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Since one can't really find a lot of people nowadays I once made this really tiny CTF level. It's meant to be played 2on2 or 3on3 (more is possible tough). I made it some time ago, now I improved it a bit and there you go. Have fun!


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Download: TinyCTF
File Size: 388Kb
Date: 05/04/04
Author: Matyy
Downloads: 551


Score (0-10): 7
# of Ratings: 7
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bugarBrainPosted: 05/04/04 20:38   Report Abuse
overall a pretty good level for ctf. The only problems i see with it are the lack of weapons and that fact that you will suicide using any of the center jump pads.


EdwardPosted: 05/04/04 20:52   Report Abuse
Nice. And I noticed you used Dynamic Light. Nice CTF level, only... Could you perhaps make it Larger?



NAS_MatyyPosted: 05/04/04 21:05   Report Abuse
Do not download it! It has a bug, the one bugarbrain explains. That shouldn't be, an updated version follows as soon I can contact DSettahr.

Larger? Eh, if I make it large one will probably need more than 4 players - and isn't allready that hard to find?

More weapons? Hmm, I only used explosive weapons because it's fun throwing others down. You mean there isn't enough of explosiv ones?


DSettahrPosted: 05/04/04 21:22   Report Abuse
I have updated this level, the Author submitted a newer version that fixes the bugs.


NAS_MatyyPosted: 05/04/04 21:25   Report Abuse
Thx a lot to our great DSettahr!!

I added some more railguns, I just remembered that when I had a beta-test long ago the players died faster than the weapons respawned. Shouldn't be a problem anymore.

You won't die on the center jumppads anymore, I don't know why that one jumppad was moved a bit. I moved it back to its place and everything is ok.



MentatMMPosted: 05/05/04 04:10   Report Abuse
I don't see how you could play this level with more than 1v1. Tis not a good idea to allow players to Rail Jump (RJ) from flag to flag. One can RJ to enemy base and back for the cap in under 10 seconds. That's even worse than the RJ caps in Arena of Dark and Light (ADL).

Contrary to popular belief (around here), The Challenge At Nar Shaddaa (C@NS) was designed/optimized for 2v2 (although 3v3 is possible, if you don't mind the ammo being sparse), and Fusion was as well (2v2 and 3v3 work great). These are some of the largest CTF maps for JK.

A clanmate wanted me to mention that it appears that your lightposts were thrown in, not for light, but to keep people from flying off the edge. I've seen you do better than this Matyy!


NAS_MatyyPosted: 05/05/04 21:29   Report Abuse
Thrown in? At leased they were from use. Without them the suicide rate is just to high ;)

lol, RJ... noone of us used it. But "we" were only a group of editors who are propably to much editors that they knew this tactics :) And we had a lot of fun.

I like in a team game when you always see at least one of your team members =)

I will remind me of your critic when I make "TinyCTF 2" ;)


_yo_wasup_Posted: 05/06/04 23:13   Report Abuse
it has good archatexture, which is one big thing to look for, but the lack of weapons and little space to run in screws things up and gives it a bad vote, otherwise i think u did good. perhaps remake and name largeCTF.

vote: 6


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