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SJ16 (version 2)

The Massassi Temple » Levels/Mods » Jedi Academy Skin » SJ16 (version 2)


Using the reborn twin model (because he's really cool and fat) I decided I would make a skin to remember me by. I gave him some skater shoes and a couple battle marks, implanted my face, gave him my voice box and changed his suit color to something a little more gothic and, voila. It's me - kinda. At least it will add some spice to the JKA world. Enjoy.


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4.9 MiB


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Posted by
Posted: 2003-12-29 5:57 p.m.   Report Abuse
As if we had enough of reborn uber reborn skins. Not much was changed so I ca'nt give you a high score. -5-
Posted: 2003-12-29 6:09 p.m.   Report Abuse
Its...okay...but not much at all was changed.

Posted: 2003-12-29 6:45 p.m.   Report Abuse
Wow. You took the skin and gave it blue lines. 1/10
Posted: 2003-12-30 6:04 p.m.   Report Abuse
5.9 megs? Rather a lot for a reborn (cultist) remake skin...

no rating...
Posted: 2003-12-30 7:26 p.m.   Report Abuse
Just the least bit egotistical, making your own face (kinda) and putting it on an overly used skin? I mean come on, at least dont use the reborn skin for everything, lets get some variety here!
Posted: 2003-12-30 7:44 p.m.   Report Abuse
That last one kinda hurt. :( OK - I knew it was gonna be crappy - It's my first skin. I was goin for variety. And to think I couldnt even beat ronald mclando. Howabout some suggestions now?
Posted: 2003-12-31 9:22 a.m.   Report Abuse
People are being overly harsh. I wish I could put my face on a skin! The more cool skins the better, IMO, and I have no problem with reborn skins. It's a cool model.
Posted: 2003-12-31 12:59 p.m.   Report Abuse
Okay, dude. Ive watched every reborn skin that has come through here, and jk2files. Here is the suggestion, do not and never use a reborn model if you intend to release it, for private use fine, but if you release it to the public it will get criticized to no end. Ive seen some reborn skins that look great, but that still does not make them good. :)

Try using a less used model, or even use someone else's (with permission, of course). I made a really kick-arse skin of myself with a model of Palpatine. :P
Posted: 2003-12-31 10:13 p.m.   Report Abuse
people hate reborn skins... I don't really have a problem with them. Way to put the effort into it, man. Keep working if you wish to improve, otherwise just have fun playing around with this one.
Posted: 2004-01-01 8:36 a.m.   Report Abuse
thanks guys. I noticed there was only a few JA skins to begin with here at massassi, and there were no reborn twin models, so I thought it would fill in a few gaps for some downloaders. I just got photoshop a few days after I released this, so that should help. If I could model, I would make some guy with baggy khakis and a Powell team shirt with a Vision board strapped to his back. I think I'll work on that. Thanks again.
Posted: 2004-01-03 10:39 p.m.   Report Abuse
I think a Reborn twin moddel is perfeclty fine. The reborn twin really looks little like the original, all thats really the same is the name and hood. The face looks really cool, maybe that was about the only thing done, but it was done exellently! Overall I think it deserves a 7/10. Keep it up!
Posted: 2004-01-06 12:24 p.m.   Report Abuse
Did you record your own voice for the sounds?? If so, great job! The dood recorded his own voice for the sounds and that deserves an A for effort there.
You have a good voice, you should do TV car commercials. Move over Patrick Stewart!

Lil advice though, and this is why the file size is so large, you have a lot of unecessary wav files not pertinent to JA multi player. Such as victory, confuse, gurp, gloat, and especially recording 2 - recording 18 which are just your recordings that were never deleted. However the first four of those are used in SINGLE PLAYER.
Also try using MP3 files instead as they decrease the file size.
Even just deleting that damned WINXP THUMBS.DB file decreases the file size of the pk3.

BTW... Ronald "McLando"? LMAO!!
That's what I should have called the skin.
Posted: 2004-01-06 12:57 p.m.   Report Abuse
Thanks for the info. I should have looked more into multiplayer skinning before i realized I had too many .wav files. And yes, I did forget to delete some of the unuzed originals :-/ . I'll remember that when I'm motivated to do a model. I do have a duel level on the way, and I'll see what goes with that! thanks again.
The Seventh Blessing
Posted: 2004-01-31 3:34 a.m.   Report Abuse
nice work m8
7 from me
Posted: 2004-02-01 8:21 p.m.   Report Abuse
After seeing what you said the elite mandalorian guy... Well... HIS was better than yours, learn to skin...

Its better than what I could do... but... after what you said...

Posted: 2004-07-22 6:03 a.m.   Report Abuse
I hope that isn't your real nose.
Posted: 2005-12-12 6:48 a.m.   Report Abuse
good idea, i made a skin for jo that was just pictures of me layered onto a kyle model, it came out ok but some of the pictures where hard to get the right size for the skin. if anyone knows of any skinning tools that can crop photos to the right sizes and shapes, can you e-mail me on 6/10 for the idea

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