speaking coming through. We will work to make it less annoying in Part 2 :)

Thanks for the useful feedback guys!


jarjaryodaPosted: 01/04/04 03:41   Report Abuse
The only problem I have is I see the colored tripod thing instead of the cloud car....but only twice, all the other times the cloud cars appeared.
I also didn't have a problem with the dialogue inside.
Great work....looking foward to part2


MASTER_OF_BLADESPosted: 01/13/04 02:21   Report Abuse
(wishes he had cable)

looks extreemly good and i dont say that much!!!!

WELL DONE...........


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