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This is a dungeon-like duel arena. It has a respawnable rancor and a usable portcullis.


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Download: Beware The Rancor - Duel
File Size: 908k
Date: 01/06/04
Author: Gigon
Downloads: 1932


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 5
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GigonPosted: 01/06/04 22:17   Report Abuse
Cool MT your postin' system is the best around!

Here's some other detail about the map:

- On the lower level their's a hungry rancor so beware!

- Their's also a usable harrow to trap or crush the rancor.

- To go to the lower level without takin' damage: use ''wall-grip''

- To get back to the upper level you have to use the blue
tele-port device, unfortunatly ;) it send you right to the ysamilari.



sNooVaApophisPosted: 01/07/04 00:26   Report Abuse
Sweet level man i like this one ^^


GigonPosted: 01/07/04 12:32   Report Abuse
Thank! Maybe some of you wonder what is an harrows...

I'm french-canadian so I have to find a tanslation
for ''herse''. (it's a big gril used to close the inner court of a castle.)

I have used:, it tranlsate ''herse'' to ''harrows''...

Well, I hope you all understand now...
If their's a better word than ''harrow', please tell me...



danny85331Posted: 01/07/04 12:40   Report Abuse
Not a lot to it, but that was fun as heck, running around with friends fighting each other, trying not to have a rancor come up from behind. :p


danny85331Posted: 01/07/04 12:41   Report Abuse
[Sorry, double comment]


DarthRudderPosted: 01/07/04 17:35   Report Abuse
I haven't seen the level yet but from what you described, "drawgate" might be a better word to describe it,,rather than harrow.


Maverick64Posted: 01/07/04 21:53   Report Abuse
All of you are wrong as ****. Its called a portcullis. A little lesson in medeival castles for ya.


Maverick64Posted: 01/07/04 21:54   Report Abuse
oh, and very nice level


sNooVaApophisPosted: 01/08/04 20:39   Report Abuse
dude maverick calm urself no one really cares about being totaly technical man


danny85331Posted: 01/09/04 00:12   Report Abuse
Well, they were kind of asking, so keep it up Mav! :p


SkaterJohn16Posted: 01/09/04 05:40   Report Abuse
Grill? Arbitrarily raised platforms? HARSE? Good level. Havent tried it out yet - hope the NPC is smooth in multiplayer. Looks good though. 8/10


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