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Bridge Street is in a busy district of Coronet, capital of Corellia. The bridge that crosses the river here is of a fairly modern design, although some Corellian archaeologists believe it is built upon far older foundations, that a bridge has stood here for many centuries past. This was the location chosen by Agent Black to assemble the people who would form Team Corellia; The three Republic soldiers Anders, Dalta and Harris; The Jedi Car'Let; The CorSec policeman Lt. Castle; The mercenary Makso; N.R.I. agent Black himself. It was believed to be an easy location to find, sadly it wasn't quite easy enough for Cpl. Anders.

The map is for multiple gametypes. It forms a fairly large arena for Duel and Powerduel (with numerous weapons for a gun based duel), a fairly tight area for FFA or Team FFA, and also a very small CTF map which would I think prove very hectic and turn into a big brawl on the bridge!


Level Info:

Download: BridgeStreet - Team Corellia Location
File Size: 772Kb
Date: 05/03/04
Author: Simon "Kengo" Williams
Downloads: 1238


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 2
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UaarksonPosted: 05/04/04 00:13   Report Abuse
Hmmm. Pretty good. I give it an 8. Nice architecture, good use of textures, and it isn't very repetitive. However, the skybox doesn't quite fit in with the lighting and color of the rest of the level.


BlackstarSiriusPosted: 06/06/04 03:01   Report Abuse
Im downloading it now and it looks pretty cool, Ill get back to you with my rating once ive tested it.


BlackstarSiriusPosted: 06/06/04 05:27   Report Abuse
I dont know, the invisble walls are very annoying and cut down on the map's coolness and the underwater part of the map was poorly done, I would give it a 6.5 so I rounded up to 7, you should release another virsion with more playable area


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