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Your ship has been captured by an imperial outpost. You, Jaden, an apprentice of Kyle Katarn, have to find a way out of the Imperial Outpost. This Outpost has been alerted of your presense and some troops are on the way to docking bay 134 where your ship has landed.


Level Info:

Download: Imperial Outpost Part 1
File Size: 19.9Mb
Date: 01/17/04
Author: Eike Legien
Downloads: 6784


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 16
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TazzPosted: 01/17/04 18:36   Report Abuse
NICE! This level looks great! It needs a recompile with better lighting though. The lights look 'hazy'.


XSith_LordPosted: 01/17/04 21:04   Report Abuse
The screenshots look interesting enough ... I'll d/load it and comment when I've played it.


GodzillaPosted: 01/17/04 21:08   Report Abuse
This level is awesome. The custom textures and sounds from the movies really set the tone. There is a bug, however, in the little tunnel that you have to crawl through. It causes the player and, thus, the camera, to shake violently. But, aside from that, this was a very fun level to play. It's probably in the range of modem users, so if you do have 56K, you will want to at least try. The extras in the level were great, like the ability to fire the turbolaser, and the custom music. The first linear single-player level for JA is already a hard one to beat.


_grasshopper_Posted: 01/18/04 02:01   Report Abuse
Cool to see a SP map finally. Might revive Admirals Command Chamber...


GodzillaPosted: 01/18/04 02:11   Report Abuse
Hopeful, -crosses fingers- but unlikly. Does that critism spur you onward guys? Does it make you think: LET'S SCREW THAT DUMBO IN THE GROUND! WE'LL SHOW HIM!!!! Hope it does.


_grasshopper_Posted: 01/18/04 02:21   Report Abuse
*wonders what Godzilla is smokin....*



Eike LegienPosted: 01/18/04 11:13   Report Abuse
Thanks guys :)


XSith_LordPosted: 01/18/04 15:18   Report Abuse
A good level, I enjoyed playing it. I could make a proper menu for you if you wanted where you can select your player and saber (from all sabers and colours). I did that with the ladder (I made a patch for JA) but I lost it when I formatted my comp :(


DacethPosted: 01/18/04 18:29   Report Abuse
Finally! A single-player level for JA!!! I've been waiting for this for weeks!
The level it's self looks really good, the textures fit the map realy wel, and the archetexture is awesome, I hope to see more single-players in the future. 9/10


Eike LegienPosted: 01/19/04 07:30   Report Abuse
I would like to thank everyone who left comments here


DentianPosted: 01/20/04 13:14   Report Abuse
Don't take this personally, but I'm a little disappointed with this level. The author's work is amazing,'s an Imperial base. We've seen a thousand of them over the years. Maybe not as much as bad reborn skins, but it's not far behind.

I'm rating it an eight, because you put effort into it, and it shows.


zizzy34Posted: 01/20/04 20:26   Report Abuse
I loved it, keep more coming


Kilted_JediPosted: 01/24/04 22:20   Report Abuse
Pretty good level, but I'm missing something. I can't finish it. Does the Gonk do anything?


antPosted: 01/25/04 03:14   Report Abuse
Was it me or was this level hard? Also, I got stuck after I killed the two droids/robots. Where do I go? I noticed a tram but I cannot move it? Is there a walkthrough?


Eike LegienPosted: 01/25/04 11:07   Report Abuse
The tram is just a prefab you can't use it.You have to jump on the grey plates (see link).That's all =)


stoner_jediPosted: 01/26/04 01:50   Report Abuse
Great level, the textures look real cool but I cant open any doors! apart from the ones that open automatically. Like at the tram, I figured out to jump on the grey things down the track, but once you get to the end of the track & kill the enemies, you have a door on one side & a door on the other side. I cant open either door! So I used "noclip" to get through the left one (the right door has the void behind it). could'nt find any secret ways through.

And I had to noclip through the forcefield, could'nt turn it off, no doors opened in that area.

Should put out a walkthrough, I dont usually get so dumbfounded by secret passage ways & presumed the doors were'nt working instead. I nocliped all the doors to see if the player is mean't to go that way or not.

Good map tho.


Eike LegienPosted: 01/28/04 21:18   Report Abuse
Hey XSith_Lord

It would be great if you can make a menu for me :) Please mail me


newtype0085Posted: 02/14/04 01:37   Report Abuse
i seem to be having trouble loading this map, it alwayss ays it cant find the map when i try to load it... was that a mistake in the readme about JO?? i dont have JO, just JA how do i install it then??? ive tried to unzip it to gamedata and base and ive even tried just the foler itself without the shots files and i cant play the map, please help. i really want to play this SP level ^_^; thanks


Eike LegienPosted: 02/14/04 14:48   Report Abuse
I've made a mistake in the readme file.Ok you have to extract the level into the "Gamedata" folder (Jedi Academy).Then start the game and load the Mod "Imperial Outpost".That's all


JediFredrikPosted: 12/02/04 15:04   Report Abuse
im stuck att a place... when you have crawled through the tunnel and killed the jedi in one of the doors you get to a room with stormtroopers. When they are dead there's nothing more to do.. if you get back to the red room 2 guys with missile launcher is there but you cant get through the door... what shall i do?


kaborkaPosted: 05/29/05 05:32   Report Abuse
I'm grateful for the level, but it was frustrating. I had to fly around with noclip to find what to do after the point the previous poster described.


Apparently the solution is to get back into the secret passage and go back to the tram platform. The door there will now open, leading to the rest of the level.


StaffSaberistPosted: 11/24/05 03:22   Report Abuse
Hey, guys!

The next TWO parts of this series can be found, along with this one, at You can see the authors ability and talent improve drastically in parts II and III. It is a MUST-PLAY!

There just aren't enough good SP levels out there. But this guy went and made a trilogy. *gapes*


Darth AyreonPosted: 08/06/08 18:39   Report Abuse
This level was amazing. a shame it ended without a plot.
Great programming, great designing.

haven't checked 2+3 though


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