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This is my first map for JA. It is a castle built in the snow of Hoth. This map is compatible with FFA but no bots routes are included.


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Download: ffa_Castle Reflex
File Size: 5.6Mb
Date: 01/25/04
Author: Reflex
Downloads: 1090


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 2
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Lord_GrismathPosted: 01/26/04 01:48   Report Abuse
Why is there a wood and stone castle in the middle of one of the most desolate and inhospitable life-supporting planets in the Outer Rim? Who would possibly build it? Space dwaves?! And where did they get the wood? Did they import if from Kashyyyk or something?

The texturing is mediocre, but the architectural design is pretty good. Not bad for a first level at all.


reflexPosted: 01/28/04 12:41   Report Abuse
They probably get the wood and stone from the same place they get ice-cream on Tatooine, or fly repellent on Dagobah. They import it.

The crack about Kashyyyk is not a joke. It is currently under quarantine for a flea plague and a very good mate of mine is stranded there.

I stole most of the textures straight for the game, but this map was mainly for me to test Vehicles and Beasts, something I never had when I made a map (one) for JK2. Now I've got them worked out, except for the big guns (they don't respawn), I'm gonna make something bigger and better.



DeathseedPosted: 04/30/04 21:57   Report Abuse
Great map, I love it. One thing: THERE ARENT ANY GUNS! A map with that much open space, ESPECIALLY in the courtyard with the gun turrets...you just have to whip out the conc or something and start murdering. Not to mention the sniping opportunities in the central room. Add some guns and re-release man, and ill give you a 10. I gave you an 8 for now.


DeathseedPosted: 04/30/04 21:58   Report Abuse
One more thing...the swoops wouldnt spawn. Maybe they aren't supposed to be any. But it gave me a message saying it couldn't spawn the swoops.


Lost Souls CaptainPosted: 07/05/04 22:34   Report Abuse
10000000000 / 10
No joke!!! This has to be one of the best Free for all levels ever! I don't care that it is built in the most remote place ever! It rocks!

I want to see more from you like this, or else... RaaR!


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