Team Corellia Part 2 - A Place in the Shade

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This animated short is made up of scripted cutscenes created within Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. To view them, you will need to have the full retail version of Jedi Academy. A Windows Media version is on the way.

The team's first stop off on their mission is Ord Mantell, to look for one of Ackalas' collaborators in the hope that he can provide insight into where Ackalas has disappeared to. Ord Mantell is known as a large trading port, and a dangerous home to large criminal elements. It's a good place to go if you don't want to be found, but some people who go there just disappear completely, forever. It can prove a very hazardous destination for the ignorant, foolhardy or plain idiotic. Based on those parameters, the team may well be in serious trouble as soon as they set foot on the planet...


Level Info:

Download: Team Corellia Part 2 - A Place in the Shade
File Size: 11.5Mb
Date: 05/03/04
Author: Simon "Kengo" Williams
Downloads: 2243


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 3
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Dart ZaidyerPosted: 05/03/04 21:36   Report Abuse
This is a valiant effort, But the acting and direction sort of make it fall flat. It's a bit hard to follow and the humor doesn't come across as funny until near the ending. Granted, as of this writing you can't find anything better, but generally, I would expect more from an "animated short", Jedi Academy or not.

On a whole it's a good idea, but in execution it isn't very lively. Imagine if the entirety of "Tales of a Mercenary 2- Behind The Magic" by Anthony Piggott were voiced by the guy who does Kyle in "Birth of a Mercenary SE", and zoomed really far out. The result would be Team Corellia part 2.


JEDI_StormiePosted: 05/04/04 12:00   Report Abuse
Yeah ignore him, I thought it ruled :-)

Excellent humor, but thats because I'm English of course..


KengoPosted: 05/04/04 15:44   Report Abuse
Dart Zaidyer, I can see where you're coming from. I think this is an improvement over Team Corellia Part 1 in pretty much every area, but it still has some way to go before its anything particularly wonderful. I'm generally satisfied if I feel I have improved, and I do find parts of this funny myself - but in places it is still a little dull due to my not-great BehavEd skills, and my direction has a long way to go yet.

Still, I must admit, I'm kinda honoured by your comparisons to AKPiggot's work - something of an inspiration to me - if Team Corellia is anything like that spoof animation he made for MotS all those years ago, then I feel I'm heading in the right direction, even if I have a way to go before its anywhere near as good!

It has to be said, some of the humour in this is fairly English (or in places, Scottish...). Still, hopefully the 'satire' sight gag is international!


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