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Tournament of Ieyasu

The Massassi Temple » Levels/Mods » Jedi Academy Single Player Level » Tournament of Ieyasu


Long ago, in a time near forgotten, the Jedi Order numbered in the thousands. One man particularly respected and feared for his skills was a Jedi named Ieyasu. It was said none could equal him in combat with a lightsaber, and it was he who founded the tournament on Kai. Use of the force for attack is not allowed, lightsabers are set to a non lethal setting through careful manipulation of their crystals. Any man who can wield a saber, Jedi or not, can enter the tournament and try to prove their skills. This year, I have travelled to Kai to participate...

A single player campaign which I guess fits into the 'Ladder' category, however its in the format of a tournament. After the initial testing level, you will face opponenets in single combat, with no force powers; it is all about your skills with a lightsabre.


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Simon "Kengo" Williams


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Posted by
Posted: 2004-05-15 5:28 a.m.   Report Abuse
Do I smell a little of Samurai Deeper Kyo? :P

Im liking it! That first part in the fog is really cool! really scary at first glance! But now im stuck in the real tournament... I guess I forgot how to saber battle without any forces (or guns :D... those siege games in MP are really treacherous)!

Posted: 2004-05-17 9:39 p.m.   Report Abuse
Nice idea here. If ya want to make a sequal or a SE version. Give it a story. I mean with cutscenes and stuff. Works nice thou :) 9/10
Darth Ayreon
Posted: 2008-08-06 11:32 a.m.   Report Abuse
Nice map, well designed.

the audience is absent and you hear not very enthousiastic sound coming from them, maybe that should be altered. But the rest of the map is very nice. Slaughtering all those Reborn was just a pleasant thing to do.

The Tournament itself was way too easy. If you know a good trick with the two-handed saber, you cannot lose. Ofcourse, with other sabers i do not know a trick, so that'd be harder, but still.

Posted: 2024-01-13 6:13 p.m.   Report Abuse
Very good level but not perfect. I had to give you an 8/10.

Pros: EVERYTHING!!! This is a very good level so, everything about this level is good. But 2 minor problems are A. Easy and B. Long

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