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There was no real inspiration as I made this map. I just got bored and thought I'd make another map. This is my third map ever as far as game mapping goes.

Supports FFA,TFFA, DUEL and POWER DUEL(not 100% Sure on DUEL and POWER DUEL)
No bot support

-John Alfieri AKA AAW*s.n.a.f.u.*


Level Info:

Download: Lunacy Temple
File Size: 4.94 Mb
Date: 08/29/04
Author: John Alfieri AKA AAW*s.n.a.f.u.*
Downloads: 642


Score (0-10): 1
# of Ratings: 2
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SwedishborgiePosted: 09/03/04 23:28   Report Abuse
I hope this was your first level, if it was then it was alright. First of all you far overused the Disturbed symbol. Secondly it's way to blocky and small. There wasn't anything special or unique and the lighting wasn't anything to speak of. Try mixing up your architexture. Overall if it was your first level then it was alright. Otherwise try working on your level a little more before releasing it. 2 For effort.


H.Q. PendragonPosted: 09/10/04 17:41   Report Abuse
Remember the doomworld rejected levels... yeah, it's that bad...


VancePosted: 12/18/05 21:00   Report Abuse
"Remember the doomworld rejected levels... yeah, it's that bad..."

Yes. You do get that feeling don't you?


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