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Established in 1921, Camp Marshall had been one of the leading campgrounds available. With it's nice selection of cabins, friendly staff, and extensive nature trails, it was one the best places to camp in the mountains. Recently, however, after some mysterious disappearances, the camp was forced to shut down permanently. Now, after many years, the deserted campsite haunts the mountains, as only a former memory of what it used to be. They say, that if you listen carefully to the wind, you can hear the cries of tortured spirits.

This level incorporates 16-bit textures, so a compatible video card isrequired.


Level Info:

Download: Camp Marshall
File Size: 3.15Megs
Date: 08/17/04
Author: Whelly
Downloads: 631


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 9
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The_Mega_ZZTerPosted: 08/17/04 23:50   Report Abuse
Hmm.. Whelly makes good levels. :) *Downloads*


TrigePosted: 08/18/04 00:15   Report Abuse
Camp Marshall, AKA Camp Crystal Lake, AKA Camp Blood...

This is one truly demented map...I love it! Now, someone needs to make a Friday the 13th mod and we'll be set :)


jEDIkIRBYPosted: 08/18/04 02:47   Report Abuse
Possibly the greatest JK level I've ever played. I could care less how the gameplay was. The attention to detail was great. The mountains in the background of the skybox, the random sounds, the ambient sounds when entering rooms, the originality of the level, the lack of bugs. All of it was great.

Whelly has given his levels a certain touch that's quite noticable. The Whelly touch is that attention to detail that JK gamers need, especially in the day and age of the Jedi Knight engine. Thank you, whelly. An amazing feat.




LaserjoltPosted: 08/18/04 02:54   Report Abuse
Now, what you need is a SE edition, with the nature trails finished and the cabins having maybe more secret stuff? (I mean, how is one fire going, what knocked down the chimney in that one cabin, why were some of the TVs still on, maybe put something special on the flagpole that only shows up when you hit activate near it and maybe a corpse is raised or a bloody torn camp shirt...)


LaserjoltPosted: 08/18/04 02:56   Report Abuse
Holy... That secret area (hint: check note on floor of a cabin) scared the crud out of me... I mean, i half-expected it, but not the suddenness of the screams (was unfortunate to enter right at the part with the REALLY loud scream, like one of those trick emails only actually scary)... :O I mean, damn that was good...

[edit: but the best part by far was the thing at the end of the secret area, that scared me half to death, and I never get scared of games... :P


-EchomanPosted: 08/18/04 03:39   Report Abuse
An instant classic? I love the dark atmosphere and exploring the place and cabins. I also loved the details used to give the level a creepy tone. Good job! (10)


SolidSnake_JediPosted: 08/18/04 09:29   Report Abuse
Heh another great Whelly level.. i jumped a little when i took the elevator down to that sadistic hellhole 8/10


Daft_VaderPosted: 08/18/04 17:46   Report Abuse
Excellent level, Welly! I loved the gloomy and foreboding atmosphere. The mountains in the background were great, as was the secret area. It's kind of funny, but the secret area was the first thing I found when I started the level. Although it was obvious, It was still pretty creepy!

All in all, a great level, I'm very sorry to hear this will be your last for Jedi Knight. :( Nevertheless, a 10.


ID_JunkguyPosted: 08/18/04 20:05   Report Abuse
Another great level by Whelly :)


NightwindPosted: 08/21/04 19:52   Report Abuse
Fabulous. Archi (kudos to you for those mountains) and lighting were absolutely great, and the atmosphere is second to none. Secret scared the heck out of me. Sad to see that you're moving on.

Anyone notice those videos in the administration office? Pretty creepy.


SpiralPosted: 01/13/06 20:07   Report Abuse
It's great to see another editor making a Horror level. Very fun to play, even alone, and that's the basis for a GREAT JK level.


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