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This is the sequel to my singleplayer map "The Dark Alliance". If you have not yet played "The Dark Alliance" then I suggest you download and play it before you play this one. Also, you may want to play "The Mainframe 2.0" before you play "The Dark Alliance" to have the ultimate experience.


Level Info:

Download: Vengeance of the Sith
File Size: 63Megs
Date: 08/18/04
Author: Steven Brown (Blaster)
Downloads: 4941


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 9
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MrRavenXPosted: 08/19/04 05:40   Report Abuse
Where can I get these other episodes? They aren't on massassi and I'm shelted when it comes to other JK sites.


Mister_SinisterPosted: 08/19/04 15:18   Report Abuse

Great level man!


lassevPosted: 08/23/04 09:36   Report Abuse
Good work! Many of the fights are harder than I would prefer, but that's just me and my less than stellar fighting skills...


CloudlPosted: 09/01/04 01:26   Report Abuse
Great asthetic designs overall. Maybe there is another way through, but I encountered a problem in the second level. When you're crawling in the ducts, there is a place where I suppose the grates should be slashable, but it isn't. I had to use "noclip on" to pass through. I also agree with the above person that the mod was a bit too difficult. All of the enemies have incredibily high stamina. It takes 2-3 yellow single saber hits to kill a regular sithtrooper. However, the Sith Temple stage is the most nerve racking. Again, the enemies there have such a high threshold. Also the trails are quite hard with its "sudden death" traps (especially the "lightning maze", I got too frustrated so I just used a cheat).
Overall I would give these series of levels a 8/10.


how2fishPosted: 10/05/04 00:33   Report Abuse
Great series of levels. Fights are ridiculously difficult at times. The music is a lot of fun. I feel like I'm in a movie at times. Story line was good too. Thanks for the level. I'm just a player with little time to do much else. Thanks again.


DapePosted: 12/24/04 21:09   Report Abuse
This is the best JA SP mod I have played. I particularily like the level design. The script is rediculous but it does add to the plot. The gameplay is fun and challenging enough. There is a variety of gameplay, which is a rare find in mods.


KilanPosted: 08/12/05 22:46   Report Abuse
Great level, but there were a few nasty bugs that killed my experience. In the jailbreak level, Mara's skin didn't load, and I couldn't get my lightsaber from the final boss. After cheating like a kid who didn't study for his finals, the game crashed after I finally made it to the Millenium Falcon due to some bug about not being able to play an mp3.

Other than that, it was awesome.


JediKnightBennett14Posted: 10/17/05 02:41   Report Abuse

Why not 10? I normally get 50-90 FPS. In this game... 5! Ugh! I hate having that much detail! But I loved it. I had to open up the .pk3 and get the music out. ;)

Couple of questions: In the Jailbreak episode, Mara's skin disappears, and I hafta type in "playermodel player". Why?

Also, how do you beat the lightning traps? Besides noclip, I mean. I know it has to do with the statues seeing you, but I can't get very far.


darth_mickPosted: 10/20/05 18:15   Report Abuse
the map look very cool but i am blocked at the beginning. I managed to destroy the valley of the Jedi but I don't know where to go. Do someone help me please?


DavAl1986Posted: 02/10/07 09:35   Report Abuse
I cant get on the website that has the dark alliance and mainframe level. The webpage just comes up saying database locked and fatal error. Is there anywhere else i can get them?


kesava_JediPosted: 01/12/08 13:10   Report Abuse
Hi, I havent been able to move out of the first level :(
any idea what needs to be done?
does anyone know if there is a walkthrough?


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