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JKA Tron

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Released by: Mad Council Mapping Alliance

WARNING: Shader/Texture intensive level, not for the weak of video card or system. You need some muscle to run this level, at least 1 ghz and 512mb Ram, a video card that was made in the last 2 years with at least 64 mbs ram, and make sure to set the dynamics glows to on in your game menu options if you want the full glow effect.

1.Well first off, a very special thank you to Disney for creating such a wonderful world to play in. And always remember, Tron, and related materials are property of the Walt Disney Company.

2.I want to thank the guys over at Hoschies gaming group for all the beta testing on this map. They have been very helpful with this level and many others we have thrown their way in the past for evaluation.

3.Onobi Foondus' scripting abilities and experience have taught me much, and his input actually helped mold this map into the visual experience it has become.

4.I've included a beautiful skin made by {ICoP}Astyanax, which he made back in the jk2 days. And it is a must have to truly enjoy the level. Just install per the instructions he has included in his zipfile. It has many colors to choose from and bot support as well.

This map is a representation of my appreciation for the movie Tron created by Disney/Buena Vista in 1982. That one movie changed the way we looked at special effects and the nouveu cinema that was just coming into its own at the time. Before Tron no movie had ever gone to the lengths they did to acheive the look of the film. After all of these years I can finally do my ode to Tron, to express just how much this movie affected our lives as gamers and movie goers. It's old school but its's really fun to play in this world. If you haven't seen Tron, do yourself a favor and go rent it, you might be surprised how much you like it.

This level is in no way endorsed by Walt Disney or Buena Vista, and is a tribute to the creativity of the folks at Disney. Keep doing what you do best, making dreams a reality.

This is a very large FFA level with many different areas to explore and a few secrets to be found as well. Being that it a large out door level we all know how crucial FPS is. Well we give and take but we can only do so much with a level as unique as this one is. But if you look and find the secret areas you will find a few great areas to duel in with higher FPS. This level is eye candy, plain and simple, its a museum of sorts full of artifacts from a movie from the old school days. Just another trip through the warped mind of an MCA mapper. Have fun!


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32.4 MiB
Reyor-Wan Semaj


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Posted by
Posted: 2004-08-17 6:45 a.m.   Report Abuse
Wow. Even though I wasent born then i have seen the movie a long time ago. I'm downloading it with my new High Speed Cable internet so it will download in like 30 sec. I will be back to rate it in an hour or so.
Posted: 2004-08-17 7:25 a.m.   Report Abuse
This is really good. I thought it was worth the download. 10/10 Good Job.
Posted: 2004-08-17 8:05 a.m.   Report Abuse
I don't know what the hell a Tron is, but the screenshots interest me, I shall download this.
Posted: 2004-08-17 12:41 p.m.   Report Abuse
I thought everyone knew what Tron was. :0
Posted: 2004-08-17 6:48 p.m.   Report Abuse
Thank god it's better than the one for JK original :P
Posted: 2004-08-18 9:02 p.m.   Report Abuse
Overall, this mod is quite good!

The skin shows great effort. The detail of the Tron player body are nice, and the glowing shader adds a good touch.

The MP level was good, but has some flaws. The atmosphere and colors are very Tron-ish and fun to look at. And many aspects of the level, like riding vehicles, exploring, listening to Tron sounds are all great. But the level design isn't the best because it seems everything is just placed on the blue surface and cramped in some places. I must admit though, the "open-ness" and the large areas add to the flying vehicle experience. Prehaps change the Star Wars vehicles into Tron vehicles in a later version? Also, sometimes it's hard to spot other players. But, the level is entertaining to play, and the work behind it is clearly seen (better then many other JA MP levels). It's indeed colorful and has alot of details from the movie.

I suggest anyone who plays JA atleast give this mod a try. {9}
H.Q. Pendragon
Posted: 2004-09-10 10:47 a.m.   Report Abuse
Wow. With a description like that I don't know whether to give it a 10 or an Oscar.

Total Busta-Palooza!!!
Posted: 2004-09-28 1:28 p.m.   Report Abuse
Quite cool. Nice effort and all that.

(Shouldn't this be in the JA Levels area?)

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