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Because I was annoyed by the solid metalic parts of the hud I removed them. In my opinion, everything that blocks vision is not good!


Level Info:

Download: Minimal_HUD
File Size: 750k
Date: 01/08/04
Author: Gigon
Downloads: 1220


Score (0-10): 7
# of Ratings: 7
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Terra111Posted: 01/08/04 18:30   Report Abuse



Lord_GrismathPosted: 01/08/04 19:05   Report Abuse
Terra, this was meant to reduce the HUD. This is not some grandiose TC. It fulfilled its purpose well, however simple that purpose might be.


*RingMaster481*Posted: 01/08/04 21:23   Report Abuse
However, it is still mediocre.



danny85331Posted: 01/09/04 00:11   Report Abuse
It actually served its purpose, so Ill give it a 6. :p


CazorPosted: 01/09/04 02:12   Report Abuse
I, myself dont need to see 5 more square inches in the very bottom corners of my screen, so I give it a 5 since i guess some people might.


SkaterJohn16Posted: 01/09/04 05:33   Report Abuse
You're all bein kinda partial. The entire purpose of this mod was to eliminate the unneeded area of viewing space on the screen to allow for a more panoramic view. This, I believe, was accomplished, though making the health / status bars smaller would have been cool too. 9/10


FranticPosted: 01/09/04 18:31   Report Abuse
Why do you people need to rate everything? There are some things such as this where rating is not appropriate. It does exactly what it says it does, and rating is not needed.


Lord_GrismathPosted: 01/09/04 21:17   Report Abuse
But had it failed to do what it had been itnended for, then it would have received even lower marks.


DeTRiTiC-iQPosted: 01/11/04 20:15   Report Abuse
/cg_hudFiles 1


DeathseedPosted: 05/05/04 00:21   Report Abuse
Why dont you figure out how to make the stupid multiplayer text go to the top of the screen and get small like in counterstrike. I cant see shit when people get killed, Especially in the destroyer siege map.


darklordwarlockPosted: 08/21/05 14:36   Report Abuse
thats what i want! the first time on singleplayer when u ride a swoop i thought that is not the swoop from episode VI 10/10


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