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This is my first mod for JO. What is does is change the sounds of the ugnauts to ones I made with my own voice.

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Download: Ugnaut Sounds
File Size: 247KB
Date: 04/20/04
Author: Edward
Downloads: 141


Score (0-10): 2
# of Ratings: 2
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-EchomanPosted: 04/21/04 02:15   Report Abuse
Because I was curious, I downloaded the file and tried it out, but, to be honest, the sound quality and acting wasn't good. It didn't sound like an "ugnaut from JK" but some strange animal instead. This mod doesn't please or entertains me, maybe because I don't really care for the "ugnaut" creatures or a mod that changes one character's voice.

Lastly, its spelled "ugnaught."

But, if anyone is an ugnaught fan or just wants to download silly sounds, go ahead...


EdwardPosted: 04/21/04 10:28   Report Abuse
Aye... Really bad... I originally tried to submit a Mod like this WITH the sounds from JK, but, there was one, teenee, weenee, problem... Copyright! *shudder uncontrollably*



bizzleburpPosted: 04/21/04 18:39   Report Abuse
it sounded like it was in heat and it annoyed my pretty little ears. and i agree copyright *hisssssssssssssssss*


Darth SlawPosted: 04/22/04 04:35   Report Abuse
This wasn't really all that great, but *some* of the sounds *almost* sounded like ugnaughts, death2.mp3 being the closest (still needs a lot of improvement).
pain50.mp3 sounded like a dog though 0_o
taunt.mp3 sounded like a Gonkish ugnaught

2 for effort and remote accuracy.

And yes, copyright = PURE 100% TOTAL EVILNESS :mad:

Why can't LEC make JK (and maybe MotS) free now? The sales from JO and JA far surpass those of JK and MotS, I'd imagine. Ugh. :(


EdwardPosted: 04/24/04 10:14   Report Abuse
Coded transmission to something wonderful...


Dicifer this, and you'll get a prize...



Manslayer01Posted: 02/11/05 22:02   Report Abuse
[Quote]coded message for something wonderful[/Quote]
i decoded it!
just kidding jamie that's what we like to call a joke. doesn't sound like it's liked...
Rating: None


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