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LoG 01: Of†All†Places...

You†are†Tiberius†Grismath,†and†you†have†an†awful†headache. You†awake†in†an†MRI†machine†in†what†appears†to†be†a†hospital, but†you†don't†see†any†people.††What's†more,†you†can't†seem to†recall†how†you†even†got†there.


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Download: Life†of†Grismath 01
File Size: 4.7 MB
Date: 01/26/04
Author: Grismath
Downloads: 1378


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 17
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imsoshortPosted: 01/26/04 02:21   Report Abuse
first comment haha will dll soon just i wanted to be first at something
p.s lol loved the door in the first screen LOL...HOW THE HELL DOYOU INSTALL THIS it has ms batch and a ^go file what THE HELL are they for ok i figured it out 8/10cause it was short but VERY cool


Lord_GrismathPosted: 01/26/04 02:32   Report Abuse
Simply extract the ZIP into your MotS directory to install. As for the ~go file, I e-mailed Brian to fix that, as it adds a lot of unnecessary filespace, and was accidentally included in the release.

As for the shortness, I agree, however this is a speck of dust in comparison to the entire LoG series. Also, the next level will be far larger.


oSiRiSPosted: 01/26/04 07:08   Report Abuse
wish i had mots :(


GhostOfYodaPosted: 01/26/04 10:06   Report Abuse
I fixed the problem with the ~GO in the zip. That should save most people some time.


FastGamerrPosted: 01/26/04 11:36   Report Abuse
..It's Mots! ITS MOTS!

And a good level. But short. But good. 8/10


Lord_GrismathPosted: 01/26/04 12:27   Report Abuse
Oh, and there are two paths to the same ending.


Nisus KitrathPosted: 01/26/04 16:27   Report Abuse
Whats up with the camera?


Lord_GrismathPosted: 01/26/04 16:47   Report Abuse
It's reminiscent of classic Adventure games. The mouse rotates the player, and the forward and backward keys (W and S or up and down) move the player forward and backward.


Sith_Da_AxePosted: 01/26/04 22:30   Report Abuse
Lol, your last comment their is funny. :)

It was quite interesting, 10/10.


clan ruthervainPosted: 01/26/04 23:31   Report Abuse
I had no dea what to expect, but OMG!!! I never seen anythng like ths before in JK/MotS. That alone makes this something special.
But the graphics were good also.

Only downsides....
The storyline, still have NO clue whats going on there.
ANd too short. Unless I missed something.


ShockazPosted: 01/27/04 00:42   Report Abuse
Overall, I give this level a 3/10. The different camera style was pleasing. I give that a 7/10, because there are still some bugs with the camera. The storyline did not make any sense, so I'm giving that a 1/10. The architecture was okay, but more stuff should have been added. The textures were odd too, because in one room it's very bright, but in other places, the textures made it ominous. I give the texturing efforts a 4/10. As for the gameplay itself, you should have included a working elevator, and access to the washroom, because in other 'adventure' games, every place is accessible. This level certainly has potential though. I'd like to see more of the building. =]


Daft_VaderPosted: 01/27/04 03:16   Report Abuse
Even most crappy levels deserve a 3 out of ten, what are you thinking? Grismath clearly has great talent. You're gonna rate something down just because you don't understand it? Maybe he want's you to be left in suspense? And how could you possibly give his texuring 4/10? They're better than most of the levels I know combined! I'm just going to give a ten to balance out that rididculous 3. Good job Grismath, look forward to the conclusion(s).


ShockazPosted: 01/27/04 20:26   Report Abuse
The textures are excellent, but I based the texture rating on HOW the textures were used. As I said, the textures do not have a hospital feel to it. Maybe that will be explained in Grismath's sequels, but I'm basing the rating on what I know right now.


Lord_GrismathPosted: 01/27/04 21:39   Report Abuse
I shall try to defend myself in light of the above criticism, and although I admit that this is not the greatest of my works, this level is necessary to set the stage for the rest of the series. Furthermore, public criticism deserves public defense.

As I expressly stated in the description, "You awake in an MRI machine in what *appears* to be a hospital,". Clearly the initial appearances of the first room and the MRI machine contribute to this appearance, however appearance does not necessarily impart fact. Take a look at the second screenshot and read the sign under the window. Lawless *Legal Solutions*. I know of very few hospitals that double as law firms, however much easier that might make the defense of malpractice suits.

Thus, having proven that this is not, in fact, a hospital, I refute your claim of thematic texture inconsistency.

Furthermore, if you found bugs with the camera system, I would appreciate your pointing them out for future improvement and so that other users might be aware of them, instead of vaguely alluding to them and leaving the point a mystery.

I agree that the storyline made little sense in this partitioned manner. Throwing the player into the midst of a confusing situation is not a new technique, however. I have employed a tried and tested manner of presenting an intriguing beginning, intended to serve as motivation to find out why the player is there in the first place.

You stated that "The architecture was okay, but more stuff should have been added." I answer that certainly more could have been added. I could have turned this into an 80 mb behemoth that would take hours to play. There is always room for additions. However; this level was not meant to be huge. If by the addition of 'more stuff', you meant more detail, I agree, however the inclusion of additional detail also requires additional time. I had promised release of this level a month ago. I have been held back on account of overattention to detail in other levels.

The architecthure in the level, then, was for the most part boring. Have you ever seen a facility such as this with massive arches, marble statues, winding staircases, commanding spires, and opulent murals on its ceilings? If you have, then I apologize for not having made my facility up to par. You forget that not every building is adjacent to the Vatican, and some buildings are designed for functionality over form.

The fact that the elevator was off limits does not mean that I am incapable of making a working elevator. I hope that I have proven otherwise with the other cogs in this level, and if not, will definitely do so in future ones. The elevator was off limits neither because I was lazy nor inconsiderate. I purposely made it so, as the elevator is a means for the people who work at this facility to get to the top floor. The player cannot use it because it is remotely controlled, and once he has gained access to the security room, he is not in a position to access it due to plot reasons.

Just because certain "other 'adventure' games" have full accessibility does not mean that mine should, nor does it make such a feature requisite of all adventure games. First, this is not meant to be solely an adventure game, it merely integrates features of the adventure game genre, namely the camera method. Second, if 'requisite' features of some adventure games were found in all adventure games, would they not be cliche? Just because Runaway, or Sam and Max (which, by the way did NOT have a visibly accessible washroom) has an interactive washroom, does that mean that the Life of Grismath series should as well? As a matter of fact, future levels in this series do feature them, but in this level, I deemed the interior of the washroom superfluous and unecessary to the plot.

Your rating is your own. I would be mad to demand 9's or 10's. However, I would ask that you have a sense of relativity in your rating. It seems somewhat arbitrary, or at least spiteful. Most levels that are ranked 3/10 on this site are reptitively textured huge boxes adjoined to boxes where the player is pitted against hordes of stormtroopers. It is my sincere hope that I have risen to a slightly higher level of quality.

If you have any further constructive criticism, by all means express it.


The_Mega_ZZTerPosted: 01/27/04 21:43   Report Abuse
Well said.

While there are some minor glitches in the level, (ie you can get the hammer without breaking the glass, the camera has a couple glitches, etc... and since yuo can get the hammer, you can also do stuff like kill the bot) and a few things that might have been done a little better, like where you outrun the creature... you're just teleported outside, I would have prefered if you had to run the whole way. :)

This level made me laugh, because of the sheer rediculousness of it all... and it was quite fun, despite the gliteches... never found out what that key was for tho... meh... red herring I guess. Anyways, I give this level an 8, because of the camera and hammer bugs, and the fact that, I dunno, I was expecting something more I guess... anyways, you ALMOST made a 9... ah what the heck, here you go, you get an extra point for blatantly staring yourself as the main character. 9/10 :)


GhostOfYodaPosted: 01/27/04 22:57   Report Abuse
I give this level a 6.5/10 (which I am gonna round up to 7). There was much in it that didn't make sense, and that I can accept... but wow... it was so random it disturbed me. I mean, all that happened was that I killed a few zombies in the sewers, and then it quit? Is that what's supposed to happen? From what I've read, it sounds like there are alternative endings... I'm not even sure whether I reached one of them. The quit confirm box fitted the level perfectly.

However, there were a few bugs in it, like I think I got the hammer by flukey bug, rather than problem solving, and the assassin droid disappeared somewhere after I got the hammer....

Texture-wise and archi-wise, it what it was designed to do - perfectly fine for it's job, but I've seen much better from you.

However, it does set the scene for a promising series... so keep 'em coming!


ShockazPosted: 01/28/04 00:12   Report Abuse
Iím not trying to upset you with my rating. Iíll have to make it clearer why I gave your level a three.

"You awake in an MRI machine in what *appears* to be a hospitalĒ

I donít base my ratings on screenshots. I base it on what I actually see in the game. I did not see that sign in the game; hence it did not answer my question. In the screenshot, I assumed that was just another building. If you really want to get technical here, appears means Ďit may be, or it may not beí. It Ďappearedí to me that it was a hospital but you did a poor job of expressing it. I am certainly not going to change my rating even though I know now that the building isnít a hospital. I should have found that out in the game, but because I never took that path, I never found out.

As for the architecture, that wasnít boring. If it were okay, then it wouldnít be boring. As for the comment of me thinking more detail should be added, I was referring to things like light switches, light cogs, etcetera. However, itís not my place to be giving you specific ideas. Youíre the creator of the level. One question though. What purpose did the hammer serve being there?

I know you arenít incapable of making a working elevator. Once again, how was I to know that you were going to do this? As I said, I base part of my ratings on what I discovered in the level.

If it makes you feel any better, I only give constructive criticism on levels that either had excellent ideas (Like the use of the camera cog), amazing architecture associated with good textures, story plots, and game play. However, the bug that was in the camera cog happened shortly after I obtained the hammer. I was able to get out of the special camera mode and have a mode like in regular levels. Your level had excellent ideas (the puzzles and the camera cogging). By the way, I do not compare levels to other levels (boxy levels to superb levels) because if I did, that would be unfair in my eyes.

I look forward to seeing the next chapter in the series.


Lord_GrismathPosted: 01/28/04 01:07   Report Abuse
This is a universal level rating system. If you were the only one who rated this, who would download a level rated 3 after it fell off the recent levels list?

I had a light cog, the lighting in the main hall was dynamic, and if you follow the other path, the light breaks and flickers, along with the lightsource.

Trashtopia was an afteraffect result of drugs administered prior to the MRI test. That's why you didn't remember anything.

I'm not going to spoil plot details with a discussion about the prupose of the hammer.

The hammer camera was not a glitch. That was an intentional part of the code, to allow the player a greater field of view and freedom of movement so he could use the weapon to its best extent. The hammer would have been far too ungainly if the player were restricted to the adventure cameras during combat.

You may also notice that by hitting F1 at any time during the game, you can go into 3rd person mode. This is not an oversight either. I did not disable camera switching in case anyone wanted to play through the game with a dynamic over the shoulder viewpoint as opposed to the predefinced cameras.


SkyXaxPosted: 01/28/04 02:00   Report Abuse
^^ That was fun, these are the sort of levels I want to make. Spooky and satisfying. One error: I can't see, nor hit anything, with my hammer? It just isn't there. Umm, I gave you a 10 anyway.


Lord_GrismathPosted: 01/28/04 12:43   Report Abuse
Actually, Shockaz, I have to thank you.

Your criticism has allowed me to see through some of my editing hubris and concentrate on more quality. As a result, I've been inspired to make level 02 truly worthy of the title 'level'. This will force the release date into February, but that's when I had planned the release anyway.


Star_GhostPosted: 01/28/04 14:05   Report Abuse
Ghost's Review:

Architechture: Nothing wrong here, it all turned out to be good.

Gameplay: Cameras seem to be a problem with some people but I found that almost all of them fit very well and gave me the right view. I do admit that the level is short and I had to decrease my score by 1, but it was still fun nonetheless.

Final Review: A short fun level, too bad I didn't get to see behind certain doors....

Final Score: 9/10


dudedude7000Posted: 01/29/04 23:50   Report Abuse
Very good level, except I ran into a problem, everytime I use the hammer, the camera stays in one place, and I lose my walking animations.


Lord_GrismathPosted: 01/30/04 01:17   Report Abuse
GrisTech support to the rescue. :]

As I said earlier, "The hammer camera was not a glitch. That was an intentional part of the code, to allow the player a greater field of view and freedom of movement so he could use the weapon to its best extent. The hammer would have been far too ungainly if the player were restricted to the adventure cameras during combat. "


dudedude7000Posted: 01/30/04 16:41   Report Abuse
well ok, let me explain better. when I get the hammer it doesn't show up in my hands, I lose all my walking animations so it looks like I'm floating around the room, I can't put it away, and when I sing it, it does the swinging animation, but it doesn't hit anything. could it be because I didn't use that log01.bat file (though I didn't really have a choice there, because when I tried to run it it thinks I want to edit the file)?


SolidSnake_JediPosted: 01/30/04 22:10   Report Abuse
i couldn't open that special door with the sign... anyway besides that it was pretty fun.. but that demo of some other level you made once were better that one with the smokin jabba.. i give this one 7


Dead JuggaloPosted: 02/01/04 18:37   Report Abuse
gj 10\10


KHORGPosted: 02/02/04 22:16   Report Abuse
Good job, I'll have to find that other pathway...

When you leave the keyboard/mouse alone and it goes into the spinning camera mode, when you come out of that again, you've got complete control of 1st/3rd camera mode. I'm not sure if I could get back into the "resident evil" style camera mode after picking up the hammer either.


The_Mega_ZZTerPosted: 02/09/04 14:13   Report Abuse
dudedude7000... that's like complaining that your car won't start, then asking if you have to put the key in the ignition and turn it for it to work...

LoG can NOT be run through the Episode directory, or the hammer, menus, and other stuff will not work. You need to use it either with it's batch file, or you can apply it as a patch in Patch Commander or whatever for the same effect.


dudedude7000Posted: 02/09/04 15:42   Report Abuse
ok, thanks, well now my car starts, but only in patch commander (which is good). level gets a 9.


pcjedi007Posted: 02/11/04 23:48   Report Abuse
Ok this level was very cool, but very short. I think thier is one bug were when u get the hammer, u just see a guy holding nothing, and hecant do crap with it. other wise i thought this was a very cool level. I cant wait till numero 2!!!


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