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This is an invisable skin... not much to say about it. It has bot and team support.


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Download: Inviso
File Size: 523Kb
Date: 05/19/04
Author: Death Monkey
Downloads: 1883


Score (0-10): 3
# of Ratings: 12
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Jenny_KittyPosted: 05/19/04 05:19   Report Abuse
...........Is this a joke? Lol, an invisible person. Wow, I'll give you 1 for "origonality" -_- and "Hard work"


WCT_GlydePosted: 05/19/04 11:06   Report Abuse
Been there done that. I'll give you a one for clicking the *send* button.


Death MonkeyPosted: 05/19/04 16:29   Report Abuse
I know it's dumb, but IceRavenVI requested it so I made it. Very pointless, but he wanted it.


The_Mega_ZZTerPosted: 05/19/04 17:19   Report Abuse
Invisible skin? Bad idea. I can smell lamers using this skin for cheap kills already. Good thing I can't play MP online.


tasmicPosted: 05/19/04 19:41   Report Abuse
wait wait wait, if the skin is invisible, how can it have team colors??


GrantPosted: 05/19/04 19:51   Report Abuse
It's a really stupid skin... seriously, whats the point?

and noobs can't get easy kills unless the other players have the same skin, otherwise they see the default kyle.


Death MonkeyPosted: 05/19/04 20:38   Report Abuse
Yeah it's dumb, but try fighting it when it's a bot... thats a little hard, not very, but a little. This is my first skin, and it sucks. If I ever do skinning again it will be better, I did this on request.


Darth SlawPosted: 05/20/04 00:40   Report Abuse
I'd say this is probably best only for a giggle.
I wouldn't use this skin (if I had JA) except for bots, because otherwise it's really a cheap advantage. But it is kinda funny to see a lightsaber running around and attacking you :). Otherwise, this really wasn't a good idea. We all hope to see better... I'm sure of it.


gammastsPosted: 05/20/04 11:28   Report Abuse
I gave it a 1 cause it isn't even a skin.


SwedishborgiePosted: 05/25/04 22:08   Report Abuse

To be a skin, it must have skin :p


BokoPosted: 05/30/04 13:07   Report Abuse
it isnt exactly special i made one pretty much identicle about 5 months ago - its on pcgamemods


BabySpinachPosted: 06/17/04 01:19   Report Abuse
I don't know what everyones problem is. THIS SKIN IS AWSOME!! Very funny. Good work. I wish other people had a sense of humor.


HomicidePosted: 07/22/04 12:56   Report Abuse


vadermanPosted: 09/22/05 22:13   Report Abuse
All I can say is SWEET!!!


darfgarfPosted: 12/14/05 15:45   Report Abuse
this skinis good if your like a ninja guy hiding in the shadows etc. but then that's pretty pointless. 5 for the fun of it, a bit too similar to mysteries of the sith for jo really, i would've just used the skin for personal fun online and not submitted it.

p.s, what is the default keybinding for putting away all weapons because if you do that, you can go fully invisible without having to edit any weapons (e-mail


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