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This is a duel map set in the midst of a Tatooine city.


Level Info:

Download: Duel Dustball
File Size: 9.1Mb
Date: 02/15/04
Author: Gonk
Downloads: 1563


Score (0-10): 10
# of Ratings: 11
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SilentSavurPosted: 02/16/04 00:23   Report Abuse
Gonk, I seen your work. I played your maps before. I just didnt have the time to rate em. Now I do. 2 only bad flaws I see. Everyone has seen this style in a MP map already BUT it is good for a tourtement duel map BECAUSE its point foward. No obsticles and what have ye. My secound and only gripe is ya cant fly the falcon... I mean.. WTF is up with that! Other then that a enjoyable small duel map! It deserves a 7. And like most people. I dont over rate others because of reputation. Only way to impress me. I mean really impress me. Add elements of a true saber battle. Breakable traps using force push. Fog to add in not only atmosphere but distort the players veiw. Those kind of things is what I miss to see.

Honestly all I do see is contant saber fighting/force using/gun hoarding. Not that there is anything wrong. Just the fact ya do not see a good ol fashion trap adding in the element of a saber battle. Which I do aim to make someday ;).

Forgot to mention the gonk like buildings. Thought that was a very nice touch to your character!


Cool MattyPosted: 02/16/04 12:13   Report Abuse
Definately a beautiful level, and plays very well. It's the perfect size for dueling, and I'd have to disagree about the 'no obsticles' comment. There are very few, but it's kind of nice. Nothing is more aggravating than an opponent who won't let you hit him for an entire match because he keeps running and hiding. One of your better levels, I give it a 10.


gothicXPosted: 02/20/04 14:09   Report Abuse
Awesome. Just awesome. I'd rate it a 9.75, but since that's impossible, you'll just get a 10.

I'll have to disagree with SilentSavur on all of his points, though. This map has not been done before. Nobody even came close to the sheer beauty of this map, which is a better representation of tatooine than the enter Star Wars series together. As for the obstacles - see Matty's comment.

Now, you're saying to add fog, and traps, and even a flying Falcon! Fog doesn't go inside a city on a sunny day. No way in hell it does. Traps would just be silly, Duels are meant to be won by saberfighting, not by easy traps. Same goes for a flyable ship; it'd be unbalanced (And impossible to control).

I have not rated it high because of reputation, I've rated it high because of the quality of this map.


-EchomanPosted: 04/12/04 03:04   Report Abuse
I really, really like it. Great map! It has a nice "feel" to it.

As mentioned before, traps, fogs and moving ships would not make it better (not here at all). The map is good on its own. :)



bizzleburpPosted: 04/21/04 18:45   Report Abuse
**drools** tis amazing.


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