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My first skin using shaders, it is a cultist reskin with a cartoony feel.


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Download: Boko Skin
File Size: 831Kb
Date: 05/04/04
Author: Boko
Downloads: 1216


Score (0-10): 6
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Logo By Rieekan []

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BokoPosted: 05/04/04 11:43   Report Abuse
i kinda just realised one of my texture type thingies around the neck is lop-sided


AikanaroPosted: 05/04/04 21:42   Report Abuse
you should include two pictures instead of duplicates :p from what i see it looks cool, although i hope Pheonix gave you permission to use his symbol ;)


BokoPosted: 05/05/04 11:26   Report Abuse
this is somebodys symbol? i found it thanks to the vas website


BlackstarSiriusPosted: 06/08/04 02:37   Report Abuse
hmmmm... I have some likes and dislikes about this one you really should have added altrenate colors for red and blue team, but I think the art styles on it are pretty cool though, it deserves a passing grade in the long run.


phoenix_9286Posted: 09/12/04 23:33   Report Abuse
Lets clear this up now before it dissolves into a little flame war.

That logo, is public domain. Awhile back, Bungie Studios was developing a project other than Halo. That logo was the logo for the project. Shortly after Halo's release, the project was dropped, and the symbol was made public. I took the symbol in the form of Vector art and made the general curves and points sharper, and then did my thing to it in Photoshop.

So, what I showed to Massassi, is mine, but it's origins are public.

And that, is that.


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