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This sequel to the highly successful SSR 4000 includes the improved SSR 4000 Pro sniper rifle (based on the SIG SSG-3000) with body-piercing bullets and a better scope, a new UGW assault rifle (based on the Steyr AUG) that uses virtually lagless cogs, useful dodge maneuvers, punches and uppercuts and kicks, ability to dive and go prone, an improved jetpack, heart-thumping music, and more.

There are also TWO revolutionary and totally unique modes, both activated by a hotkey. Combat Mode lets you run on walls while having lower gravity, faster movement, a green Matrix-like tint, and spinning reloads. eXtreme Time is like "Bullet Time"; everything is in slowmo, with slow animations and warped sounds.

Please ensure that you set all of the hotkeys, and remember that the only new guns are #2 (SSR) and #6 (UGW). I hope you enjoy this fun mod!


Level Info:

Download: SSR 4000 Pro
File Size: 7MB
Date: 01/16/04
Author: ID_Junkguy
Downloads: 2036


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 23
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ID_JunkguyPosted: 01/16/04 04:06   Report Abuse
I also want to say that there is an optional add-on patch available at my site, , that replaces the included song with a high quality version. More patches may be released in the near future.


a_personPosted: 01/16/04 05:12   Report Abuse
Screenshots looks awsome. Dowloading will play momentaraly.


_yo_wasup_Posted: 01/16/04 05:59   Report Abuse
This mod RulZ! Get it if you want some fun gameplay. Good job on this Junky.Awesome idea about the Walking on Walls, Jetpack boost, and aiming sight. I also love the new feature that you can go into prone position and dart left and right. This mod is intended for Hard and fun powerplay. vote: 9


moldy_hairPosted: 01/16/04 06:02   Report Abuse
This mod is the coolest one ever.

Yall cannot go w/o playing this. It's SO COOL!!!



Kurt PlummerPosted: 01/16/04 10:15   Report Abuse
Review of SSR4000pro.

Gave it an 8. Clearly lots of effort, some pretty fine engineering (sorry I don't speak the geek, COGing?).

It's just a shame that they decided to do NOTHING that improves the basic _Star Wars_ feel of the environment. Perhaps it's intended as an MP 'competive' only mod but if so, surely there are better base engines to work from. That said, here are the things that I see wrong:

1. Word Of Warning.
The animations load and run so darn slow you might as well go to setup and dump them. I thought my CD would take /forever/ to clear me an ESC window. Probably says this in the Readme but who needs the steenkin' instructions?
2. Bullet Time
Is okay for static shots (delaying enemy turn to shoot, 1st Person reactions) but adds TOO MUCH lag for run-n-gun combat. IMO.
3. The Steyr Aug runs on power cells.
This makes it hard to use in the opening levels where there are so few of them lying about. If you want to let it be available in the early levels (even #3 'Back Home to Sulon', I find myself running out of bullets waaay too often), let it replace the E-11. This assault weapon also needs to have differentiated 3rd Burst and Full Auto Mode, IMO. With a LOT more lethality and at least a little better accuracy differentiation in each mode. I should also mention that SW guns _are black_. Right, wrong or indifferent, that is the style of them. I like continuity. I know these may not be complete models but they really should be 'colorized' from the monochrome grey look if you can.
4. The Sniper Rifle is okay.
I'm not sure whether it's a bolt action or not but it's five-then-load makes me think of an internal spring clip like a hunting rifle and gas cylinders/autobolts of course jinx the accuracy. If the real thing is indeed manually bolt fed then it fires too fast. The scope is fair (needs /vastly/ improved 'techno look' even if the numbers, height scaling dots or whatever don't actually work). Unfortunately, it tends to clip-scene a lot which means that you can end up with 'splattered lead' graphics right infront of the display or worse, wall/ramp block of the scope itself (this actually makes the scope 'go away' so you aren't sure what or where to move to get it back). Given that the normal muzzle crosshair clears first person mode (scope ABOVE barrel, yes?) I would like to suggest aritificially pumping up (literally) the line of sight until the view-flip isn't quite so wild.
Indeed, if I had a choice, the Aug and the SSR would each have ONE zoom setting. The first a battlesight of X3-4X. The other a fullup X10-12X system. And these would both function as single-click on/off activateable systems ON THE MOUSE (F2). Regardless of internal/external 1st/3rd person modes. More intuitive and faster to bring into play when you suddenly come into a big area with an enemy waaaaaay the heck over on the other side. Given the 'combat SOF' manner in which you character assault-mode HANDLES his gun, this last is really a bit of a disappointment.
5. Everything Else Is Not.
You are basically playing with the JK-as-issued (3 hits to kill E-11 etc.) guns which means that once you have depleted your Aug (Red5, Standing By!) and/or gotten bored with the 1-hit-kills-everything Sniper weapon, you are screwed. SURELY after all this effort, it wouldn't take much to snag somebody else's basic gun hacks, with permission?
6. Combat Mode.
I think you can get 'knocked out of this' by enemy action. Or maybe it just fades over time. Whatever, it is a /neat/ thing. But also a bit of a clumsy one. In that wall running becomes hard to do without a pull-back on even 3rd person perspective magnification AND there is no 'constant down' camera reference to help orient you. It thus becomes very easy in the contorted 'tube tunnel' parts of the game (which normally you just 'ski' without noticing the contour change) to lose orientation. Since you are still operating on weak baseline JK shields and body vulnerability, this means you can easily take too much damage before you can get back OUT of the acrobatic crap. Know that I _do_ like this system. It's just that, for the given game environments where the fighting ranges are typically so short and/or enemy fire doesn't really 'lag' your movements enough to matter, that it becomes....incomplete (a pain in the drain to keep reactivating for the spin-load if nothing else) feeling.
7. Evasion.
Ainh. It would be KEWL if you could /pre-see/ the enemy blaster bolts 'ahead of time' and then thread the needle between phantom bolts just before the real ones came along the same path. But since this would be a true JEDI (Force) capability instead of some kind of Matrix Hijack, I guess we won't be getting that.
As is, the biggest problem is of course that you have only 5 or 30 rounds on your new guns and this means you cannot use saturation (volume fire) to compensate for the lateral-jerk left and right movements. There is also definite precess 'spray' penalty in this mode. Which I find hard to believe given how fast the Steyr looks and sounds like it's firing.
8. Jet Pack.
No. I like FULL control (on/off, over time) of my jump vector and again, I /hate/ something which makes technology stand in for magic. Lucas put a lot of effort into having The Force be representative of HUMANIST values. And I respect that. On a more practical note, it's real easy to go knockin' yo-skull against crap and the fact that you can't really control the forward/back part of the leap makes it hard to use this system to bypass some of the elevators and get into 'step off ledge to land in secret area' zones without taking damage.

1. Auto Targeting Pistols.
In an autofire world, the ONLY reason to have handguns is the ability to be able to service targets 'from the hip' on a bam-switch-bam-bam-switch mode that DOES NOT require you to centerup a reticle. I have seen this done. In Golemforge's Mandalor wrist weapon. I just wish somebody would give us an equivalent that worked 'like that' but using the more common Star Wars (hand gripped not Predator-suit hard-mounted) pistol system. You've all seen the fancy shooting that Jango and Han occasionally do. I wanna be like that. Maybe even eventually graduating to DOUBLE pistols.

If the code isn't 'open' then /hack it/, I won't tell. I mean _Dang_.

This 'problem' has been around since Day-1. You play at any of the reasonable graphics levels and you get veritable thread-thin cross hairs that are as gray as the wall you put them over (i.e. worthless, most of the time) and totally invisible in 3rd Person.

At the least, could we PLEASE get red or black and a little wider lines? Better yet, a T or V-dot 'post' system?

My IDEAL for this would be something like the cyberpunk tech of using an eye-blink retina targeting system and a projected 'cone' of realtime field of view overlay. From head or muzzle, the cone shoots out like a laser-sight and when you 'steer' the beam to intersect a target with the trigger held down in F1 mode, you get an autolockon and shoot sequence. So that I could fire as well in 3rd person as well as I do in 1st.

If you want to do the Matrix style wall-run evasions and jerk-jumps it becomes almost _mandatory_ to be able to put such a 'this is where I look, this is where my gun points' system into play, prior to pulling the trigger 'for as long as it takes'. Until a bolt or bullet hit's /something/. As such, it may also be that a 'turreted free look' styled (independent weapon aim from movement vector) could help make things more stylish.

Lastly, by having the cone 'splash zone' gradually get wider and wider with range, this system would also be a great way to limit the absolute utility of pistols as the width of the cone should fade or 'get random' (too big) past range-X, forcing you to go to aimed or autofire weapons. Allowing you to have roughly equal lethality IF the weapon hits.

I could even see it being a SKILL which you could 'gain stars' get better in, much like an activateable Force Power. Start out and, within 10-15ft, you will hit /something/ in 3rd person. Level 3, you hit the torso from 20-30ft out, half the time. Level 6 and you hit the head from 50ft, about 75% of the time. With HP increases in damage for each level-up you make (whether or not you actually 'score' a specific hit bubble improvement through coding).

3. Grenades and Guns. Together, But When?
I don't care whether they are flashbangs or 'the real thing' (TD's) but it would be VERY NICE not to have to shoot OR toss grenades. But be able to hotkey or Fire-2 do both. Indeed, ideally, it would allow you to either stun or cause your enemy to flee so that when you DO come around that corner with 5 bad guys, you have /some/ chance of bagging them all before they start drilling you.

A TD explosion which didn't look so....conventional. Would also be great. Just got thru watching a movie called 'Arrival' in which an implosive device puts out a big disck of energy and then /sucks in/ matter. Rather than blow big (overpressure and fragmentation) holes in what I would assume would be vac-vulnerable spaceship hulls.

4. Better, More Imaginative, Weapons.
GForge Shows The Way. But goes /way/ too darn far in making their stuff 'Swiss Army' do-everything equivalent. Keep it simple and keep it (mostly) short ranged or handheld. Don't make it so powerful that you overwhelm everything. Bobafett's immobilizer bolobinders would be very welcome to turn off enemy combat AI for instance. So too would a big staff or shock stick (Return Of The Jedi skiff guards) to let you deal with people all around you or quickly 'cross the distance' in a hand vs. ranged weapon type fight.

And lastly, a differentiation in both rate of fire, accuracy and lethality for a TRUE 'longrifle' type weapon. Like the MG-42 based 'heavy blaster rifle' that Chewie and some of the Imps use in the Original Trilogy. I don't get the fascination with things like the 'snow flake cannon' (Heavy Repeater) or the various Concussion etc. weapons. They look dorky and they are /waaay/ too overpowering. But a decent Squad Automatic Weapon which could take down an ATST or a cluster of enemy troops (high rate of magazine use in trade for better, 'heavy barrel' accuracy AT full-auto). Now that simple improvement would be just the thing the supply sergeant ordered.

Thanks For Your Time...KP


clan ruthervainPosted: 01/16/04 11:30   Report Abuse
the 2 weapon models were definately some of the better ones I have seen for JK, and the bullet effects good also. Work needs done on muzzle flashes, and needs to learn to keyframe for reloads.

Dodging and music and bullet-time were aewsome, and that music is definately my time of thang!!

And the scope uses the same method I use, with on exception, YOURS WORKS!!! :D

/me steals scope.


ID_JunkguyPosted: 01/16/04 17:40   Report Abuse
Thank you for the long comment, Kurt Plummer. However, please note that while this mod works in singleplayer, it IS intended for multiplayer and is the most fun when played against others. Many of the gameplay-related problems that you had in singleplayer would not occur in multiplayer.


Darth SlawPosted: 01/16/04 19:49   Report Abuse
I've been waiting for his mod for a while now, and it's finally out! I'll point out the features I found exceptionally good.
*eXTreme time - great mode! it's so cool
*Weapons - Great models; the handgrip shows thru the hand (AUG) if you're not moving though. There is a small stitching error on the left side of the ssr (I think -- the textures don't quite line up); other than that, great models!
*Music - Do I really need to explain why?
*Prone - Great for sniping or getting out of view
*Dodging - Good for not getting hurt; faster than strafing, too
*Physical attacks - These were ok; PLZ make a new key for the uppercut, though; It doens't look, well, right; the kicks were ok.
*QJet - Useful for getting to those "hard to reach" spots.

That combat mode was very hard to use. I don't need the trouble.

You get a 9. :)


jEDIkIRBYPosted: 01/16/04 21:55   Report Abuse
Although I have yet to try this with others, my single player experience was thrilling, and the first time I've really enjoyed the single player missions in quite a long time. I'll run through some of my favorite things, some of my least favorite things, and with that, some suggestions for the road.

My favorite part would have to be the dodges while in bullet time. Completely Matrixy, and certainly an interesting 'cinimatic' peace.

A very small, but pretty effect is the bullet-holes. The small burst of particles made the bullet holes work great, and the fact that they disappeared soon after made them a great, low-lag asset.

The bullet time was supurb. Watching my cardridge stream shells, the great reload animation, simple cinimatic things like this is what puts a mod appart from a retail game, yet you seemed to have incorporated it!

I highly disliked the wall walking, yet it's the best done as of yet. Checksum has some cogs to force the jumping of the player to be on the same axis as the floor below the player, rather then strait up. I think that you shouldn't 'stick' to a wall unless you dive at the wall, or use some other system where you choose when to 'stick' and when not to.

More weapons. Simply making the weapons shoot bullets, and use bullet sounds would have been better than switching between the sniper rifle and the STRifle. I also think that #6 could have shot faster, with bursts, and had at least 40 bullets before reload.

About the reload: The sweet reload is amazing, but the fact is, that the gun goes back down in place before you can shoot with it, making it a much slower reload, and taking some of the dramatic reload out of it.

I REALLY think diving foreward needs to be implimented. I also think that jumping and strefing left should make you summersault left, and so on.

I think simple things like the run animation, the duck animation, and maybe even the jump animation could have been revamped for combat mode, which also could have used a detailed system of attacks (similar to DBZTDIR, perhaps?)


Amazing mod, old friend. I give you a 9.



a_personPosted: 01/17/04 02:19   Report Abuse
Well im gonna say this is a highly fun mod. The guns are very well modeled to the origonals but my only problem is that there is no hand holding the gun up. He just holds it like a pistol. The new modes were awsome. Ill give you an 8 Because I think you should have replaced all guns given a new player model and done the bit with the hand holding the gun. Do that next time and ill give you a 10.


_yo_wasup_Posted: 01/17/04 22:15   Report Abuse
I loved this mod lots. Which is why I rated it a 9/10. I played this with a few other people and we had lots of fun for hours.

here however are a couple things i ran into:
1. Prone position, can make you go under and out of the sector through the ground.
2. Aiming sight lets you look through walls if you are at the right angle.
3. If you could see your hands on the gun, that would be 1337.

I loved the disco mode thing too. AND your custom mats for your bullets.


imsoshortPosted: 01/18/04 23:05   Report Abuse
holy crap I [3 YOU JUNKGUY this mod rocks if you dont have this mod get it now for whatevere reason /me goes back to playing it

[edit]10/10 sry forgot that

p.s check your email junkguy[edit]
[i have edited this message]


pcjedi007Posted: 01/19/04 01:46   Report Abuse
:O !!!!!!!!!!! TOO KOOL[ SO MUCH LIKE MATRIX 10/10 Atoumaticly. I loved the first one with the sniperrifle but now with all the added stuff, its awsome.


ID_JunkguyPosted: 01/21/04 16:23   Report Abuse
Just for your information, a new music add-on patch for SSR 4000 Pro is available for download at
It is an optional patch that gives you two new, high-quality stereo songs that are similar in style to the one included in this mod.


Jedi_NenshouPosted: 01/23/04 21:15   Report Abuse
I gave this an overall 8.. Sorry it took so long to Comment, but I thought I already did. lol.. Anyway.. The scope was a great idea, not many/if any mods have that.

One thing I dont like though, the machine gun lags badly.. espiecally thoughs who never stop shooting...

The Rifle, great.. I love it.. One shot = dead. Love it.. You can spine a bunch of people from prone, and it would take them 3 lives to find out where you are.. NICE


ChameleonPosted: 01/24/04 16:29   Report Abuse
Excellent and fun. Never seen anything like it. 10/10.


MattDettorrePosted: 01/28/04 00:51   Report Abuse
not as good as your previous work i was disapointed



Dead JuggaloPosted: 01/28/04 04:51   Report Abuse
Matt Dettoree thing...just NO...lumme see u make sometin better mayne.....gj homie


DjDTMPosted: 01/29/04 01:49   Report Abuse
Everything rules. 10


audio_apprentice84Posted: 02/09/04 13:15   Report Abuse
Dude, Your amazing at making mods!!! I love the look of this mod, i wanna download it straight away! But, seeming massassi'd down, I can't! DAMMIT! Anyway, my point is, can you PLEASE put the file on ur site so I (and others) can download it.

Many thanks.


zagibuPosted: 03/11/04 23:07   Report Abuse
What's in is very nice, and it also works perfectly. But yeah, I hit 5 and get a wookie crossbow. Bubble bursts.
Well, there are only two new weapons, and in addition with the new moves, they provide some fun minutes of sniping-dodging-action.
So, I'll give you an 8, 9 - 1 for lack of amount.


gythlolPosted: 07/19/04 17:42   Report Abuse
i like the gunsw but i cant figure out how to use the scope for snipering but that was in single player althow i might figure it out in multyplayer i have no clue i give it a 8.5


gythlolPosted: 07/19/04 17:45   Report Abuse
by the way kurt the plumber types way way way 2 much


cbPosted: 11/08/05 07:47   Report Abuse
To put it simply, this mod rocks! It was made in 2004 but it might as well have been made way back in '99/00 when JK modding was kicking into high gear and The Matrix was fresh is our memories. The only dissapointment with this mod was that there were only two new weapons. If I could make a weapon for JK it would be the 1879 era British Martini-Henry .577 calibre rifle as shown in the movie Zulu. The SSR rifle reminds me slightly of that weapon in that it fires once, not like the stormtrooper rifle. It is economical on ammo and is pinpoint accurate.

This mod breathes new life into this old game with no problems on my old PII-350 Mhz machine with a 3DFX Voodoo 3 card with 16mb RAM. The mod lets you get into high gear killfests. I once made a series of levels that pit Kyle (or Chewbacca) against the teeming hordes of evil creatures (actually they look quite harmless but they are very deceptive in their form of evil). Playing those levels with this mod is super fun as it is quite simply a giant killing spree with blood, ricochets and the like. The spent ammo casings flying out of the automatic rifle are flawless and the music fits well into the mod, giving your gameplay experience a much needed touch-up.

I highly recommend this mod to anyone who liked The Matrix and want to experience JK from a new and fresh perspective. May the killfest begin!!


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