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Sithworld is a mod that gives every badguy (execpt special ones like Snipers Rockettroopers and Hazardtroopers) lightsabers and force powers according to their usual difficulty/rank. This is for anyone who likes the Sabers aspect more than the guns in JA.


Level Info:

Download: Sithworld
File Size: 317Kb
Date: 05/12/04
Author: Chuck
Downloads: 4677


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 5
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DSettahrPosted: 05/12/04 17:23   Report Abuse
Interesting concept. I'm sure there are people who will appreciate this mod, its too bad Raven didnt put the same amount of time and effort into developing the regular weapons as they did for the Lightsaber combat.


HomicidePosted: 05/16/04 22:20   Report Abuse
Lol @ stormies w/ sabers... looks funny.


H.Q. PendragonPosted: 09/10/04 17:50   Report Abuse


Manslayer01Posted: 02/11/05 20:34   Report Abuse
okaaaaaaaaaaaay, whats the point, troopers with sabers...this is why we never give these people a just kidding
5/10 for effort


Manslayer01Posted: 02/11/05 20:35   Report Abuse
however mercs with sabers is cool, not stormtroopers


bomberPosted: 04/14/05 14:36   Report Abuse
i think it's great, i'm a huge star wars fan and think it's a lot better allways fighting people with sabers, gives it a more jedi-like feeling, it give it a 9


DefaultPosted: 06/16/05 11:31   Report Abuse
I quite liked this mod, but there were several problems I found with it.
1.) It gave the Jawa's EMP guns and made them hostile
2.) It gave those little cleaning droid scurrying around Imperial bases E11-blasters and made them hostile.
Other than, it's a great mod. Keep up the good work.


francoolPosted: 03/04/08 20:11   Report Abuse
grax men


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