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If you're looking for pretty graphics, don't bother downloading this, but if you're looking for a fun team based mod of JK this level is a must. You can use MODs with it as long as they don't use triggers. Please read the gameplay.txt before you play or, to be frank, you will have no idea what to do.


Level Info:

Download: Star Wars Dark Cheeses: The Gouda Horisons
File Size: 8.4Megs
Date: 08/16/04
Author: PJB
Downloads: 476


Score (0-10): 7
# of Ratings: 7
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Daft_VaderPosted: 08/16/04 23:17   Report Abuse

I haven't played it yet, so I won't rate, but it does look a little bit odd. I'll come back once I've played.


Daft_VaderPosted: 08/16/04 23:46   Report Abuse
All I can say is, I laughed my head off. I give you an 8 for sheer originality. Good job, PJB!

Also, the planet and the flares actually looked pretty good, I thought, and the sounds and music, while a little irrititating, were quite well done. If you had made the platforms a bit better and maybe worked on some hi-rez cheese, it could have looked much better.

Again, good job. Rather on the corny and totally bizzarre side, but an interesting mod nevertheless.


The_Mega_ZZTerPosted: 08/17/04 01:15   Report Abuse
I remember you talking about this. Bwahahaa I can't wait.


SolidSnake_JediPosted: 08/17/04 18:54   Report Abuse
Hehe.. dont know how many times me and PJB has played this.. and heh dont know how many times i tend to win.. even though he is cheap against me using grip when i'm just a cheese hehe q;P


[SF]pjbPosted: 08/17/04 20:38   Report Abuse
Ah it's finaly posted, pity its so far down on the lsit but still, i want to point out that on your own you most definatly wont get maximum engjoyment out of this level, same if you dont read the gameplay.txt

and i do apologise for the not so wonderfull look to it, but considering the hole thing started out as a 'five minite' level with a lump of cheese in a dflt box, i think it ended well.

I also discoverd a new bug after relice that somtimes the cog system wont palce players on the correct teams automaticaly, so if you dont know allready you can use the 'team' command to change team, to use it press T to talk, then type TEAM 1 , or TEAM 2 , then press TAB and ENTER/RETURN.


LaserjoltPosted: 08/18/04 01:57   Report Abuse
Greatest level in a while... but since I can't play it MP since my computers are networked and somehow that screws IP connections up... so can't really rate since I couldn't get above fists, so this is like JKArena, no rating from me :P

But just going through it destroying the bridges with my fists and the matrix mod's superfast punches was alright, even if a level was twenty seconds long :P


[SF]pjbPosted: 08/18/04 15:21   Report Abuse
If you mean the elvels only 20 long time limit wise as stated in gameplay.txt you can change the time limit by setting one when hosting.


LaserjoltPosted: 08/18/04 21:40   Report Abuse
No, I just mean that the other "mod" I was trying makes you punch about 50 times a second, so if you stand there punching the bridge it is gone withing 5 seconds :P


LaserjoltPosted: 08/18/04 23:50   Report Abuse
Oh, and one question: Where did you get the music for this level? The talking1.wav that sounds like Enya sort of (can't tell for sure), what's the full thing called?


SolidSnake_JediPosted: 08/20/04 11:24   Report Abuse
I can answer that question for you, the voices is PJB's probably mixed around in Goldwave... the music is.. well the female chorus is from Scooters track called "Jigga Jigga".. there is also a part from it looping, if you play as Player 2 you hear a piece looped from their track called "Devil Drums" i know this very well cause i'm a Scooter fan heh


SolidSnake_JediPosted: 08/20/04 11:32   Report Abuse
except a few sounds pherhaps heh


NOFpuXnkPosted: 05/01/05 00:13   Report Abuse
nice work pjb.. hilarious level


Daft_VaderPosted: 05/10/05 00:13   Report Abuse
Congratulations on LotW! Now if only we can get SotD working, I'll be happy...


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