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Deep within the darkest realms of the known galaxy, a mighty battleground stands upon the barren wastelands of a forsaken planet. Though ancient, this battleground still encounters many warriors, desperately seeking a new challenge in the form of the an epic duel with whoever dare appose them, locked in vicious combat atop the aging catwalks of the arena known to the few who dare enter it, as Proelium...


Level Info:

Download: Proelium
File Size: 1.65Megs
Date: 08/17/04
Author: Daft_Vader
Downloads: 369


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 5
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The_Mega_ZZTerPosted: 08/17/04 23:51   Report Abuse
Reminds me of the Doomgiver levels from Jedi Outcast. :D


halucidPosted: 08/18/04 00:57   Report Abuse
Beautiful. A great, hectic little DM. Even tho this map is sweet, I'm giving you an 8. Simply because I know you can do better. Cons- Average lighting, boring symetry that contradicts great archi, poor texturing in a few spots (namely the doors), and the doors disappear from certain angles... and I'm sure there's gunna be plenty of people complaining about the lack of guns. Otherwise, this map is sexy as hell.


WhellyPosted: 08/18/04 01:24   Report Abuse
Very good like always Daft_Vader. The level design was tight and the textures were awesome, and all of the little touches (tie bombers, random powerup) really added to it. The lighting (too bright) and size (too small) left a lot to be desired, but aside from that, this is a grand DM level.



Daft_VaderPosted: 08/18/04 02:56   Report Abuse
Thanks for the comments guys, I appreciate it! And just to let everyone know, this is my first released level. I apologize for how small it is, I finished it back in April, I just didn't release it on Massassi because of a few bug fixes I hadn't made. When I finally fixed them after a long period of inactivity, I figured I'd finally release it. However, Proelium has already been on my website at since before the summer.

As for the doors, yeah, well, I noticed that flickering prob as well halucid, so I tried to use hellcat's flicker.cog, but it doesn't seem to work on things that move through frames - in other words, none of the doors would open when you activated them. So I figured I'd just leave it as is.

I haven't totally given up on Somnolence either yet, I've just reached a few bugs, but I'll hopefully get them fixed and a release should, with any luck, ensue! :P


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